The fruit is greenish-yellow when ripe and roughly resembles a small oval-shaped plum. 2.3.1    Religious sites based cultural heritage Table 2.2 below offers a quick look of the various religious sites based cultural heritage in Pokhara.This would be followed by their detailed description in the succeeding paragraphs. This ash gourd juice helps in extreme weight loss. Used as a food (eaten when green) or dried.. R26.00 Ex Tax: R26.00 A ripe lapsi has a pleasantly tart flavor, Karkalo Gaava Pidhaalu -  Taro   (कर्कलो गाभा पिँडालु) Learn about Taro Plant | Karkalo Gaava Pidhaalu Karkalo is the Nepali name for the  taro  plant, which comes from the tuberous root. Here I have added the following green vegetables: Moolaa ko Saag - (मूला को साग) -  Radish  Greens Bethe ko Saag - (बेथे को साग) - Lamb's Quarter Latte to Saag - (लट्टे को साग) - Amaranth Moolaa ko Duku re Saag - (मूला को दुकु र साग) - Radish Shoots and Leaves Rayo ko Duku re Saag - (रायो को दुकु र साग) - Leaf Mustard Shoots Gante Moola ko Saag or Dalle Moola ko Saag -  (गानते मुलाको साग, डल्ले मुलाको साग) - Turnips Greens Salad ko Saag or Paat - (लेट्तुस -  सलाद को साग) - Curly Leaf Lettuce Bok Choy or Paak Choy -  (बक चोय अथवा पाक चोय) Lataree ko Saag - (लटरी को साग) Lunde ko Saag - (लुन्ड़े को साग) - Redroot Pigwood - (different variety Pahadi Lunde, Kande Lunde) Moolaa ko Saag - मूला को साग - ( Radish Greens) -  Com name: Radish Green or, Sel Roti - Deep Fried Rice Flour Bread  - (सेल-रोटि) Learn more about Sel Roti | Deep Fried Rice Flour Bread | Nepal, Kathmandu Sel-Roti does not need any introduction in Nepali cuisine -- it is one of the most "uniquely Nepali" dishes, a sweet rice bread, distinct from any other breads of the world. The Best Sowing Season for Ash Gourd: Ash gourd crop can be sown from January to March and September to December months. 7 In 1 Gourd Seeds Bottle, Ivy, Ash, Ridge, Bitter, Snake & Tinda Gourd Seeds. Ash gourd is a warm season crop and is susceptible to frost. Other ceremonies consist of chopping up an ash gourd painted with the face of the devil at the shrine house of the tutelary deity. Still, more studies in humans are needed before strong conclusions are often made. There are many forms of daal ( Dried Beans , Lentils, and Peas ) available, such as whole, split with skin, split without skin, or ground into flour. confirm to select a gourd that feels heavy for its size and is freed from bruises or outside indentations. Nepal is home for various medicinal herbs, spices, trees, and vegetables. The skin (thondu) of ash gourd is as nutritious as the vegetable. The mature gourd has a hard and tough shell with a firm and white flesh. The seeds are planted in sand in earthen basins and small bowls. Ash gourd is best stored during a cool, dry place. The festival has been variously described as a celebration of Hindu Goddess Durga slaying the demon Mahisasur, Goddess Chamunda destroying the demon Chunda and Indian emperor Ashoka renouncing arms in disgust after a particularly bloody battle and becoming a Buddhist. May offer some protection against type 2 diabetes. It is one of the few vegetables available during winter in areas of deciduous vegetation. [5], The Sikāli Jātrā is a sacred masked dance festival which is held as part of the celebrations of Mohani. The crop comes up very well in humid and high rainfall areas also. Nine shrines dedicated to the deities mark the city's perimeter. In some localities, participants parade through the streets holding ceremonial swords aloft prior to the event. The next day, known as Syākwa Tyākwa (स्याक्व त्याक्व), is Navami, the ninth day of the fortnight in the lunar calendar. However, only a couple of of its purported benefits are currently backed by science (1). Mustard oil is formed from pressing the seeds of a must, As like natural heritage, Pokhara is also a tourist destination which is full of cultural heritage. Ash gourd is a warm season crop and is susceptible to frost. Changunarayan Police Dept. Asanbhalu Dyah Jātrā, also known as Annapurna Jatra, is held on the 11th day of the fortnight. Ash gourd may be a popular a part of Asian cuisine. An image of the goddess Asanbhalu Ajimā, the patron deity of Asan, Kathmandu, is placed on a palanquin and carried around town accompanied by musical bands. This extraordinary geographical diversity within a small region of Nepal gives Nepal huge diversity in plants also. Tourist Information Desk, Is Nepal safe after the earthquakes? [6], In Bhaktapur, the masked dance of Nava Durgā is held. Yet, it’s rich in fiber and antioxidants that are believed to market your health and help protect your body from disease. Cucurbits are vegetable plants which are consumed worldwide as food. The plant typically drops most of its compound leaves before flowering. Sold Request a custom product See item details. Vegetables (tarkaari) are one of the most important foods in the daily Nepali diet, and a typical Nepali meal consists of rice, lentils, and some kind of side vegetable dish. Flying kites is the most popular sport that people engage in on the sidelines of Mohani. The Taleju Temple located at Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square are opened to the public on this day only, and devotees visit the temple to offer worship to the goddess, who is also the tutelary deity of Nepal's Malla kings of old. Family: Anacardiaceae Lapsi (also known as labsi or lausi) are a native fruit of Nepal. The festivities end with another family feast in the evening.
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