Guess what. Halfway through the meal, (we had been drinking since noon), I realized our waitress had been calling me by name the entire night. In the end, we ended up switching to Portland. Glad you found the hidden whiskey hole right of #10 at Bandon. If you can almost afford it then get your own caddie (and get your cheap buddies to chip in since he will end up helping them too). I am told it is a great course for match play but the reality is there is limited time and the other 3 courses are just much better. I’ll take your advice on a caddy and hope my experience is as memorable as yours. “I can’t seem to make any decisions without input from Kurt – I txt’d him from Denny’s this morning – you like the Grand Slam or the Denver omelette? 6. Somehow I smile deeply remembering the exact moment when it started to hail (brought on I am sure by one of us saying something like ‘this rain is not very wet’ — to which we responded ‘yeah — because it is frozen!’. (function( timeout ) { The ingenious and inventive player is rewarded with multiple options … Caddies are a must your first couple of times at least. For roughly $64 each way, ShipSticks takes the worry and hassle out of golf travel. That’s Bandon Preserve, the flawless par-3 course designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw that puts every other par-3 course in the world to shame. Forget about lines and reads, being able to keep your hands in your pocket is pure joy. I know I can’t tell you how to spend your money but I felt like my $150 caddie fee was worth every penny and by the end of the trip you have a new friend. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort Bandon Dunes Coffee Table Book - Collector's Edition (Limited edition of 500) $250.00. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort 57744 Round Lake Road • Bandon, OR 97411 Phone: (844) 981-0830 var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_75"); Awesome… we head back in April 2021 (had to reschedule our March trip). Pacific Dunes Golf. Unfortunately, we played Bandon Dunes in a bit of a downpour. Kurt removed the first grate to reveal another grate which when removed uncovered an ancient bottle of Scotch and a rustic leather guestbook — which we proceeded to sign. Courtesy of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort For most golfers, Bandon Dunes isn’t a weekend golf destination that they can drive to on a whim. Bandon Dunes held that conference (or they just had some really smart people in charge). After gearing up we headed out to 35 mph winds and blowing hail. Given the distance we traveled it was absolutely worth it. Forecaddies cost $120 for the group (that includes gratuity). Add caddies that care, a short course for when you arrive late, a huge putting green, outside seating area, tons of sitting areas, restaurants that serve good food at reasonable prices and a staff that understands you have saved for this trip for a long time (and spent countless hours convincing your wife you just have to go). It’s perfect for everything it has, everything it offers and even some of the stuff it decided to leave on the cutting room floor. Despite the very reasonable drink prices and Bandon, we saved a ton of money by drinking our own booze during the day. There are plenty of holes to par and we had about 2-3 birdies per round between the 8 of us. Obviously, sun and no wind was the best day but I can tell you with a straight face that not a single dude came off the 18th green without a smile and a story on any day. Even though the pull carts are awesome, a caddie blows them away. The rooms at the Inn are fairly simple but nice. Sprinkle in a dinner at The Pacific Grill and Trails End (at Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails clubhouses, respectively). Rippling fairways remain just as they were found and natural bunkers line the landscape as they have for centuries. We played Pacific first in fairly decent weather. Dustin Johnson and RBC: Breaking Down a “Golf” Commercial, Bandon Dunes: A Guide to Enjoying the Best Place on the Planet. Somehow the Pacific Ocean is an entirely different beast than the Atlantic Ocean, and with towering cliffs it provides one of the most stunning views in all of golf. Each round. Time limit is exhausted. Price wise it ended up a bargain. Directions: Get here! Guide to planning a Bandon Dunes Golf Trip. That’s my point, Bandon was designed for hardcore golfers who want to save a few bucks so they just let it slide when you wheel in 8 handles of brown liquor into your room. Just a really cool moment that sums up how visiting Bandon Dunes is unlike any other golf trip you will ever have.”. The first 7 holes were glorious (and very little rain). The Bandon Dunes staff took care of the rest and 3 days later they showed up on my doorstep. Old Mac is a perfect links golf courses in the United States, forcing players of all skill levels to hit different shots and take on unique challenges. Bandon Dunes is true to the spirit of Scotland’s ancient links. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is open to the public. It was my first experience using a caddie and really enjoyed learning from my caddie Kurt over the course of 4 days. You’ll want to spend most of your time at McKee’s which is what my friends and I do, but the menus elsewhere are so different it’s worth venturing out. In my opinion, there are two options to getting to Bandon Dunes that doesn’t involve a private airplane; flying to Eugene or taking the knuckleball flight directly to North Bend. For any golfer that is not aware, Bandon Dunes is a world-class golf resort on the southern coast of Oregon, containing four championship courses, two par-3 tracks and an 18-hole putting green that boasts some of the biggest roars you will hear from the guests anywhere on property. Across the street from Tony’s is the Arcade (known locally as the caddie bar), which is open until 2 AM and has pool tables, darts, and some great shirts/sweatshirts to toss in with all the stuff you buy from the resort. I guess you need to embrace it a little but as a first timer you are so mesmerized by the scenery you forget about how hard it is raining. Our first dinner was at Pacific Grill which is one of the fancier venues. 7. We went in late February and played 5 rounds in 4 days. HINT: this course is nearly impossible to play without a caddie. Clearly flying into Eugene is closer, but be warned there are not many flights in and out, and ours got moved 3 times which screwed up connections and our golf planning. Bandon Dunes is excited to announce that the Sheep Ranch will be opening to the golfing public June 1, 2020. Bandon Dunes: A Guide to Enjoying the Best Place on the Planet. It has some of the most fun holes on the property (the green on No. Bandon Golf Guide. Pro TIP: ask for room 101 which is much bigger than most and has a fireplace. Great story on Bandon, thanks! I suggest testing your gear with a hose and for a long time. This is the second time I have used ShipSticks on a golf trip and the second time I was very thankful not to have to lug them through the airport. 1.5 hours later we came back with ear to ear grins. I’ll answer it easily here; take one. Thanks for the tips!! 4. You never have to worry about driving anywhere or making phone calls. Pacific Dunes doesn't feel like it was built as much as it was discovered. Since opening its debut course and hotel in 1999, Bandon Dunes has emerged as one of the most coveted golf destinations in the United States. This brings up my next point. Look, get a forecaddie at a minimum (just do it!). I’ve played with people who have gone there for 15 years that never knew about it. if ( notice ) I’ve done both a number of times and frankly, I prefer the flight to Eugene. No matter when you go to Bandon Dunes you run the risk of wind and rain. In addition to golf an lifestyle product reviews, we write long form prose on a variety of topics and feature many golf instructional posts and videos. The Bandon Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center office is open daily. Remember this is Oregon and there is shopping to be done. Dechambeau looking for a ball in tall grass. Bandon Dunes Pacific Dunes Bandon Trails Old Macdonald Sheep Ranch Bandon Preserve The Punchbowl Practice Center. (An important Sheep Ranch note; it’s the longest of the shuttle rides because it’s the furthest from the lodge and centralized activity so plan for that, but just know, there is a Sheep Ranch driving range (it’s LOVELY) just to the north of the first tee. I think Sheep is a good course to couple with one of the tougher of the courses because Sheep is the easiest course on property (that is, if the winds aren’t howling 30-40 MPH), so it’s nice to get in a good score before taking on Pacific of Trails. Playing in rain is not bad when you are dry but it sucks otherwise. Again, weather just never ruins Bandon. If you’re the alpha golf group guy (the one in charge), make the calls and get the reservations set, that way you’ll never have to stress again. Here, players immerse themselves in the traditions of a timeless game and the grandeur of Oregon’s rugged coast. Adam, such a great article and had me absolutely stoked for my trip planned in early 2021. First off I think that the actual design of each course, i.e. The next afternoon we ended up finishing our round and stopped into the Grill for a quick drink. It can be a loose plan, but a plan nonetheless. 541-347-5873 | Easy return policy | Free Shipping on Orders over $200 within the US. Traveling 3,000 miles and spending $2K on 5 rounds of golf is no joke, so our expectations were pretty high. Get a margarita at the little halfway house, carry your bag, bring a Bluetooth speaker and remember, the only rule at the Preserve is everyone has to hit putter off the tee of the final hole, the 13th. A visit … The next day a few of us got our own caddies because the weather was going to be rough. }, Our solution was ShipSticks. The reality is you won’t go wrong. It really does not matter because anyone who goes to Bandon will play both of these. Using golf the betting multiplier, I made $600 bucks today. It’s as peaceful a golf experience as you will find in this country, and that stretch of holes from Nos. Says the prices are still down and the conditions are usually fantastic. 09.08.14 Guest Makes Two Aces in One Round at Bandon Preserve BANDON, Ore. – According to, the odds of an amateur golfer making an ace are 12,500 to 1. Bandon Dunes is the perfect golf destination. Without one you will likely get lost and end up on the wrong tee box. The first tee shacks even have waterproof scorecards called Drycards that were invented by a Bandon Dunes caddie named Todd Petrey). My advice for your Preserve round; either day in or morning out. If you are a golfer, you know about Bandon. God, I loved everything about this course. Food – off the chart. Imagine if you gathered all of the world’s hardcore golfers for a weeklong conference with the sole purpose of designing a resort made just for them. The easy and obvious answer is anytime in the summer, but I’ve been in September, October, and November and had great days and mediocre weather days each time. Kind of an old salty dog, Kurt alway had a great read and quickly learned Steve’s bag. There are more ocean views at Pacific Dunes but Bandon is probably more fun. Fortunately, Bethany quickly recognized us and one lucky son of a gun even got a hug and a hot cup of water to warm his hands. The drivers are friendly and understanding, the drinks are included in the price and it’s roomy enough for however many guests you are bringing with you to Bandon. The difference is the huge evergreen trees and monstrous feel. My goal here is simple: give you tips for your upcoming trip or convince you that it is a golf trip you must plan. Playing the par-4 16th hole as the sun sets is one … View key info about Course Database including Course description, Tee yardages, par and handicaps, scorecard, contact info, Course Tours, directions and more. Torrey Pines - South. Located on the Southern Oregon Coast where the Coquille River meets the Pacific Ocean, Bandon, Oregon is 90 miles north of the California border, about a 90 minute drive to Interstate 5 at Roseburg, five hours by car from Portland and about nine hours from San Francisco. Dazed and confused, it took us a moment to realize where we were. Golf at Bandon Dunes. = "block"; One more breathtaking than the next, Bandon Dunes is the most accomplished golf course complex in North America Mike found a piece of property in Bandon, Oregon, that fit the bill perfectly for what he wanted to achieve: Build links style golf courses inspired by the ancient links style courses that gave birth to the game. (July 7, 2020: This post has been updated to include information on the fifth 18-hole course on Bandon property, the Sheep Ranch, with details and information that will help in planning a trip with a new course to play!) DO NOT pass on playing it. Kurt also facilitated my most memorable experience of the trip. ; Drag the green or yellow markers to measure yardage. #3 Bandon Trails: We had glorious weather for this day but most caddies rank this course #2 behind Bandon. Oh Jesus. 06.22.17 Bandon Dunes Solstice 2017 On behalf of all the staff, thank you for coming out to play in the 7th Annual Bandon Dunes Summer Solstice. Plus you can even order from the other restaurant and have it brought over, which we did while watching the Duke/Carolina hoops game. PGA West - La Quinta. Sheep Ranch is much like Old Mac in terms of when best to play; the earlier the better. Bandon Dunes is great because you get to turn your adult brain off for a few days. When you play Old Mac, take a minute or two and check out the halfway house after the seventh green. This course is set more inland and can be described as a series of rolling mounds. The demand for Bandon Dunes golf trips is only increasing so expect to plan a year in advance. The winds tend to pick up in the afternoon so it’s best to play the windier of the courses (Old Mac & Sheep) and the tougher of the courses (Pacific) when winds are down. It’s one of the best halfway houses on the planet, so much so that on sunny days when the course isn’t packed, I’ve sat on one of those benches with a buddy and had a couple of beers and just let a group or two go ahead of me. setTimeout( Book Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, Bandon on Tripadvisor: See 589 traveler reviews, 286 candid photos, and great deals for Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, ranked #2 of 12 hotels in Bandon and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Again, the smartest move we could have made. When all of the ideas had been spitballed and voted on and fretted over, the result would be a plan for a world class golf course with amazing views and a resort that offered everything we want and none of the stuff we don’t. Both of these tracks are simply mesmerizing and there are zero throw away holes. Given my recent 4 day trip with 7 dudes, I would tell you that Bandon Dunes has nailed the epic golf trip in every way. When you play in a solid rain for 4 hours you’d better be prepared. Personally, I like to do Old Mac/Trails the first day and then Pac/Bandon the next. From my own perspective, on the morning of our final round I showed up at Bandon Trails to meet my Caddie, Todd, who had caddied for me the last two rounds. If that doesn’t work with your schedule, make a Preserve/Trails day your easy day during the middle of the trip. Don’t Bother With The Umbrella… Notice how I didn’t say bring an umbrella? The golf courses are the main attraction all ranking in the top 20 of public courses in the nation. The most fun experience at Bandon Dunes? Golf Balls. Bethpage Black Golf. Todd was there early and greeted me with a smile and a handshake. 10. Drag the large yellow marker to see distance from / to. Thankfully her txt’d back “go with the Omelette- but start with coffee first” #lifecaddie”. We have all played tons of courses and stayed in golf resorts but nearly every one of them is not really designed for just hardcore golfers. As we made the turn, I was ready to claim Bandon over Pacific but with the god awful weather on the backside I am just not in a position to do that. Sweeping, untamed shores stretch for miles. Since landing in North Bend back in April of 2012, I’ve been observing and noting things that make an experience at Bandon Dunes the best and things that maybe you should avoid when trekking to the west coast of Oregon. The pros of the North Bend option are simple and obvious; when you land, you’re 40 minutes from the Bandon Dunes gate. Captain Obvious says bring your rain gear (and not the cheap stuff). “On a par four, two of us pushed our drives substantially to the right — as we walked toward our balls Kurt summoned us over to a small grate that was located at the base of tree. Imagine if you gathered all of the world’s hardcore golfers for a weeklong conference with the sole purpose of designing a resort made just for them. Thanks so much for your comment Tony. ; Click + to zoom the green complex. But, again, not wrong answer. We stayed at the Inn which has double rooms at a very reasonable price. From what I have heard and read (and seen on the live Bandon Cam), February is a solid month to go to Bandon Dunes. Foley’s is the Irish Pub and a great place to grab dinner and watch a game. Founder and Editor of Three Guys Golf. PACIFIC DUNES GOLF COURSEDesigned by Tom Doak and opened in 2001, Pacific Dunes is remarkably different in character and shot making requirements than our other courses. But this past weekend I had the pleasure of going for the very first time. Fires permitting we’re heading out in early October, can’t wait! I get asked about dates a lot. Now, if you meet someone that hates on Bandon Trails, walk away, delete that person from your phone and vow to never speak to him/her again. They all agreed it was the Inn (in part because the Lodge is much louder and the villas are farther away). Is it understated like the rooms? The part from Portland to Eugene is boring highway but the jaunt from Eugene to Bandon is quite spectacular and if you play your cards right and get out of driver duty it is even better. Six distinctly different courses have been conceived in harmony with the natural environment. Please reload CAPTCHA. Schedule a late-afternoon round at Bandon Dunes. The beds are comfortable and the showers do their jobs and you’ll spend less time in your rooms at Bandon than any other place you visit. Turns out, everyone was special that night as Bethany had quickly learned all of our names. Wow. Prepare to Go Low with the Bandon Dunes, Bandon Trails, Old Macdonald, Pacific Dunes, and Sheep Ranch Yardage Guides! Our attractions are always open Golfing at Bandon Dunes and Bandon Crossings Southern Oregon Coast Bandon Chamber of Commerce Golf, Cycle, Hike, Beaches, Shop, Birding One our caddies name was Kurt and he had Steve’s bag for 4 rounds. As an idyllic place to stay and play golf it has only two peers—the Monterrey Peninsula and the town of St. Andrews.” Golf Odyssey: “It is here, on this remote stretch of the wildly stunning Oregon coast, where the finest golf courses in the whole world quietly await you.” But while Bandon Dunes’ impact on the area has been substantial to say the least, rest assured, this town is more than just golf for those who come to … Fortunately we were convinced to get a forecaddie at Old Mac. My advice is to bless the … Your first round of the day is going to range from 200-275. It’s no longer a secret that Oregon’s Bandon Dunes golf resort is one of the best, if not the best, golf destinations in the world. Click and drag full screen photos to pan. Your caddie is there and the times are secured and as long as you have golf balls in the bag and a couple of tees in your pocket, you are good to go (how much are things set for the golfer? The par-3 10th is the start of a back-nine at Pacific Dunes that showcases four par-3s, three par-5s and plays to a par of 35. It is about a 4 minute walk from the Inn or you can take the shuttle which runs throughout the resort on a regular basis. You might also consider a re-freezable ice pack, ibuprofen, or muscle ointment. If there is any negativity from golfers that visit Bandon, it’s usually about those two golf courses, which is shortsighted and flat out wrong. Bandon Dunes Golf. You can read my ShipSticks review from a few years back but the short story is – simply print your labels from home then stick them on your travel bag or large box and away they go. We flew in the night before so we could get to the course by 2. You get your bags, your clubs and boom, you’re off. High winds can be an issue at certain times of the year and if the flight can’t go, you’re basically stuck in a very small airport hoping you eventually get to your connection. Remember, we come from the east coast so this is a big deal for us and we don’t get to see this type of scenery very often. ... As our friends at Streamsong Golf Resort ramp up to the 2016 U.S. Women's Amateur Four-Ball Championship, we reflect back on last year's highlights. Bounce and roll are a better measure of quality than color. Three Guys Golf is a golf blog that seeks to provide a unique perspective for fellow golfers.  ×  The prices are significantly discounted and you have a good chance for decent weather. Georgia Golf Courses . Enjoy! greens and fairways is less important than the vibe you get. How to get there, where to stay, what to expect and what you should not miss. When is the best time to go to Bandon? As I mentioned we would have never been able to figure out where to hit the ball or where the next tee box was without the help of a caddie. function() { Golfing at Bandon Dunes is like taking a trip back to another century (and I don’t mean the Twentieth)! It’s crazy but the weather just does not ruin your adventure. We ended up tipping him more but for an extra $40 each it was totally worth it. Florida Golf Courses . Initially we were not going to get caddies because none of us are high rollers. In addition to rain gear, bring two pairs of good golf shoes, rain gloves and a hat. We played the green tees (which I think are most common). When I think of my favorite holes at the resort, I gravitate towards Trails more than I realize (I really do think the par-5 9th is the hole I’d pick if I was given one last hole to play on this Earth). Not to be outdone, after we parted ways in Portland I got this text from Steve. The two ocean courses are Pacific Dunes and Bandon Dunes. You’ll hear people mention the Labyrinth (my good pal Mitch Laurance walks you through it. }. My advice, keep score if you like but don’t go out there looking for record rounds. My preferences are a golf ball for foot massaging, a small muscle roller, and a stretching band. It’s for cleaning up and sleeping and that’s it. September is supposed to be the best but summer brings the wind which can be really strong. A week has passed since our trip and hardly an hour goes by without my phone dinging with another text from one of my travel companions waxing poetic about our adventure. Upside is we now get to play Sheeps Ranch. Get ready for your upcoming Bandon Dunes adventure with all five course yardage books!  =  You’ll hear plenty of people tell you to get the Grandma’s Meatloaf at McKee’s Pub and I don’t disagree, but telling people what to order and eat seems like a wasted practice since all of that is what the person likes and what the person feels. These 5 yardage guides can be bought separately or as part of a 5-Course set for a discounted price! Congratulations to … The reason being, I think it’s the most picturesque course on property and will either smack you in the face when you first arrive (make sure that iPhone is charged up because you’ll be snapping photos all morning long as you take on the newest of the C/C masterpieces) or will leave you checking dates for a Bandon return as you depart the property. The other thing we loved about the Inn is the common area which has a bar that is open from 5-9. Pack Light. I posted 93, 88, 86, 88, 86 and felt good about it. While each hole is cool unto itself, it’s never really the point – it’s like the whole arena you are playing in is what gets you stoked. There are five 18-hole regulation course and one 13-hole short course. Arizona Golf Courses . Lots of talk of golf of course, with interesting discussions on many other topics — including a multiple day discussion of our all-time baseball all-star teams. Your replay round is half the cost of the first round, and if you can manage a third round, that will be free of charge. Personally, I like Trails the least and Old Mac the best (I think Old Mac is the most fun to play, while Pacific is the best course in my opinion). Bandon, Oregon Located on the southwestern coast of Oregon, Bandon Dunes Resort is one of the country's largest and most popular golf resorts. Instead they end up giving us golf with a bunch of extra stuff we don’t care about and leave out the stuff we really want (but often are afraid to ask for).
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