4 to 8+ hours. Since the hut has been abandoned at times the furnishings are sparten but there is a log book, Coleman stove, Coleman lantern, snow pail, a few pots, etc. They chew up anything not made of metal. The frame was assembled on campus then taken apart and hauled up the glacier on people's backs. Holmgren and another climber, Tobi Norton, had planned to ski to the Thayer Hut, near the Castner Glacier in the Delta Range, and climb the peak’s face the following day. The hut is only partly visible when coming up glacier as it sits behind a mound. As you head up glacier from the Lower Canwell Hut you will be traveling beside a prominent medial moraine. Summer Off-Trail Hikes. 2417 Feet Elevation Gain. In the northern part of the range, frequent winds blow the snow into an alternating succession of drifts and bare ground, which can be endlessly frustrating on skis or snowshoes, or on a snowmachine for that matter. The route gains the most altitude on the glacier which minimizes the final steep slope. This was in the spring of 1967 I think when a group of us from Fairbanks Skied the 8 miles up the Castner Glacier to stay in the hut and play in the area. The hut is about 1 mile up glacier from the terminus of the shorter, northern ice tongue. Turn right along the edge of the White Princess Branch until you are past the cliff bands. 10.7 Miles (summer) / 12.2 Miles (winter), 2600 Feet Elevation Gain (summer) / 3000 Feet Elevation Gain (winter), 5 to 8+ hours (summer) / 7 to 12+ hours (winter). To give more room the 12 foot by 12 foot A frame design was modified by making the walls more vertical and having a 4 foot wide flat roof. Get off the glacier and climb the final slope. This trail is not maintained and not marked. It’s best to stay off the ice unless you know what you’re doing. From here there are four options, one of which will be the best route for the current glacier conditions. The drive from Anchorage takes 4 hours and 57 minutes and follows a paved road the entire time. They chewed those up with abandon. The caves often reach far back and are sculpted in inconceivable ways. In the heart of ski country, it gets a lot of lake effect snow, so much so that many seasons provide four full months of skiing, mid-December to mid-March. The central ice tongue extends further down glacier. Using a gothic arch shape they achieved a spacious feel with no flat roof. Considerations: A very challenging route for experienced hikers. For example if Black Cap is the objective the White Princess Branch route might be selected. The hut is open to all climbers who visit the … From the edge of the meadow you can see the pond down below. The hut is open to climbers using this area, in which several one-day climbs are possible. A site was selected about 16 miles up the glacier but the pilots balked and put the hut down about 12 miles up glacier. If you split the glacier valley in half you want to start up right of center until you are over the steep section and have gone well past the hut and the crevassed zones on both sides. When it was first finished in 1964, the Thayer Hut was only 100 feet above ice level; now, it’s 400. ... you can follow the glacier back 7.8 miles to reach the Alaska Alpine Club Thayer Hut. Start up the White Princess branch. The large ice chunks in front of the ice cave have completely melted in the 08/24 photo. The flat roof and hatch caused water leakage problems and eventually the hatch was eliminated. There are not many options except the hut location. Join a 3 day backcountry hut hike to Granite Park Chalet in Glacier National Park - see Glacier's star studded skies, no heavy pack required!
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