It’s Amazing. Privacy Policy under “Contact” for more. The free crochet pattern for the matching Faux Fur Headband can be found HERE! Hi, I'm Jessica! We use cookies to improve our website. I love your easy and fast. Faux Fur Coat Free Crochet Pattern. Share This. « Fall Cuddler Chunky Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern, ✨Sneak Peek!✨ (New, cozy blanket pattern comin. This yarn looks quite similar to the Yarn Bee Fur-Ever Style I just got on clearance at Hobby Lobby!!! Although it has a very low stitch definition, it’s much easier to knit faux fur yarn than it is to crochet it. I thank you kindly for supporting my blog in this way. Where am I messing up here? Its an absolute dream to work up, and comes together quite quickly. The pattern is written up in this post! You have to feel where the next stitch is. Hey friends! Nov 27, 2019 - You've seen the faux fur coats all over the stores, so of course we want to make our own, right? Fast And Easy Baby Blanket With Faux Fur Trim. Faux Fur Coat is unquestionably classy and warm enough to keep you from the cold in the best style throughout the season. The pattern is very forgiving, so you may also choose to work into the spaces between the stitches, rather than the stitches themselves. HUGE PLUS! I’m o, We’re moving into our new home! Wanda Mccandless. This fur coat, or teddy bear coat, is easy and quick to make. sherrihardin. I also want to thank you for your site. The mittens have a delicate, knit-like ribbing that provides a beautiful contrast to the faux fur yarn. I personally chose to use half double crochet stitches for a couple of reasons. The thing about Lion Brand Go For Faux, is that it’s a 100% polyester, super bulky #6 yarn. – YHN. That is the color Sand Castle =). Furthermore, it shows off beautifully the amazing WeCrochet yarn selection of Mighty Stitch Yarn as well as Fable Fur Yarn, both of which were provided to me in a partnership with WeCrochet.The yarns are both easy to use and are super soft. Want to surprise my Hubby with a Smily grey one for his Truck. You'll also find some DIY's, random thoughts and a bit of nature - Come on in! Consider practicing with this yarn on a small rectangular or square swatch before beginning the entire blanket. Materials: Crochet Crochet Patterns Wolseley Cowl – [FREE] Crochet Chunky Bobble Cowl Pattern. Optional instructions to finish this blanket with seed stitch instead of the faux fur applied i-cord are also included. I’m glad you enjoy it!!! The neutral color makes it so versatile too! Snag the kit HERE! by Jerica No Comments . Faux Fur Yarn Free Crochet Pattern Roundup (Click on the pattern names below to navigate to the free crochet patterns!) Last year I made a fur vest (here) and had dreamed of one day tackling a coat. My couch has store bought faux fur pillows and we have more than one of these blankets in our house. Love! We respect your privacy and you may unsubscribe at any time. For the faux fur portion, I used a 9 mm crochet hook and worked single crochets in the front loop only. This website makes use of sponsored links and/or advertisements. All patterns are created with an attempt to be as accurate as possible but are made and tested by humans and therefore may contain errors. When Lion Brand reached out… If you have a tween, teen, grandchild or are just an adult who likes nice things, this blanket’s a winner. I’d love to hear from you. You may have a description of my post and one picture while linking back to my site. , Let’s get to the full pattern! So it’s cost effective to crochet your own in this case. You can’t get more cozy than fur, so these are the perfect patterns to work up as we’re headed into winter! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Yarn!!! This luxurious-looking cocoon designed by Laura from ModestybyLaura is such a great addition to any chic wardrobe! Please do not reprint, publish or post my material. That means I still have two (and a half!) Faux Fur Vest Crochet Pattern Pattern Description: This incredibly soft faux fur vest makes a cozy and fashionable accessory for any winter outfit. There’s no need to buy one as we can make our own with luxurious faux fur yarn. When I say this pattern works up fast, I mean, it works up FAST!!! When crocheting with this yarn, it can be difficult to see your stitches, so you need to feel for the next stitch with your hook. Made with Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick and Go For Faux, the Hearth Blanket has a nice weight to it, shows beautiful texture and stitch definition all while having an extra luxurious faux fur … Made with Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick and Go For Faux, the Hearth Blanket has a nice weight to it, shows beautiful texture and stitch definition all while having an extra luxurious faux fur edge. Hope this helps! This blanket is made entirely with the basic half double crochet stitch! I can’t remember. find the printable, ad-free version for purchase on Etsy HERE), grab the printable, ad-free version from Etsy HERE, Winter Cuddler Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern. It is easy to make this single crochet ripple afghan pattern and once you do you will want to make again and again. I am dying to make this for my new sofa, it’ll be perfect! I am so excited for you to check out this simple dog blanket! Soft, cuddly and luscious, this blanket will both look and feel amazing on your favorite sitting area. 2K Shares. Repeat row 2 until blanket reaches your desired length. View all posts. You will definitely enjoy cuddling up with it. Save on WAK kits! Before you begin, review this page entirely so you understand the full scope of the project. I hope you enjoyed this blanket! I’m all about faux fur. Plus it’s handmade, making it all the more special. Jan 20, 2020 - CROCHET PATTERN ⨯ Blanket, Afghan ⨯ The Paix Faux Fur Throw Buy 2 get 1 free with code FREEPATTERN The Paix Fur Throw is unmatched on the I-want-to-live-under-this-blanket front. No sooner had I made and photographed the sample then I had the Faux Fur Hood crochet pattern typed up and off to testers. This slipper pattern fits me just a tad bit snug when I first put it on, but as it is worn, the stitches loosen just a little and it is perfect. Next, simply single crochet or half double crochet until your blanket is as long as you’d like. =). Easiest pattern ever that still gives you a gorgeous result, right? <3 . You’ve probably seen them at all the hip retailers – West Elm, to Pottery Barn and more. About Author Janine Myska. Just finished this blanket! Please don’t use my photography if you use my patterns to make and sell finished product. I do not see what size needle to use or the amount of yarn needed. Faux fur designs are stylish, cozy and luxurious (and animal friendly! ✨Introducing the...NEW Modern Mountain Throw in, ☝️Sneak PEEK! 21 Free Crochet Patterns With Faux Fur Yarn. It took me a while to design, but that doesn't matter! And that means lots of fun! For this entire pattern we use just one stitch, and an easy one at that: the half double crochet. Home i. I like sharing my easy & timeless knit and crochet projects and patterns. ), and my daughter asked for a blanket for her bed. Faux Fur Crochet Keyhole Scarf with FREE Pattern! Similar to counting beads on a rosary, for example. It’s really hard to find designs that are both so elegant and so perfect for everyday wear. (Free pattern below or you may find the printable, ad-free version for purchase on Etsy HERE). ☝️Sneak peek! Sugarplum Mittens – [FREE] Crochet Mittens with Faux Fur Cuffs. I’m working loosely and doing my best to see/feel into each stitch. It's amazing to cuddle up with and perfect for the fall and winter months. Easy Faux Fur Dog Crochet Blanket Pattern. I’m hoping the stripped effect will look great. Dec 4, 2019 - This new Hygge Fur yarn from Red Heart is PERFECT for a throw. Fauxy Cocoon. Have you washed this yet? See the free pattern just below, and a reminder you can grab the printable, ad-free version from Etsy HERE. If you continue using this site, we will assume that you're happy with it. April 26, 2017at8:05 am Reply. Fur throws are beautiful and right on trend. But so worth it because it is dreamy. When I was a little girl of about 9 years old, the same age my daughter is now, I went away to Brownie camp. Is there a printable copy of this pattern? Your email address will not be published. Did you find any shedding or noodling with this yarn? 97 Comments. Mar 7, 2020 - The Hearth Blanket is a fast, modern and free crochet pattern that uses super bulky yarn. This blog/website displays third party ads. I'm all about faux fur. One, they work up quicker than single crochet. The store I went to only had four balls of each color so I bought four of one color and four of another. I had to dig a little deeper than usual to find the right fur yarn crochet patterns, so I thought you’d all like to see the collection. I would love to have the pattern. All material Copyright Mama In A Stitch unless otherwise noted. Thank you! Of course, my fur trim crochet pattern only used half a skein of yarn. 9.00mm crochet hook; Yarn Needle; Gauge: 11 rows by 13 stitches= 4X4” (moss stitch, main pattern repeat- use 6.00mm hook) 3 rows by 7 Dc stitches= 4X4” (with faux fur- use 9.00mm hook) Finished Scarf Measurements: 67” long Pattern Notes: I recommend counting your stitches with the Go For Faux yarn by “feeling” them. by Jerica No Comments . If you have any questions or any tips of your own for working with faux fur yarn, let me know in the comments below! . The overall look + feel is a full sheet of fur How do we make this blanket? Pin 2K. In fact, this blanket may be the easiest blanket I have ever designed. I hope they help to give you the confidence to give this kind of yarn a try. However, those faux fur throws are upwards of $100. Or was it Girl Guides at that age? Jerica. HUGE PLUS! The luxurious faux fur yarn (here) used for this blanket is from We Crochet and it didn't shed! It’s right on trend. See privacy policy for more. My Crochet Faux Fur Mittens pattern can be found HERE! I think I'm gonna try it! And if so, how did it wash? Tweet. Both of which are very easy to crochet. Thank you for this great idea. Pattern: Faux Fur Crochet Blanket Pattern. Janine is a knit + crochet indie designer and blogger from Winnipeg, Canada. Thanks! I’ll start with basic overview, and then you can see the full, free pattern if you scroll down. ✨Do you have a go-to cardigan? Free Crochet Patterns Using Faux Fur Yarn Thank you for the pattern. ✨ A COZY, modern knit blanket, NEW Free Pattern Alert! Who wants to cozy, The best kind of pumpkin spice right?! This “Fable Fur Throw Blanket” is so easy to crochet, and I’ll tell you just how it’s done. Row 1 Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each st across the row (63 sts), Row 2 Ch 2 (counts as st), hdc in 2nd st of row and each st across the row (63 sts). First, make a chain as long as you want the blanket to be wide. Do you like the faux fur trend? You can know that while I accept sponsorship and use affiliate programs, I will not use or promote anything that I do not believe in personally. Soft, cuddly and luscious, this blanket will both look and feel amazing on your favorite sitting area. Jiji the Black Cat. As long-time readers of my blog know, I am a huge fan of headbands, and I am so glad I can add another one to my collection! Thanks!! Crochet fur by feel. Faux Fur Vest by Mama in a Stitch: This super simple faux fur vest is easy enough for any beginner and it will be a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe.. 2. This pattern uses about 8 balls (2000 yards) of the Hygge Fur Yarn and a K/6.5 mm hook. Crochet one up with this free Faux Fur Throw crochet pattern! Hi Nancy! You are so sweet! 3. Yarn with fur is a fun way to add a little something extra to your crochet patterns. I love the look if the blanket. Because this is a furry yarn, there is a bit of a learning curve, but nothing that the novice can’t conquer! ); below are some lovely patterns highlighting faux fur designs you’ll want to have for years to come. While this is an easy stitch, it can be a challenge to see your stitches with faux fur yarn. more balls of Lion Brand Pelt in my stash! And two, the stitches are still tight enough that the fur isn’t “holey”. Share 30. 2. That seems to be a problem with the faux furs. Thank you to We Crochet for sponsoring this post. Hi Theresa! There have been quite a few new faux fur yarns coming on the market in the last year. I even tried going up 2 hook sizes. It is tested and approved by Penn! . What colour did you use? With this yarn, it’s all about feel. It also contains affiliate links for which I am paid a small commission if you make a purchase through the link on my site. Really want to make this pattern but wondering how I could make it larger, like 6 feet by 5 feet? 1. You can easily make this blanket as small or large as you’d like by simply starting with a longer or shorter chain and crocheting until you reach your desired length. If you’re a total beginner, this is going to be a challenge. Which also means lots of new faux fur yarn patterns! Thank you so much!!! The Faux Fur Stocking features 2 different types of stitches: Suzette stitch and the Single Crochet stitch. This 'Fable Fur Throw Blanket' is so easy to crochet, and I'll tell you just how it's done. 9mm (size M) crochet hook roughly 5 ounces of yarn (for a size women's 8/9 slipper) yarn needle scissors optional: an ounce or so of faux fur yarn for the trim Sizing Options: I wear a size 9 shoe. Mama, Colorado gal, lover of yarn and life. Faux Cable Crochet Blanket. It is so soft and fluffy, and it makes excellent faux fur pom poms perfect for adding the finishing touch to all your crocheted … We’ve recently moved into our new home (yay! I do remember, however, the project that I completed to get my seamstress badge. It works up like a dream, and frogging is no problem! Post Tags crunch stitch fast and easy baby blanket crochet patterns Left in Knots Super Bulky. Ha! Many of you may remember my fur coat as well as my fur vest. So, I have been indulging my hobby of looking for free crochet patterns. Lion Brand Yarn has put together a convenient kit that contains all the yarn you need to crochet your own fluffy mittens and headband set too! Single Crochet Chevron Blanket. Hello! You’ll want to “feel” each stitch, rather than rely on seeing each stitch. This chevron single crochet blanket works up beautifully and can be made in any color you wish. If you need to count your stitches at the end of a row, it helps to feel the stitches instead of trying to see them. The most common question is “How do I see my stitches?” The answer is, “You basically don’t.” Haha! Keep This stuff is incredibly soft and luxurious. Hi Aletta! Wear it with your sweater dress or pair it with jeans and a flannel top for an ultra-casual, comfortable look. I see it is gentle and lay flat. Fur throws are beautiful and right on trend. Dec 21, 2018 - Faux fur pom poms are so hot right now, and they are hard to find for an affordable price. It’s amazing to cuddle up with and perfect for the fall and winter months. Penn and Clyde (my pups) love to lay on my bed and look out the window. I can promise it is very easy to make and I can also promise your pups will love it too. He's a long haul Truck Driver. Crochet Patterns Elemental Cowl [FREE] – Beginner Ribbed Cowl Crochet Pattern . Crochet Afghan and Blanket Patterns Baby Afghans; Granny Square Afghans; Lapghans ; Ripple Afghans; Throws ... Home > Crochet Patterns with Fur Furry crochet patterns will keep you warm, cozy, and stylish all at the same time! I will send a picture when I’m done. Once you get the hang of it, you will have a blast! Hi Nicole! Faux fur is a big trend for this winter season, and lucky for you, you can knit or crochet the beautiful items you see in the stores. April 26, 2017at8:08 am Reply. The luxurious faux fur yarn (here) used for this blanket is from We Crochet and it didn’t shed! Ugh‍♀️ So Lion Brand Yarn has saved the day with their new “Go For Faux” yarn. Plus it’s handmade, making it all the more special. Just bought everything to make this blanket and I’m beyond excited! You don’t want an open-weave, fur blanket. We kept the stitch pattern super simple – if you know the garter stitch, you’re good to go. . I was so excited to be able to whip this one up SUPER quickly and easily. Make this Belle Inspired Princess Stocking for Christmas! This faux fur throw pattern is remarkably simple to crochet. All you’ll need to know is how to single crochet to crochet this chevron blanket. Can you tell that I’m obsessed? Hey friends! The stylish set works up quickly and is a fun way to stay warm and brighten up those cold winter days! Because faux fur stitches can be difficult to see (let alone the individual loops of a single stitch) it is easier to crochet by feel. So those are my tips for working with faux fur yarn. I love this! I’ve been working on my gauge swatch and no matter what I try I’m not coming close to 4” ... it’s more like 2x2. 9 skeins We Crochet / Knit Picks Fable Fur (super bulky) in Eisbar. This Knitted Blanket Pattern uses the half-linen stitch knit with size 19 circular needles and is trimmed with a faux fur applied i-cord. However, if you’ve got some experience, it’s really easy and you won’t believe how quickly you can crochet with this yarn. You would just need to add about 27 to your starting chain and add around 27 more rows (or until your desired length is reached). There’s no need to buy one as we can make our own with luxurious faux fur yarn. All opinions are 100% my own. The Hearth Blanket is a fast, modern and free crochet pattern that uses super bulky yarn. Hi!
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