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Greg’s Philosophy of Music: It’s Bigger than You and Me. Title: Charlier - 36 Etudes for Trumpet Author: Super Dad Created Date: 10/4/2008 9:03:02 PM On the spot! Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone Vol . I can remember putting on the Charlie Parker record and reading through the tunes quite easily but when it came to improvising I didn't have a clue really. Through this I heard about the trumpet player and teacher Paul Eshelby. Jazz Etudes and Duets contains ten exciting and advanced etudes based mostly on jazz standards, specifically focused on fast jazz soloing. Store Paris (+) Réf : 81263 -28%. So that's what I did! JAZZ ETUDES for IMPROVISATION. These jazz etudes, originally written for saxophone, are lyrical, fun to play, and will help trumpet players understand voice-leading and jazz phrasing. The etudes are very melodic with limited tricky passages and no high sustained passages. 25.00. I hope you’ll enjoy playing these etudes as much as I enjoyed recording them. They contain demonstrations of the etudes played by Bob, and also rhythm section accompaniment for each of the etudes at three different tempos for practice. SKU: BMJSZ008 Categories: Books, Jazz Study Zone. Jazz Etudes. A few of the more advanced studies are things that I’ve been practicing lately. He didn't really mention the word vocabulary or teach me any 'licks' but he did state the importance of being able to play in ALL keys (I now knew why I struggled trying to improvise in the Charlie Parker middle 8's, I couldn't really 'play' in those tricky keys). Jazz Etudes (20), w/CD Category: Trumpet Studies & Etudes Item: 028590 Grade: Price: $22.00 Availability: Ships in 20 to 30 Days Qty: View Shopping Cart; Nuten, Piet Studies (6) Category: Trumpet Studies & Etudes Item: 121296 Grade: Price: $13.00 Availability: Ships in 10 to 15 Days Qty: View Shopping Cart ; O'Neill, John Jazz Method w/CD Category: Trumpet Studies & Etudes Item: 024815 … YTR-3335 S. trompette d'étude sib étude . Whole Tone Scales. For my final dissertation I gave a lecture recital on Louis Armstrong and his influence on 20th century music! My next encounter with great jazz came when a colleague in the Royal Marines Band Service (I served for around 7 years) lent me some of his records, he was a jazz nut! Well as I'm sure you can imagine, it was not pretty! Once these lines feel comfortable, smooth and swinging, you’ll most likely find the typical jazz or big band trumpet literature much more fun and interesting. We also need to understand why licks work, we want the ability to be creating our own licks! It was sometime later that I left the Royal Marines and went to the City of Leeds College of music. Around this time I started working professionally as a commercial trumpet player and so learning more about improvising was a bit on the back burner.
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