With this master’s degree, you will receive the training needed to set the Project Management Professional Exam and become a certified project manager with the Project Management Institute (USA). Barcelona : Think, design and build a responsible architecture with the future of society and the planet. View the best master degrees here! The international Master’s degree programme in Architecture is a two-year design-oriented study programme. During the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture, students have the opportunity of working hand in hand with a series of renowned experts in various fields, to develop an in-depth individual research agenda. In order to support the thesis project development and strengthen the professional and academic profile, students have the opportunity to follow several seminars and workshops. The last few decades have confirmed the evidence of a spectacular change of paradigms in the definition of our spaces of relation, interaction and sociability. The other issue related to X-Urban Design has to do with their creation as intelligent territories that function in a multiscalar way, emphasizing the relationship between nature, networks and nodes and promoting the ‘emergence’ of an urban intelligence through research on the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in different aspects of the urban infrastructure and public space. To study for EMiLA, students apply at one of the five partner institutions. Design​ combined with multidisciplinary ​science​ are the two powerful tools for architecture to revolutionarily innovate, and therefore bring a positive impact and change to the built environment. PROJECT  PROPOSAL: “DIGITAL SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE”. In the contemporary context, in which the “unsustainable” is a great human problem: a short description in English of the project and the strategy/rationale behind the proposal; images, plans or diagrams of the designed elements. The seminar investigates two challenges: the description and representation of columns, and the creation of a potentially underlying geometrical guide, and to branch columns and join them elegantly to the trunk. First Term First, Second, Third Terms INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENTS It is based on a multidisciplinary approach to different key notions that are crucial in order to understand the potentials of Advanced Architecture from a theoretical point of view. } The first year of the Master in Advanced Architecture + Thesis Project (MAA02) is the same of the MAA01 programme. One of the goals is to introduce thinking around production as a workflow, by following the evolution of the design through process iterations. The master's degree in Architecture qualifies you to practise as an architect. Lost in translation, both disciplines are doomed to contribute to marked trends of unsustainable production and consumption. It provides the knowledge and understanding of the role of economic analysis and economic incentives in assessing the outcomes of their projects and in shaping the environment in which architectural and design decisions are made. Emerging Cities and Territories, Housing and Sustainability: Physical Rehabilitation and Social and Urban Regeneration, Looking From the Project. Many of the proposed objects and components aim to stimulate natural growth of biological organisms and the integration of these species in buildings. The programme will empower you to create the interfaces for connecting all kinds of data and understand how to transform it into meaningful social and emotional communication. This is today is an active and dynamic network of visionary professionals distributed around the world, promoting principles and applications of Advanced Architecture, exploring new academic and research initiatives, leading award-winning practices or working for internationally acclaimed firms and institutions. Further, integration of interaction into the Architecture in order to modulate daylight, shading and/or ventilation have taken the climate responsive design to the next level. UIC Barcelona's Master's in Biodigital Architecture is a pioneering programme of UIC Barcelona School of Architecture that combines architecture, biology and... Master's degree. McNeel’s mission is to enrich its clients, employees, suppliers, community, and stockholders – in that order. These transformations have to do with the current and accelerated growth of the technological capacity to process information, increase communication and multiply the differential definitions of our environment(s). During the term, students continue with their chosen Research Studio, as well as the two-term seminar. forms: { This topic of Thesis Projects focuses on developing design strategies and solutions based on “non-linear” and circular systems aiming to close or limit material and resource loss, while minimizing waste, using this as a resource in itself. Master's Degree in Architecture and Design Business Management, at International University of Catalonia in , . IAAC’s Master in Advanced Architecture (1 or 2-year program) is a programme to revolutionize current architectural approaches and methods training professionals to become changemakers in the arena of architecture and the built environment. Master's degree in Architecture Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) More Master studies at the UPC. Students explore advanced computational models and simulations that are applied to building prototypes made of new material composites that are either bio-inspired or bio-integrated. Students develop both design computation through parametric design software, and physical outputs materialising the production of branching columns with their hands. Studio does that through creative, holistic thinking, a deep knowledge base and a rigorous design process. During the second half of the program, students of the Master in Business for Architecture and Design develop their final project in the Venture Lab. By equilibrated we mean that the gravity forces for the whole basilica are directed axially through the columns: each column is therefore aligned to meet these forces as efficiently as possible through their axes. solutions for the current and future challenges related to the environment, society and to the linear and homogeneous approach in design and building. The logics of architectural design and construction are in continuous adaptation to the context in which they operate. Please note: The distribution of students for the Research Studios and Seminars of Term 2 is done according to several criteria listed in IAAC terms and conditions.Â. Architecture degree, Bachelor or higher degree from other related professions. It explores the development of digital tectonics into structures that unify envelope, structure, form, and experience into a unique system. The trajectory of the robot is decided through a sequential interface incorporating the virtual entities to generate live results, BIM Students get in touch with the basics of coding in c# and java, and learn the necessary knowledge for developing AR/MR applications within the Unity development platform. First Term Please note: The distribution of students for the Seminars of the Third Term is done according to several listed in IAAC terms and conditions.Â. Buildings physics and the study impact on earth and society are used in order to visualize information and propose design and strategic actions for the built environment. AI in Architecture explores novel computational design strategies, training students in the development of self-learning and evolutionary design processes in architecture. Fablab Barcelona The Programming and Physical Computing Seminar provides students with an essential introduction to the world of open-source programming languages and physical computing, in order to create a synchronous and meaningful interaction between the physical and digital realms. Being a twoterm seminar, it links structural design and fabrication techniques, by means of feedback between digital and physical. his degree is closely linked to the city of Barcelona, its enterprises and Architecture and Creative Design professionals. It questions the limits of these contemporary technological phenomena and prepares candidates to be the key actors capable of making connections between disciplines where none were possible or even considered before. of new professionals, able to work in the architectural field, learning from advancements from computer science, advanced manufacturing, synthetic biology, or material science and ecology. Based on the term “Advanced Architecture”, coined in 2003 in the Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture, this course aims to establish some theoretical principles around 3 Conceptual Perspectives: [1] Transversal Logics: information – cities, [2] Relational Logics: cities – nature, [3] Digital Logics: nature – information. X-Urban Design Studio works beyond the conventional scales of territorial design, town planning, building or fabrication in designing a multi-scalar habitat. Based on a “Learning by Doing” and a “Design by Research” methodology the programme trains professionals capable to critically think out of the box and materialize novel architectural solutions for the current and future challenges related to the environment, society and to the linear and homogeneous approach in design and building. Their international customers come from, among other sectors, the automotive industry and general industry. The seminar focuses on the unique merge of digitalisation, material performance and craft. The second year of the MAA is centred around the development of an Individual Thesis Project, which will be supervised by a Thesis Advisor.  In its perspective of multidisciplinarity and transcalarity, MAA is organised in an open academic structure that combines mandatory and elective courses around different main research lines: Research Lines for MAA01 and MAA02 (first year). This seminar provides an opportunity for the students to look at their Individual Thesis from a completely different perspective. After the completion of MAA01, students enrolled in MAA01+OTF or MAA02 will follow two different organisations and academic structures. “Undertaking this master’s degree has prepared me to address urban and social challenges, on both a professional and personal level. MAA02 combines the first year Master with a second year of investigation to develop a Thesis Project. The Seminar introduces the Python programming language to the students allowing them to deepen their Individual Thesis’ computational side. Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings & Biocities, Master in Robotics & Advanced Construction, Postgraduate Programme in 3D Printing Architecture (OTF), Master in Advanced Architecture accredited by School of Professional and Executive Development at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia – European Higher Education Area (EHEA), 9 Months – From October 2021 to June 2022 // Full Time, 18 Months – From October 2021 to June 2023 – Thesis Final Submission: September 2023 // Full Time. on: function(evt, cb) { COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN From 147 EUR. Self-sufficiency is about consuming the resources you are able to produce, annulling our ecological footprint. ADVANCED ALGORITHMS & ARCHITECTURE lIBRO FINAL 30 AÑOS MASTER.compressed . User-generated content mixes with professional contributions. (+34) 93 320 95 20. Today we communicate and interact with smart devices, physical and virtual environments, the Internet of Things. THIRD TERM The 10-week introductory term provides a common grounding of knowledge and skills to incoming MAA students. From the physical spaces of our built environment to the networked spaces of digital culture, algorithmic and computational strategies are reshaping not only design strategies, but the entire perception of Architecture and its boundaries. Lead by: Luis Fraguada and Elizabeth Bigger – one out of three two-term seminars, Urban and architectural design often lack an in depth acknowledgment of both macroeconomic and microeconomic variables. SELF-SUFFICIENT BUILDING The Master in Interior Architecture.Commercial, public and private spaces is structured in two postgraduates: Led by: Manuel Gausa,Jordi Vivaldi Students learn how to combine BIM softwares with parametric design processes, strengthening their design and management skills. ... University Master in Architecture. ​ are the two powerful tools for architecture to revolutionarily innovate, and therefore bring a. . Also in this term, all students follow one mandatory seminar in computational design in order to continue developing their parametric design skills. Below you will find education programs in Architecture, Master's degree in Europe. The MArch Master programme aims to establish a direct connection with the praxis of architecture and/or design. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { The Master in Advanced Architecture is articulated in three different programmes: MAA01, MAA01+OTF and MAA02. Data and Information now encompass a sort of Metadata Layer, which crosses all aspects of our existence. The Computational Design Seminar focuses on emergent design strategies based on algorithmic design logics. Thesis Advisors, including: Dr. Mathilde Marengo, Willy Müller, Dr. Chiara Farinea, Dr. Diego Pajarito We will read and learn from the people that are already talking about this holistic way of thinking (Rifkin, Braunghart, Mc Donnough, Latour…). The program leading to the Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD) is intended for individuals who have completed a five-year undergraduate professional program in architecture or its equivalent. Request Information Master's Degrees in Architecture in Barcelona … After gaining the necessary hardware and software knowledge, students are able to integrate interfaces, visualizing methods, data sensing, and actuation, to conduct more advanced research and architectural proposals with embedded technology. ” methodology the programme trains professionals capable to critically think out of the box and. The seminar investigates theoretical frameworks of this change of paradigms associated with a new Advanced Knowledge. The MAA is oriented towards architects, engineers, and designers from all over the world, eager to imagine the future of our cities and societies and committed to building it in the present. The programme offers a diversity of high-end content in Design Studios ranging from urban scale to buildings, materials and wearable devices. Lectures & Events This phase (summer period) does not include presential classes, and is dedicated to the development of the complete written document/book of the Individual Thesis Project. This topic of Thesis Projects focuses on developing and applying advanced manufacturing technologies in the architectural construction. On campus. Master in … Building Information Management for architectural and building design (BIM) is rapidly becoming a highly requested tool to join architects, clients, builders and engineers in a single intelligent and shared process. More information can be found in the MAA Booklet, download it now! Can we build the future of cities through a nature-based approach? graduates who fulfill the conditions outlined in Ministerial Order EDU/2075/2010, of 29 July, and in the Resolution of the General Secretariat for Universities of 28 July 2010. As the main objective of the Bologna Process since its inception in 1999, the … If you would like to find out when the competition is reopening, please subscribe to our newsletter where we will make the announcement. Academic Programs Living systems have the potential to provide cities with multiple ecosystem services, such as food, materials, energy production, climate control, water purification, or pollination. We spend our lives interacting with and understanding our environment. Lead by: Alexandre Dubor Ability to conceive and develop basic and detailed designs, sketches and drafts. Every day, roughly 14,200 KUKA employees at their headquarters in Augsburg and around the world work to ensure that they remain one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions. At the end of this program, the graduate would have the ability to design and transform the physical, architectural and functional elements of the interior built environment. A toolbox of both theoretical and practical skills for further research work. ETSAB Av. Interactive elements have more commonly found expressions in contemporary architecture. } ROBOTIC FABRICATION Inside the topic of self-sufficiency, in the past years IAAC has developed projects around the ideas of Factory of the Future, Urban Retrofitting, Factory of Knowledge, and many more. Lead by: Rodrigo Aguirre By continuing to browse, we understand that our, International students and academic staff, Academic calendar and academic regulations, Departments and research institutes and centres, More information about fees and payment options, Recorded in the Ministry of Education's degree register, Academic requirements for admission to master's degrees. The disciplines included in the process are; ergonomics, ecology, economics, sociology and anthropology. INTERACTION AND PROTOTYPING In this context IAAC works with a multidisciplinary approach, facing the challenges posed by our environment and the future development of cities, architecture and buildings, through a virtuous combination of technology, biology, computational design, digital and robotic fabrication, pushing innovation beyond the boundaries of a more traditional architectural approach. Built by Associative Data studio, Environmental Design Analyst at Foster and Partners, Academic Director / MAA01, MAA02, MaCT Programme Director and Studio Faculty / DMIC Leader / Board of Trustees Member / PhD Supervisor, Head of Studies / MAA, MRAC, MaCT, CIEE Studio & Theory Faculty / Research Methodology Advisor / PhD Supervisor, Urban Sciences Lab Director / MAA, MaCT Seminar Faculty / X-Urban Design Studio Leader / Board of Trustees Member, OTF Co-director / MAA Senior Faculty / MaCT Studio Faculty, MAA Senior Faculty / Advanced Interaction Research Studio Leader / Computational Expert, MAA Senior Faculty / Advanced Theory Director / MaCT Seminar Faculty / PhD Supervisor, MAA02 Senior Faculty / C.BIO.MA Research Line Leader, MAA Senior Faculty // MaCT Theory Guest Faculty, MRAC Faculty / MAA Faculty / Università Di Bologna, Co-De-It, MRAC Director / OTF Co-director / MAA, MAI, OTF Senior Faculty / Robotic Expert, MRAC Director / GSS Director / MAA & CIEE Senior Faculty / Computational Expert / MaCT Seminar Faculty, MAA02 Thesis Advisor, MaCT Seminar Faculty, MAA, MaCAD, CIEE, GSS Senior Faculty / Computational Advisor / MaCT Seminar Faculty, MAA and MRAC faculty / Expert in Digital Fabrication, MRAC Faculty Assistant / MAA Fabrication expert / OTF Fabrication expert, MAA, GSS Faculty / MaCT Seminar Faculty / MRAC Faculty Assistant / Multimedia Design Expert, Head of European Projects / MAA01 Faculty, MAA02 Thesis Advisor Affairs such as the beginning of Anthropocene or Climate Change are changing our vision towards Nature. The teaching of innovative digital analysis, design and planning methods is an essential part of the study. Theory seminar: RESEARCH AND METHODS Architecture following every stage of life will have to address and respond to both challenges and advancements. Being the 2nd largest city in Spain, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia province. During the workshop, students learn how to establish a relation between the robot and its environment using Online control. Ability to intervene in the built heritage and to conserve, restore and rehabilitate it. Following a multidisciplinary and multiscalar approach, the programme presents an academic structure, unique in the world, where students can create their own customized study agenda according to their interests and their future career  aspirations. They integrate much of the material covered throughout the entire program, and through their own research, discussions and creativity, they shape and plan new business ventures. Thesis Advisors, including: Enric Ruiz Geli, Dr. Josep Perello, Javier Peña, Dr.Manuel Gausa The fourth phase focuses on the necessary production of final drawings, prototypes and audiovisual material for the completion of the Development Studio Project of Term 3 (13 ECTS credits). Led by: Dr. Areti Markopoulou, David Andres León Five of the leading universities/ schools of landscape architecture in Europe with a focus on design have established EMiLA, the “European Master in Landscape Architecture”. The program focuses on training students in the field of interior architectural design. Within this term, students continue with the methodological, theoretical, computational and fabricational seminars in a close relationship to their research. There are currently no Masters courses listed for this search, why not try: All Architecture, Building & Planning Masters courses (840 courses listed) All Masters courses in Barcelona (55 courses listed) Alternatively, you can start a new Masters search. The course not only provided me with the relevant knowledge for the humanitarian sector, but also gave me the chance to make … You have searched for Architecture Masters courses in Barcelona.. callback: cb Students will be assigned to one of the three Studios: Future Urban Living, Anthropocene Landscapes, Metabolic Ecologies.  The theme of the scholarship offered by the MAA programme is focused on reflecting about the potentials of Computation and Digital Fabrication tools, which are embedded into the architecture design process: from concept to construction. In the contemporary context, in which the “unsustainable” is a great human problem: 1. You have searched for Architecture, Building & Planning Masters courses in Barcelona. It is a vibrant city that hosts thousands of tourists annually. ADVANCED ROBOTICS WORKSHOP This is mainly due to the increased adoption of technology in our daily lives. Therefore, for us, architecture is about this complex combination of elements and their relations. Barcelona School of Architecture. A starting point will be the scenario of the studio, in which we will work on our projects together with physicists, biologists, economists and designers. Introduction. Today, we are facing a change in paradigm in the field of Architecture. Hassell Studio is a leading international design practice with studios in Australia, China, South East Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Our approach to this new way of thinking must be holistic, emphasizing the importance of the whole, and the interdependence of its parts. BIO DESIGN & NATURE BASED SOLUTIONS Av. Master in Advanced Architecture – MAA01 (1-year Program). Thesis Advisors, including: David Andrés León, Dr. Alessio Erioli, Rodrigo Aguirre, Aldo Sollazzo In the Master's Degree in Interior Architecture. In a time in which more people are living in cities, the ultimate aim of the Thesis projects in this topic is to develop a radically new sensibility of understanding of architecture where climate and nature, as well as new sense of materiality is the driving motif for design. approaches and methods training professionals to become changemakers in the arena of architecture and the built environment. MBLandArch, Master Barcelona in Landscape Architecture. The aim is to analyse and materialize the potential of wood-work within a framework of computation and fabrication towards sustainable design solutions. ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE CONCEPTS & THEORY This term is structured around the development of the final design proposals, drawings and prototypes related to a student’s thesis project. Additionally, during the two-term seminar, students have an opportunity to learn how to produce a reflection of one particular aspect of their thesis project in the format of an academic paper. KUKA offers you everything from a single source: from the individual components to fully automated systems. Diagonal, 649. It focuses on the development of career-ready graduates in business, health, science, design, technology and innovation, with a broad field of expertise and first rate facilities. design strategies. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, https://www.upc.edu/en/masters/architecture-barcelona-etsab, /++theme++homeupc/assets/images/logomark.png, This website uses own and third party cookies to measure and manage visits to the website as well as to provide a better experience and service based on the browsing habits of users. (function() { ADVANCED ALGORITHMIC DESIGN PYTHON FOR GRASSHOPPER CITA examines how new information and communication technologies fundamentally challenges architectural practice as a tool for design, fabrication and communication. Sparse in decoration, the Catedral de Barcelona is a great example of Catalan Gothic architecture Barcelona’s impressive cathedral is the focal point of the Barri Gòtic.
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