Everyone I’ve dealt with on Reverb has been honest, pleasant and quick to ship. Here is a truthful review you must read if you sell on this platform.I listed a High End ESP guitar on Reverb mind you that I have a ton of prior sales with the platform. I think Reverb can do a little better than that other popular resale website everyone knows by having a default list of descriptive terms that sellers can annotate. Double moral hypocrites. Apparently I will have to go to Better Business Bureau and beyond since there's no support in the support department at Reverb. I have found them all willing to if you ask. ... fosa Condenser USB Microphone Reverb Set Kit, Computer Microphone Kit with Adjustable Mic Suspension Scissor Arm, Shock Mount and Pop Shield Filter for Studio Recording Podcasting Broadcasting ... Top review from the United States There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I’ve been using Reverb for almost a year now, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. I know I did. I've had to ask ebay and reverb each to do that before, and both times I was made whole (save for my time in dealing with the return). Why Is My Account Under Review? That was the only headline given to make a statement. Oh one more thing...Reverb has a ton of great videos and content to learn from with gear demos, etc. Now I'm considering opening up another account … 15% Off JHS. You get 7 reverb modes covering all the reverb types that one would want. Logged in today day and saw this message "Your account is currently under review and your payment has been paused for the moment. Ive never had a bad experience in terms of condition of items received, delays with shipping, etc... Reverb is my go-to for products and pricing research. all i want is to cancel the order that they took my money for and delete my account, so i can do my business elsewhere. I called and emailed them multiple times with hopes for instructions, but all that they told me was that I needed to email paypal and ask them to confirm my reverb payments. The people with amazing reviews are playing their headset, not writing a fuckin review. HP Reverb G2 Summary. Ive bought/sold numerous pedals and at least one guitar over the past several years. No customer phone support to help with my issue. Try getting someone to talk to you and fix the situation?Good luck on that with these clowns. Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Guitar Effects Pedal, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb Effects, Single Stompbox Size, 86 Built-in effects, Tuner 4.6 out of 5 stars 180 $129.99 $ 129 . Reverb is a great platform for buying and selling gear. I have ordered a number of guitars...all were delivered perfectly with no issues. The most common reason is that you've got an unpaid Reverb statement, and it is past the 15th of the month. Consumers complaining about ReverbNation most frequently mention credit card, free trial and bank account problems. Update: Reverb finally posted the reverse charge and it posted onto my credit card account. I actually made an account here specifically to review the amp, since I've noticed there's basically zero reviews/info out there about it. Update 2... Now my guitar is being shipped from California to Reverb in Chicago as the guitar is literally 2 miles from me but Reverb won’t change the label. They were throwing the burden of proof upon me asking I video the intermittent issue the amplifier was doing. I appreciate the honest reviews posted by product users, as well as the product spotlight videos produced by Reverb. I recently deleted my Reverb account because it had been "under review" for over two months thanks to some shenanigans outside of my control. Reverb is trying to place the blame on UPS. Why Is My Account Suspended? Why Is My Account Under Review? They do not respond to emails for support. How Does Reverb Secure Bank Account & Credit Card Information? It is a large community of musicians helping other musicians! When I first started using Reverb, I would describe it to others as "like E-Bay for Musicians". It just takes a few minutes and can be done right on the Reverb app. If there are discrepancies in your prescreening or verification please update them or contact us.". The seller and the freight forwarder were both willing to work with me. The good thing is that you pay through PayPal and can escalate it there. Im OK with the fee structure as I know they have to make money too. ‘68 Custom Princeton Reverb is not the exact reissue of […] This is the best place to buy vintage guitars. I looked 5 minutes later and my account was in "suspended" mode. Paypal is much more serious while reverb is a joke. "Your account is currently under review and your payment has been paused for the moment." 15% Off EarthQuaker Devices. all i want is to cancel the order that they took my money for and delete my account, so i can do my business elsewhere. ReverbNation has a consumer rating of 1.7 stars from 126 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Great place to find that unusual piece of gear you’ve been looking for! I have learned a lot, made more than a few friends and have found gear that changed my direction musically. The Slayer Eagle is allowed even in Germany, with the strictest laws against Nazi symbolism. ?Shame on you Reverb. however it takes them DAYS to respond to a single email. Why would reverb take the buyers money and I ship the guitar, get paid, and if they had nothing to do with the unsafe buyer why did they approve the transaction in the first place unless someone in their organization is allowing this to happen?I knew I get a Unprofessional and rude and bogus Response from them. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. Other reasons include multiple instances of unacceptable behavior, not fulfilling orders, etc. I begged Reverb just change their imposed, not authorized by me label, to my address, not theirs, which like everything in my review should of been done in the first place. Lousy customer service? 15% Off Red Panda. See all 10 articles Account Status. I’ll update where this goes as we all know we will get a stupid Reverb response on this review but at the end of the day we all know I’m going to have to fight in court to get my 2500 ESP Back. They now, do not even response to my emails for an update. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. If your account is Under Review… If an account violates Reverb's policies or terms of use, Reverb may suspend your buying and selling privileges. How Can I Verify My Phone Number on Reverb? 15% Off Keeley. I messaged them with some questions and got one answered; -you have to have reverb and reverb lp. 15% Off Death By Audio. How am I supposed to prove an intermittent issue with an amplifier being disabled and not technically evolved enough to video? I was told 20 days ago that they just needed to post a reverse charge on my account and it would be cleared up in 2-3 days. Reverb is the absolute worse. ok so reverb is extremely quick with their responses to bad reviews, in order to save face. WTH?? I recently thought there was a credit fraud on my account and told card company to hold charges from ReverbNation. Reverb, is a major player in the cancel culture affecting our country. What are we getting as sellers for the higher fees? Hello everyone, I recently bought one of the new ZT Lunchbox Reverb amps, and have been loving it. Why Is My Account Under Review? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I would highly recommend Reverb to anyone who is looking to buy or sell gear, and wants to feel safe and appreciated doing so. There are various reasons why Reverb would suspend your account or place it under review. I Am Having Issues Confirming the Email Address For My Reverb Account; How Do I Delete My Reverb Account? So probably looking at another month or two but I could file a police report since reverb said it was a unsafe buyer to protect me and I can go after reverb and the buyer for loss of use any damage that may be in this unusual shipping situation I guess. I have never seen such incompetence and disregard for customers buying and selling ever. How Can I Update the Email Address I Have on File With Reverb. No time frame or tracking and has been 3 weeks. Reverb has stopped allowing vendors to sell Fulltone Pedals (in new/mint/b-stock condition) to punish Michael Fuller (owner) for posting: “What is this like night 4 of looting with 100% impunity,” during the George Floyd protests (which included rioting). Account Status. If you are looking for an alternative place on line to do your shopping for both new and used music gear than you owe it to yourself to give Reverb a try. Reverb Support is unable to discuss any account statuses on live support, so make sure to reply back directly to the email you received from Reverb regarding the review. I was under the impression that once it shipped the funds would be sent to my bank account. This isn't a high volume seller by any means I have more feedback than they do. Reverbnation was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 10, 2014 and since then this brand received 207 reviews.. Reverbnation ranks 16 of 204 in Music stores category. Well, since back then, I think I may be around 90 Purchases to date. Why Is My Account Suspended? Reverb Types. As the guitar was en- route to the buyer, Reverb stopped the guitar from being delivered to the buyer and had the guitar re- labeled and to be returned to me with their explanation was that the buyer was fraudulent and the transaction would have to be refunded and the guitar returned to me. I just got scammed over a very expensive guitar that never arrived and trying to escalate it didn't help at all. I saw that Reverb offsets carbon emissions from shipping—what does that mean? I have found the vendors to be reliable with quick delivery. The original Reverb, released in 2019, raised an eyebrow with is 2160 x 2160 per-eye resolution. Terrible middle man company that tries to be professional but usually hires agents who don't even read what you say when escalating something. So you may ask, How does a buyer who paid fully for the guitar, has a account with Reverb, they tell me ok to ship the guitar and payment was received and then they decide to cancel the transaction after they tell me to ship the guitar? Then he showed me how to sync my discogs with reverblp so that inventory would be easy. You can adjust the level of the reverb, the decay which sets the duration, and you can adjust the tone to get darker to brighter sounds. They suspend your account with no actual review just because you forgot your details when you try to make a purchase. Sadly, Reverb is on a fast downward spiral, trying to eek revenue out of a tired business model with tired products in a tired market. However, this did not happen. With Guitar Center filing Chapter 11 you would think Reverb/Chicago Music Exchange would be more buyer friendly. Reverb Support is unable to discuss any account statuses on live support, so make sure to reply back directly to the email you received from Reverb regarding the review. It will be a hassle but I won’t stop until they make it right period, otherwise they will keep doing this to buyers and sellers. My account was locked up and I couldn't do anything with it, so deleting it looked like the only sensible option. Why did you approve the transaction and have me ship the guitar if the buyer was fraudulent?I have 163 transactions with reverb at a 100 percent perfect rating since 2015. But Reverb has been through multiple rounds of layoffs as it tries to regroup and become profitable. I kept all emails and documentation so I’m pretty certain I will get my guitar back or my money and cost back.They have my property floating around the United States in a UPS truck for the last 3 weeks maybe you guys have seen it?Probably destroyed already being shipped to New York, then to California, Now back to Chicago? How Can I Verify My Phone Number on Reverb? I Am Having Issues Confirming the Email Address For My Reverb Account; How Do I Delete My Reverb Account? In most cases my experiences both as a buyer and seller have been positive. 15% Off Old Blood Noise Endeavors. So, I used the chat option and a guy named Alex said he'd close it for me. This legendary amplifier was discontinued somewhere in ‘70s, however, the company started creating the newer models with the same names. I'm not pissed off by any means. Apparently not.. and that is why Reverb will never get my money again. The online platform is easy to use and has the ability to save time when looking for an instrument. Electric Guitars For Sale on Reverb Electric guitars have come to define the very soul of rock, country and countless other genres of popular music. I ignore that and use it for most purchases but happened to choose Affirm so I could spread out the payments on this purchase. Will I be able to ship my orders during COVID-19? Just the worse. I have found a lot more than deals on gear. 99 Reverb is an excellent source for quality guitars. There is not customer service for Reverb, just an automated chat feature. UPS lost the bass drum and hardware. No thanks. I would recommend to avoid reverb and rather go directly to some big music stores such as Anderton's, Thomann, etc and order what you want directly. Selling gear is quick, and simple. They seem to constantly be updating and making their website better and more intuitive. I have found to buy new from reputable sellers for a little more money and less problems with a middleman. Where sites like eBay often differs sometimes too much to the buyer Reverb doesn't respect buyers at all! which are very well-done. I don't own that kind of equipment, I'm older and disabled.I certainly didn't purchase this amplifier so I could turn around and have to repack it and send it back. I guess I'll never buy anything from reverb again (because it's too much trouble I guess to support these sellers and because of the forever ban I guess) even without an account. I uploaded my csv file of about 400 items from discogs and it suspended 81 items and said my account was under review. To date, the protests have been officially designated a "catastrophe disaster" which happens when insurance carriers pay out more than $1,000,000,000 in claims, and current projections are expected to end up around $2 billion in damages, making them the most expensive protests in history.So why exactly, is Reverb getting political? Reverb has become my main source for information on gear I'm interested in, whether it's guitars, amps, or effects, Reverb always has something to interest me, and being able to compare prices, details, availability, and quality of the items is extremely helpful.I have purchased a number of guitars, amps, and effects through Reverb and have never experienced any issues or problems with Reverb or the sellers. You don’t own that guitar and have no right to re- label my shipment that I Paid for, then take my guitar and not send it back to me? Before making offers, sending messages and buying and selling awesome gear, get started by signing into your Reverb account. That's why I don't give Reverb 5 stars because I want it to continue being a better source for music gear as opposed to the one that everyone's kid brother has an account on. Well, flat honest answer is, it don't work. What they don't tell you is UPS considers them the shipper and wont return your merchandise or work with you as a seller if there is a shipping issue. Why Is My Account Under Review? Information regarding my transaction is easily available and easy to track. If you are a vintage fella and do still remember the sound of the original Fender Princeton Reverb, you have to read this article carefully. Try Prime. If your account is Under Review… I've bought and sold on Reverb and the rarer occasions there was an issue sellers took care of the matter. Reverberation has done nothing wrong here at all. It's been an overall A+ experience for me! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Outlaw Effects 24K Reverb Pedal at Amazon.com. Reverb placed my account under review, 5 MONTHS AGO... its still under review until now, so i tried purchasing something using a guest account.. and guess what, they flagged the purchase and sent emails saying my account was under review.. AGAIN... ive done the phone verifications multiple times. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I lost $1000 bucks this way and they told me to bad so sad and would not intervene. Also think about how many people have reported their headset being received on Danol’s website, (thanks for that boss) and how many of those even have a review accounted for their purchase, about 15% and that’s generous. My account was under review for close to a month now. My account was under review for close to a month now. You can’t even call Reverb to discuss a resolution to their absolute customer disregard. Reverb is the absolute worst when it comes to service as a seller unless you buy the expensive insurance from them they won't help with shipping issues. Then you want me to refund the buyer, but my guitar is somewhere being sent to you? Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Find a better way to allow us to speak with … It's just OfferUp that takes a fee. 20% Off Walrus Audio . however it takes them DAYS to respond to a single email. Fender 2172000502 2020 Limited Edition ‘65 Princeton Reverb G12H65 Guitar Combo Amp, British Sable Then Reverb had the guitar relabeled. FB Marketplace and C-List just dont have the national reach. I was told 20 days ago that they just needed to post a reverse charge on my account and it would be cleared up in 2-3 days. Keep in mind that it is up to sellers to be accurate with their listings and buyers to ask informed questions. If you're looking to rip people off as a seller, you might like it, but I can't imagine why a customer would shop here. When I exhausted the road with the seller I escalated to Reverb support. Recently however, I had a seller not cooperate When I explained an amplifier I purchased had an issue. Suddenly they could react quickly.Furthermore, they still offer guitars with names like "Kamikaze", "Iron Cross" or with Pentagram inlays on their website. If I was asked for advice from a Newbie Buyer I would say, Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for photos. Their explanation for all of this?..”Our security team deemed the transaction unsafe for you.” Well, why did you approve the transaction in the first place?. I am really bummed reverb turned into this take your money and run platform. Even when they said to email them back if your account was wrongfully suspended they just responded with "yeah I know we said that but we can't help you or change anything". Limited Time Deals from Popular Pedal Makers . This is all bad and they still can care less.These guys are truly bad news and we need to Boycott this platform until they realize that we are the reason they have a job. I immediately looked up complaints about Reverb online and was in shock and stunned by the recent and numerous complaints and warnings from people saying not to use Reverb. They even offered a 1 percent off a listing bump and for me to resell the guitar with them. Email and chat only and all you get is someone will get back to you.After this is done I’m closing my account and you should to just for your protection as a buyer and seller.They don’t care and I am fighting them to get my guitar back and all my fees and expenses. Back in the day, Reverb was great. I promise I’m getting my property back legally and you can’t rip off musicians without being called out and not being held legally accountable for my property. The church mode gets a bit synth sounding on the decays. It's beneficial to become a member. Reverbnation Overview. I was just wanting to stop payment and cancel my reverb account paying $19.99/monthly. I Received a Suspicious Activity Email For My Reverb Account. History Lesson. I even purchased an analog mixing console in February but because of covid, I couldn’t get it shipped to my location until June. They stated via email the guitar was being sent back to me. The overall rating of the company is 2.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. For your big open sounds, you have the hall and church modes.
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