These characteristics eliminate dead spots or “wolf tones” sometimes associated with conventional wood fingerboards. 4.1 out of 5 stars 11. They are a bargain compared to the big name US made guitars. Bjarton did make some early semi-acoustics – some even with Hagstrom’s 1958 patented “hi-fi chassis” module, but things had moved on since that idea, and they were not to be involved again until the Viking emerged. We’ll help you to work out whether it’s worth paying extra for a high-end version or whether you’re getting just as good a … Acoustic guitars made by the Bjärton company, and semi-acoustic guitars from Italy made by Crucianelli. has 2,509 members. Production of acoustic steel string and classical guitars dates back as early as the 1940s. The guitar might not be what he would like. Schaller STM Long Travel Tune-O-Matic Bridge - Finish: Hagstrom Sustain Block™ Tailpiece-Finish: Ruthenium. Each guitar is numbered and documented, to commemorate the first step of returning this point of production back to our motherland. They are marketing new versions of a great number of the more famous models from Sweden. Our manufacturing team searches the world to find the best raw materials and hardware, and then supplies our manufacturing partners with the detailed specifications and guidance necessary to authentically re-create Hagstrom’s classic models. Established in the 1925 as a manufacturer of accordions, Hagstrom also has a long history of building guitars. Ask if they will guide you. This joint effort brought forth a customized Schaller STM bridge together with a customized set of Schaller’s rear-locking M6 tuners, all presented with a special mix of Schaller’s Ruthenium with Gold trim finish. For Sale: One of the original Hagstrom Jimmy prototype instruments made by the Master Luthier Jimmy D'Aquisto in Sweden in 1967/68 to instruct Hagstrom workers how to build an archtop guitar. Our pickups are custom-wound and carefully based upon original designs and voicings. Each of these limited edition instruments is each meticulously built using premium African Mahogany necks and bodies, Mortise and Tenon necks joints, united together using some of the highest graded ¾” flame maple tops. Enjoy! Established in the 1925 as a manufacturer of accordions, Hagstrom also has a long history of building guitars. In order to provide a perfectly-balanced marriage with the “Suckerbucker” and provide extra versatility, Lundgren’s “Heaven 57” was chosen for the neck pickup adding “vintage breath” and delivering a sensational and harmonic clarity. Here's a hard to find guitar. The H-Expander™ truss rod not only provides ultimate neck stability, but it also contributes to Hagstrom’s unique tone. Hagstrom Guitars - Stockholm, Sweden. Hagstrom is a company with a rich history. Vintage 60's Hagstrom guitar made in Sweden. Like our H-Expander™ truss rod, Resinator™ wood is a major contributor to the distinctive “Hagstrom tone”. The instrument frets and fretboards are also specially scanned and treated using the latest “Plek” technology, where any where any necessary fret adjustments are made within 1/1000 of a millimetre, resulting in perfect playability throughout the fretboard. Hagstrom made the hollow-body Concord bass (initially named the Hagstrom Viking bass) from 1965 until 1971. Copyright © All new Hagstrom instruments sold. The Hagstrom E19 Gig Bag is made to fit the new Hagstrom Fantomen perfectly. For sale - Sparkle & Pearloid - 1958 - 1963 " The early days" Hagstrom Standard Sweetone. Serialnumber #542154. . The guitar arrives with one of the lowest actions we’ve come across in quite a while, and what’s more surprising is that it’s entirely buzz-free in standard tuning. It provides a stable and clear tone, and also adds higher overtones and harmonics which uniquely detail each note. You’re about to discover a dazzling assortment of electric guitars, electric basses and acoustics that will whet your appetite to travel to your nearest dealer and try one out today. Vintage guitars for sale: Hagstrom Hagstrom guitars were made in Sweden throughout the 1960s and 1970s; their fast-playing low action necks gaining them considerable kudos amongst musicians. I have a 1972 Hagstrom Viking, and if the reissues are anything like it (and I hear they are, for the most part) it's totally worth it. The Hagstrom Web site will not reveal this fact, either. The company also began using fiberglass — again, an idea borrowed from the accordion — as the fretboard material. First introduced to the Hagstrom range in 1978, this limited … This is done by simply indicating the serial number on the rear inscribed plate at the back of the headstock, where the detailed information for that specific instruments can be accessed through Plek’s international database. The bass has a new professional Nitrocellulose finish that does more than pop. Longer sustain and a round attack are some of the sonic characteristics the H-Expander™ adds to the tonal essence of Hagstrom. I purchased a G22 CR-C last month. Every step of the way we have strived to deliver the same exceptional performance at surprising value, which is the historical foundation of Hagstrom’s reputation. Their original products were accordions that they initially imported from Germany and then Italy before opening their own facility in 1932. Hagstrom Guitars - Stockholm, Sweden. His pickups cover an immense expressive range; from smooth, warm tones to the kind of attack and intense dynamic output that would satisfy the demands of even the most extreme musical styles. We worked with Swedish pickup guru Johan Lundgren, designer of pickups used by artists such as Ghost or Meshuggah’s Martin Hagström (no relation!).
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