Tags: gaming, game, gears-for-breakfast, ahit-moonjumper, moon-jumper ... a hat in time, hat in time, moonjumper, ahit, ahatintime, moon jumper, a hat in time moonjumper, ahit moonjumper, gears for breakfast, game, video game, gaming. Several lyrics in the song hint that the Moonjumper was intended to be the prince. I act like a father. Ascended Extra: In the early builds of A Hat in Time, he was just a mischievous jerk who needlessly gave Hat Kid problems in Queen Vanessa's Manor because it seemed funny, and didn't do much beyond that. Signup. Makes it all the more fun! Text. So I wrote a lot of characters. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A Hat in Time Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. By heck-em. I am the Moonjumper, oh yes, indeed! All posts. He was removed at some point in time during the Beta period of development. It is unknown when specifically the Moonjumper was removed from the game, as developers have stated that he was removed from the story prior to the Beta, but some evidence implies that his existence as a character continued during beta development. Special Thanks to the great people on the Hat in Time Discord for helping me with this, and Credit to Argle for the script used! 808 17 4. He wears a red jacket with yellow buttons, a yellow shirt, and has chains hanging from his wrists. Unique Hat In Time Posters designed and sold by artists. Both have a similar torso shape and jacket. Early on in the game, the Moonjumper was intended to be the prince from Queen Vanessa's backstory. The Moonjumper would have initially presented himself as a guide for Hat Kid, but had more devious intentions. The Moonjumper is a character who was cut from A Hat in Time. He didn't need you. When he first see’s hat kid, he greets her as if he’s drawing in a crowd. Discover more posts about a hat in time, ahit, snatcher, the prince, oth!au, hat kid, and moonjumper. I live here in the horizon... Why don't you join me? He's been stuck with his Captain so long he's a bit sick of her, but just before it can end, they're stuck on a planet with their fuel source scattered. About me. He would have presented himself as a friendly character to Hat Kid, providing tips for her. The Moonjumper remained as part of the story up through the Beta Build. Developers have confirmed that Moonjumper was the original Prince; a role later taken by Snatcher. We print the highest quality a hat in time masks on the internet. He was rude, a bit insane, and not to mention obsessed with his crazy contracts! Login. A recurring motif in Moonjumper's concept art is the use of puppet strings, showing Moonjumper as a manipulator of events. Vanessa fell in love with the lawyer, viewing and referring him as her \"prince\", but her growth of power grew envious when she discovered him with another girl, all in a misunderstanding of the lawyer ordering flowers for the Queen. Good news, you can do all these things! The Moonjumper is a character who was cut from A Hat in Time. You, the player, will have to use your brains, brawn, and charm to win over these fun characters, but you won't go it alone! Fanfiction Romance Short Stories Fantasy Ship Snatcher Conductor Ahit Hat Kid A Hat In Time Moonjumper Subcon Forest Snatcher X Moonjumper Moonjumper X Snatcher Cooking Cat Snatchmoon There was a loud cry in Subcon Forest. Top artists. Quote. Character that I didn’t think I’ll get attached, as it was nowhere to be found in the orignal game. With you are some friends, here to help! However, the Moon Jumper had a far more malevolent motive, intending to trap Hat Kid in the horizon with him.[1]. After the developers cut out the Moonjumper, the Snatcher took over his role and backstory, giving him greater importance to Subcon. Can you all stop being idiots now please?” a hat in time a hat in time au monster under the bed au moonjumper ask us anything haha two asks in one! Audio. Video. She impriso… Little is known about what the Moonjumper is like. < > The alpha and beta builds both feature a song named "TheSubconForest_Masked", performed by Apphia Yu, which goes unused in the final version of the game. He, with Queen Vanessa and the Snatcher, compete for the ownership of the Subcon Forest. No more will MoonJumper be invisible from one side! WHO DO YOU SHIP ME WITH A hat in time x Eddsworld kids AU rp The Moon Jumper bears a striking resemblance to Vanessa's Prince, having an identical jacket and chains around his wrists likely from his imprisonment beneath Vanessa's Manor. I’ve acquired some more headcanons as of late after playing A Hat in Time. Masks. He chuckled and sent out a message to his minions, ordering them to collect the hourglasses and place them in certain locations, focused on setting up as many of the challenges as he could for Hat Kid. I live and breathe for this horizon,it's my home!The Moonjumper. The Moonjumper (also known as The Moon Jumper) is a mysterious puppeteer and one of the main antagonists of Chapter 3 that was scrapped from the final game. Snatcher easily noticed the several Time Pieces that fell from the heavens, landing in various parts of the forest and planet. Shop high-quality unique Hat In Time T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. The Snatcher claims that the Moon Jumper used to live in Vanessa's manor. A Glitch in Time agit au A Hat in Time ahit ahit au comic chapter 1 chapter 1 dejavu page 39 hat kid moonjumper beta kid subconite 566 notes Nov 23rd, 2020 Open in app When Snatcher became the main character of Subcon, there wasn't space for any subplots, and so Moonjumper was [removed]". According to the Snatcher, the Moonjumper lived in Queen Vanessa's manor, although the Moonjumper does not remember this. Early developer commentary claims that Moonjumper was 'stuck in the horizon', likening it to a prison that he is unable to leave, and that throughout the original level of Subcon Forest, he would attempt to get Hat Kid to join him in the horizon. Chat. The Moonjumper Moonjumper is a scraped character that would appear in Chapter 3: Subcon Forest. #comic #A Glitch in Time #agit #au #A Hat in Time #ahit #ahit au #chapter 1 #chapter 1 dejavu #page 42 #hat kid #beta kid #subconite #moonjumper More you might like [previous] [masterpost] [next] However, the A Hat in Time Kickstarter page indicated that he may have played a larger role in the story. Timmy primarily served as the second player for co-op mode. He was going live in the horizon of Subcon Forest and have the power to mind-control people around the Hat Kid. Queen's Nightmare Moonjumper has too much power and definitely influenced this strongly moonjumper Subcon of a Prince not canon ahit a hat in time Royal Magician AU also influenced this 202 notes Aug 19th, 2020 Most popular Most recent. My TeePublic. However, he still becomes extremely fearful when presented with an item from the manor. a switch in time switch in time a hat in time au snatch lil empress gastly and snatch together what crimes will they commit lil badge seller 83 notes Apr 26th, 2020 Open in app He then uses his location in the horizon to find something of Hat Kid’s choosing. In the original story, he is a mysterious puppeteer trapped in the horizon of Subcon Forest, and competes against the Snatcher and Queen Vanessa over ownership of the land.