Bottle size . [ What's New | Publications the use of Borage to ‘comfort the heart, purge melancholy Add to cart. a Practitioner | Members' Pages | Home ], P.O. (cont...), Last night I took all 8 of the essences and they had a very awesome effect on my meditation…I felt very connected to source and my dreams were amazing. Borage essence brings lightness and ebullient energy. 0.25 FL OZ. The message? It does this through its ability to open the heart chakra and release emotional tensions. Gives courage to face challenging situations like childbirth, surgery, or a big performance or presentation. I am the choosing of happiness, sometimes an irrational act but always a wise one.'. It does this through its ability to open the heart chakra and release emotional tensions. Flower Essences contain – convey – INFORMATION. It assists in all matter of life, especially when one is burdened with worry, refueling the soul with fresh clarity. Qty Add to Cart. Emotional/mental - Borage essence helps to promote feelings of joy, happiness and courage, dispelling sorrow and lifting the spirits. Positive qualities: Ebullient heart forces, buoyant courage and optimism My co-worker was absolutely astounded by my good mood. Borage is said to be medicine for comforting the heart, and gives those who take this essence the courage and cheer to continue on. to originate in Syria, borage is now naturalized throughout It inspires the characteristic of lion heartedness, confidence, and especially courage in the face of obstacles and challenges. More details Tweet Share Google+ Pinterest Send to a friend *: *: * Print £6.50. by Edward Bach in the early 20th century. This can lead to depression that makes you unable to feel and genuinely express your true feelings. 800-736-9222 (US & Canada) This is a vibrational remedy. Write a review. (Barnard 2002) Borago officinalis. Borage Flower Essence... Emotional/mental - Borage essence helps to promote feelings of joy, happiness and courage, dispelling sorrow and lifting the spirits. Borago Officinalis. I open your hearts to restorative love when things happen out of the clear blue and you need strength to go on. It brings a feeling of being able to cope with all that life throws at you, to stand on your own and survive. I started thinking about other ways I could use this herb, and read the description of borage flower essence. The Angel of Borage shares, 'Dear Ones, I am gratified to have this opportunity to send my beam of love into your midst. My gifts to you are many. Thought Read all of the indications in the Flower Essence Guide. Borage Flower essence carefully made from organic Borage blooms, spring water, brandy, and sunshine. This flower essence helps to speak the truth, connect and communicate in a direct, wise, clear and respectful way. This is a remedy for times when one experiences heaviness in the heart. most of Europe and the United States. Borage Flower Essence was made by the no-pick method of working directly with the plant spirit. | Membership | Find Borage flower essence is excellent to lift heavy hearts and encourage the user. Borage from Flower Essence Services. Borage Essence transforms deep seated sorrow, bitterness and blame as they pass through the heart and higher heart chakras. Ideal for those with a negative outlook, tendency toward depression, heaviness of spirit, or fear of change and transitions. When life feels to heavy to carry. It was January and there was no borage to be had in my garden. Teleosis Society. Complete alphabetical listing of FES and Healing Herbs flower essences; Borage; Blackberry. Resilience! Borage Flower Essence. Positive qualities: Ebullient heart forces, buoyant courage and optimism Patterns of imbalance: Heavy-heartedness or grief, lack of confidence in facing difficult circumstances; depressive behavior Borage flower essence: Communication, self-expression, courage, truth. From shop ZellajakeFarmGarden. It flourishes as Borage Flower Essence. Borage Borago officinalis (blue) Courage, Nerves, Fear, Vulnerability. Borage. Add to wishlist More info. they do not contain aromatic, nor any actual … Healing Properties: This is the flower essence for courage and optimism. The essence is held in a 1 oz dropper bottle with a 1995) Dioscorides, the first century Greek physician, mentioned Borage, as a flower essence, is for heavy heartedness and lack of confidence when facing challenges. J.B., MN. and for its ability to increase the yields of honey. -Eases depression, despair and heartaches of all sort. Overview Information Borage is a plant. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Buy 12 of one size and pay for 11. Borage Family Flower Essences. Increasing our connection with the web of life, [ About FES | Online Use Borage Flower Essence when you are being self-centered, rigid and focused on sorrow, bitterness and blame. Click here to read a short description of The Green Hope Farm Collection or to order the entire set, Click here to read the long definitions for The Green Hope Farm Collection, "Yesterday, I...mixed a few of the essences one of which was Borage. Borage's connection to the heart also stimulates love and compassion, bringing joy, optimism and light into life. gardeners consider it a nuisance, it was traditionally Additional information. Offerings | Research & Case Studies | The radiant blue flower crowns the abundant leafy plant with an aura of healing beauty. steeped in wine brought about forgetfulness. We can understand the flower essence qualities of Forget-Me-Not if we think of some other Borage Family (Boraginaceae) flower essences, as all of these essences deal with the polarity of weight and upliftment (gravity and levity). Its action is strengthening and supportive of change, allowing one to trust in higher guidance. 5 out of 5 stars (307) 307 reviews $ 9.99. It has a particular affinity for the heart and helps us stay current with our emotions. SKU: 782932120079. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. L.C., Pleasant Valley, NY, "This combo (Golden Armor, Silver-rod and Borage) seemed to have protected my energy field most of the day (even when faced with much negativity (Monday morning meetings are hardest for me!!!). Mimulus Flower Essence. Be the first to review this product. Add to wish list. Ingredients : Essence of Borage (Borago officinalis), filtered water + region Borage is a classic flower essence for help with depression and emotional resiliency. Borage by referring to the ancient Greek naturalist Pliny, My gifts to you are many. I comfort. When I arrived at work, I opened my mail and came across a jury summons. -Helps restore happiness, joy, courage and abiding faith. I hope to offer you consolation, strength and courage as you walk your Earth journey. The Flower Essence Repertory adds to this by saying borage enhances the positive qualities of “ebullient heart forces” and “buoyant courage and optimism” while bringing balance to the “heavy-hearted” and those lacking “confidence in facing difficult circumstances”. This highly versatile flower essence also has a powerful effect upon the emotional bodies within the human aura. It imbues optimism, gladness, courage and enthusiasm. The remedy is said to bring courage to the taker, providing a condition of “buoyancy of the soul”. Its flowers and leaves, as well as the oil from its seeds are used as medicine. . Blazing Star. Works with the sinuses, throat and voice chakra area. Borage Flower Essence. Every time I dream of an herb, I pay close attention.