Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood Press, 2010. Lenig, Stuart. While not as legendary as "Hulk vs Thor," the Hulk slugging it out with another famous immortal; Hercules, the Son of Zeus, is still an absolute classic Marvel match up. Image not available. Apr 13, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by KC. show 10 replies . Y'see, Thor has success not just because of his cool lightning powers and 80s rock star hairstyle, but to be fair, he's a god no one has heard of. jp. "Hulk (disambiguation) - Marvel Universe Wiki: The Definitive Online Source for Marvel Super Hero Bios." Learn where to read it, and check out the comic's cover art, variants, writers, & more! your own Pins on Pinterest With just his big brain, a lot of guts and a few billion dollars stolen from Warren Worthington III, Cho tackles the insane task of building a team of heroes willing to side with the Hulk against the rest of the Marvel Universe. Hulk Vs Hercules is a What-If? Posted by 4 days ago. Judging from the writers, recap page, cast, and preview of next month's Incredible Hercules at the end, it's … More information... People also love these ideas Hercules doesn't have Mjolnir so he is at more of a disadvantage than Thor is when he's fighting the Hulk. Clint_Barton 1 y 4 mo 11 d . 814. Hulk wins! Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels. He is a rival to Thor and can fight a deadlocked battle with Hulk. Hulk vs Hercules. Marvel Universe Wiki RSS. Marvel - part 1 by maxmax007. The Incredible Hulk vs. Over the years, Hercules has been a major recurring character, star of his own popular comic book runs, and a member of several iterations of the Avengers. Marvel … I remember after World War Hulk, my subscription switched over to This wallpaper was upload at September 09, 2020 by pidarwib. Future Immortal Hulk Maestro Vs. Hercules! He gets all the cool parts of being a god, except … Breaker 1 y 4 mo 11 d . 2243x2886px 1.21 MB. 1. Who will the Incredible Hulk or Hercules son of Zeus and brother of Kratos? It features the Incredible Hulk from the Marvel Comics against Hercules the one from the God of War game series. Featured in collections. 72 comments. "Incredible Hulk, The." Categories: Amadeus Cho, Angel, Hercules, Hulk, Marvel Comics, namorita, Versus, world war hulk. share. Most importantly, Hercules is a Greek hero while Hulk is a Marvel comic hero. M. Keith Booker. Thor, Hercules, Superman, Captain Marvel, Hyperion, Gladiator, Sentry, MMH and Orion all take a shot at the same time at the Hulk's lung tissue, can they damage the lung tissue or can the lung survive the combined assault of 9 top tiers? Rage empowers these two unstoppable behemoths. Picture Information. Hercules Panhellenios (birth name Alcaeus), but better known as Hercules, is a superhero from Marvel comics who is based largely on the hero of myth - though he, much like Thor, has been updated into a superhero in the comics and has fought against a collection of supervillains and criminals of varying significance. He's also barely behind Hulk in strength, if not on par with him. Hulk vs Incredible Hercules: Ohioguy: 10/30/09 6:13 PM I just took a look at the Marvel website, and noticed that Incredible Hercules is still going strong. hercules vs. hulk vs. doomsday vs.juggernaut vs. gladiator. Voting feed. MAESTRO #4 … Born to a mortal women, Hercules is the son of Zeus, and spent centuries traveling the world, defeating monsters and helping the other heroes of Greece, such as Theseus and Jason. Fate. Round 2: New 52 Superman vs. Savage Hulk. Round 3: Post-Crisis Superman vs. World Breaker Hulk. Solicitation and cover below. Zeus is the youngest son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, the children of sky god Ouranos and elder goddess Gaea (also known as "Mother Earth"). The comic version of Zeus is based on the god of the same name from Greek mythology.Zeus first appears in Venus #5 (June 1949), and was adapted by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Can't Marvel Hercules go toe to toe with Hulk and Modern Thor I recall in the Civil War story arc he ripped a Thor bot into pieces not sure if thats significant though it apparently was strong enough to fuck up many of the superheroes and kill Goliath in one hit, by accident.