These Italian style dance/House tracks that were being released furiously due to the, That many thought would have ended after the. and in live performances Quinol lip-synced to the original vocals. See more of Katrin Quinol on Facebook. Black Box is an Italian house music group popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Email. The genre is noteworthy for extreme amounts of "borrowing", usually in single phrases, sometimes in couplets, the lyrical "hooks" from other compositions. It has been estimated that "Loleatta Holloway" vocals have been used in over  300 songs  This is double of the amount of music used by any other Disco labeled artists within the gene. Tu viens de sortir un single baptisé « Apprivoiser Nos Désirs » signé sur le label Airplay Records. A the beginning, it wasn't frustrated at all. 2,334 people follow this. Black Box or Loleatta Holloway - Ride on time. Il n’y a eu beaucoup d’aventures mais je ne les raconterais pas (rires). escaped all over again; but this time in the form of Dance/House music. 39 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart. We eventually learned that the lead singer of the group that was, wasn't the actual singer of the song at all. I wasn't that excited (LOL), I loved my job, but I was young and I told myself: why not? It was the first high-profile example of an, record. Katrin Quinol - Apprivoiser Nos Désirs Available on iTunes : ●Google Play : ●Apple Music : ●Spotify : ..., Apprivoiser nos désirs - Single de Katrin Quinol sur iTunes. However, what stirred me into writing again was when I was listening to the radio whilst driving around in my car whilst in my home town which is Ipswich Town (England). Je m’amusais, j’ai joué le jeu mais j’ai eu forcément envie de chanter réellement. For instance, These are just some of the songs that have been, "Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)" (2012) by, "Day and Night" feat. Love Always! 39 on the, chart. Skip to content. The single in question was Black Box's - "Ride in Time", which was released in the Year 1989. I remember the single being everywhere; within the nightclubs of the time. Community See all. Ils étaient venus pour une soirée et ils m’ont repéré. She never actually sang on any of the songs of the group, performed by [Loleatta Holloway] (for 'Ride On Time') and [Martha Wash] (for 'I Don't Know Anybody Else', 'Everybody Everybody', 'Strike It Up', … It was such a joy to hear as it bought back so many memories of times that were carefree and worry-free! They want a singer: OK, let's try. En 1995, on te retrouve sur le titre « Feel You » de Back In A Box. They offered me that opportunity. Interview with Miss Katrin Quinol ! par Katrin Quinol (The French Model who seen lip-synching the famous track on THE BBC'S - TOP OF THE POPS MUSIC SHOW IN 1989) - Was interviewed on the 26th May 2016 and has had her chance to say on the matter. Oui, je tourne à l’étranger au Japon, à Ibiza, en Australie et je participe de temps en temps à des galas en France. Pourquoi avoir attendu « tout ce temps » pour revenir à la chanson ? We eventually learned that the lead singer of the group that was  Black boxwho was the French Model Katrin Quinol wasn't the actual singer of the song at all. However, the 300 recordings of her voice show testimony about her talent and her voice that many producers depended upon, I myself never bought the single that caused all the storm all those years ago. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it, What is your favorite track from Black Box, "Ride On Time" became a massive hit in  Italy and then worldwide, after legal rights were obtained in all territories. J’avais envie de dédier ce titre à mes enfants ! I wasn't that excited (LOL), I loved my job, but I was young and I told myself: why not? Retrouvailles avec Teiva Hunter à l’occasion de la parution de son premier EP ! Retour à l'accueil. Hébergé par Overblog. Webzine d'actualités musicales et théâtrales agrémenté d'interviews d'artistes. Martha Wash Talks About "Everybody Dance Now" and C+C Music Factory - Duration: 5:50.