0 0? What is your dog's name and age? my feline just ate a slug, are there health concerns? http://ShopBookOfKen.com*SUBSCRIBE* & TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! Five-year-old Milo wolfed down the stash of pellets thinking they were a tasty treat when in fact just a few can be deadly. As well as this, slugs can creep into nooks and crannies of your dog’s toys. Follow - 1. Specifically, the ADA currently defines service animals as “dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.” (In certain circumstances, miniature horses are also considered service animals, but that is beyond the scope of this article.) A survey of 1,241 dog owners by Opinion Matters in November found that three-quarters of dog owners were unaware that slugs and snails could prove fatal if their dogs eat them. He was fine; I know that there can be problems but I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. no it won't hurt her, just make sure you don't use slug pellets in your garden, i have a dog that catches slugs and snails with no harm, they are a good source of protein, i just make sure she is wormed reguarly, 0 0. Can dogs lick slugs? 8 Answers. My dog has since been sick and had diarrhoea (but no sign of slugs). Slugs … Some of these parts include the Canadian maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI). Are slugs harmful to dogs? This type of poisoning is often seen in coastal and low-lying areas, where use of slug and snail bait is customary. I don’t know if these are actual symptoms from having lung worm or side effects from eating the slug. So when your dog rummages through undergrowth, drinks from puddles, eats grass, or generally sniffs around outside; they can end up eating these slugs or snails either accidentally or on purpose. I sympathise - my boy Pongo went through a phase of eating snails when he was little. A. Then threw it up. The OP has already stated he saw his dog licking a slug so if he just states that to the vet, the worst that will happen medically or financially is an extra few doses of fenbendazole over the next few weeks. Metaldehyde poisoning is extremely serious and is usually fatal without urgent treatment. 2 Answers. A dog can contract lungworm if there are any larvae in the slime, so a dog should not lick or eat a slug. My dog ate a slug??? Read 1 Responses. If you know or even suspect that your dog ate slug and snail bait, don't hesitate. So, discovering that your dog licked a slug is, in fact, just as concerning as your dog eating a slug. Relevance. Relevance. My dog ate a slug…actually I’m not sure. Some Dogs Are more Susceptible Than Others. Anonymous. If your dog ate a substance that you think may be a slug and snail bait pellet and is exhibiting symptoms, but you are not sure of the chemical, it may be wise take a sample of it with you to the veterinary clinic, to ensure a speedier identification for treatment. Yuuck. My dog ate a slug, will he be alright? So, discovering that your dog licked a slug is, in fact, just as concerning as your dog eating a slug. However, the slug would have to be ingested (not just licked) in order to transmit lungworm to a dog. dog ate slug (⭐️ ) | dog ate slug how to dog ate slug for Hi there! Take a flashlight out after dark and hand-pick the beasties off plants and the surrounding soil. Favourite answer. Although slugs and snails can give off foul-tasting substances that prevent them from being ingested, some dogs just appear to ignore these warnings. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. Then the best time to start working with him is when he is still a puppy. A dog called Milo was saved from the brink of death by vets – after he ate 100 highly poisonous slug pellets. 36 Answers. i got most out, but i was wondering if it's poisonous? Puppy ate a slug. my dog ate lots of slugs will it hurt her? Assistant: I'll do all I can to help. I tried to get them off him but he was usually too quick. Cardiac signs may show up as early as 15 minutes but there have been reports of them showing even up to 4 hours later, explains veterinarian Jarrod Butler with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. I read online that she could dehydrate really fast so we gave her water and made her eat hoping it would just digest. No its not harmful. 8 years ago. i went to feed her 1 nite and her dish was absolutely crawling with slugs and i mean loads, because there was a little bit of food left in the bottom. Answer Save. According to The New York Times, an Australian man ate a slug on a dare, and he was paralyzed for eight years before he eventually died. Drooling, retching and vomiting are often seen immediately, generally within 30 minutes of exposure. Favorite Answer. Probably have addressed this by now. :( But ever since I checked up on him in the afternoon hes been down lately and just a few hours ago hes been vomiting and he actually pooped out blood. He's a king Charles and nearly 1 years old. I'm not sure if they were caused by the slugs or the wormer! A. Relevance. Customer: Pablo he is 18 mths old and is a cockerpoo Assistant: Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about Pablo? If a dog sniffs or licks at a slug or snail trail, or if it eats a slug or snail itself, the animal puts itself at risk of infestation by the larvae. Tayla M. 1 decade ago. If you know, or even suspect, that your dog has inadvertently ate some glass, it’s up to you to watch for symptoms of trouble. The Expert will know if your dog will be able to digest that. ... My dog has just ate a sweet corn cobi know the corn is no 10/10/2019 10/10/2019; He'll be fine, don't worry. fruitcake. Close Dogs Community 10.3k Members dog ate slug Khusky999. "Factors such as warmer, wetter summers that favour slug and snail populations could be assisting this lungworm to establish in new areas," she said.