I would eventually let them know that you will keep the fridge unlocked as long as no one goes into it for anything. You’ll see. Pin. MY arms are black and blue from defendingmyself from her punches/slaps that … If you see him about to tear up a book or break up a toy, distract him with another more appropriate activity. My doorjambs on the door to my room and the door to my bathroom are falling apart because she scratches them when I'm in there and the door is closed. The ball pit does fold down so it’s not too bad. He is 2 yr 8 months old and all I ever seem to do is tell him off. This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 25 messages.). Definitely new behaviour, since I brought the baby home 3.5 months ago they take the opportunity to climb up things they shouldn't when I'm trying to get him to sleep. A playpen also helped as I could leave DS with a couple of toys and CBeebies and have a quick run around sorting jobs out.We tend to whizz around the lounge when the kids go to bed. Have a tidy up and put away just for 20mins or so. eilatan&nhoj88 member. I’m about to have a panic attack. Maybe give them a cupboard of household objects and few toys they can tip.out and put back.One box out at a time , when they have played with toys, get them to help you put them away. ? The Kid Whisperer Podcast Featuring Scott Ervin and Pat Kiely: Episode 3, How to Deal With Your Foul-Mouthed Teenager, How to Avoid Using Reminders While Showing Love For Your Kids, https://www.ervineducationalconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/KWUshort.mp4. I really do need to unblock access to our tumble dryer but there’s just no space for anything. Pin; Share; Tweet; My youngest is 2.5 yrs, and BUSY. She rips anything made from paper, throws everything she gets her hands on I'm at the end of my tether. I do feel like it shouldn’t be this much of a struggle- it could be a lot more of a challenge as after all we do only have one child. It’s hard going. A crumb. How can I learn not to care? They leave toys and crumbs everywhere, ignoring all limits we have placed on them. I do snacks at her table in the living room but it’s just the lunch prep/ high chair and food mess (we’ve always done BLW) that just feels like one big mess I can never clean up. To be clear: NOTHING should be available to them. *Mine would open cupboards and pull everything out.As fast as I tidied away he would have upended a few more boxes or emptied a few more cupboards*Yes this is DD! I know that the last one takes some logistical work, but families I have coached have done some basic locksmithing (putting locks on cabinets and the fridge). It was just my darling, 18-month old daughter and me at home that day. Some … The house was unusually quiet. Then start the … Has twins. Try a mix of toys in each box so a puzzle/game, something creative, imaginary play (even just a dressing up outfit) and even if everything comes out of the box it’s not that much and it all gets thrown back in the box before leaving the house or at the end of the day. I've repeatedly tried to organize my home. She was skipping school and stealing money from me. I think this is a serious situation because you really could have a panic attack at this rate and you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of your family, especially while pregnant. Help! Time and maturity and she realized she has a problem with identifying her feelings and controlling her emotions when she … Storage that is easy to throw stuff back into - a kallax from Ikea or just some big baskets to throw stuff into quickly.The food mess and washing is just a kid thing, my eldest is 6 and it's a lot better now but I still have the messy 3 year old to contend with. But nothing seems to work! my carpet has been turned black. Then rotate. I also have bins/charity bags in lots of locations so when I find something broken, too small or no longer useful I can get rid of it straight away rather than thinking I’ll take it to charity next time I go (because inevitably I won’t).