So from what I understand, Viviscal was helpful up to a point – when you started developing bald spots and the supplement didn’t seem to work anymore? Now – this supplement doesn’t cause rashes often times, but this could be a side effect. I’m really interested in the alternative you recommended, Folexin, I just checked the website and there’s a picture of a men. So if you ask me, the rashes are probably caused by Nutrafol (most likely some of its additives, not the active ingredients themselves). But at this point, Viviscal has more research behind – so it deserves to be the winner. You can get it even for $18 per bottle, which is so little. They are more of a medical treatment, while the supplements are rather a natural treatment. So if you don’t like swallowing many pills – Viviscal is a better choice. I've been fighting hair loss for over 5 years. I’m quite surprised to hear none of them helped you, since they’re both some of the best hair supplements on the market. I used it for 2 months and the results were great for this period: So in terms of effect, I was 90% satisfied. Olly is a registered pharmacist with a long experience in health field. Viviscal isn’t very cheap either – but $50 is still less than $88 (Nutrafol). This kind of supplements need at least 1-2 months to start working, so the results after one bottle won’t be completely relevant. Viviscal left my hair kind of dry from the first days. So out of Nutrafol and Viviscal, you seem to be recommending Viviscal more. It has 4 stars out of 233 reviews on Amazon – which is surely great. Honestly, it cost you a lot so it’s such a shame to throw it away. I’m not bald but my hair is thinning in front, so I don’t want to end up looking like a bust driver in my late 30’s. But out of these 2, my recommendation is probably Viviscal. So here’s what versions of Nutrafol there are: Now – when it comes to Targeted Boosters, they are actually supplements for: To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend any of them. Over the past two years, however, I have developed bald spots above my ears and in the crown area which are very distressing, so am now considering trying Nutrafol. After that, you could switch to a cheaper supplement (Viviscal for example). Although I did try reducing my dosage to one pill for a couple of months, doing so just increased my hair loss even more, so I gave up and went back to two pills . Besides, there are no larger bottles (which tend to have a better price overall). I’m talking about Folexin, which you seem to have considered. It’s not me saying this, it’s the studies they have behind and the large number of positive reviews. So it’s up to you which you choose. But is one of these products better than the other, or are they both relatively similar? Regarding Folexin – it’s not product for male hair loss exclusively. So even though it doesn’t destroy them completely, I don’t think the follicles like it too much…. While comparing Nutrafol VS Viviscal, I will consider 9 major aspects: Within each of these 9 chapters, I will also pick the winner. So Nutrafol Women 2,800mg tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Viviscal Extra Strength, as seen on the chart below. If you don’t care much about money – you can pick any of these 2 without any worries. So why add some other pills besides the 4 from Nutrafol? I would have tried Nutrafol but right now I’m not sure I will afford it more than once. Compared to Nutrafol, I took it for a longer time (3 months). Viviscal’s major ingredient is AminoMar, whereas Nutrafol has a variety of premium blends. 1 –, 2 –, 3 –, 4 –, 5 –, 6 –, 7 –, 8 –, 9 – Currently I’m not having any shedding but I might try this for my hair in general, just to see if there’s any change. But if that’s not an issue for you, give it a try. Also, they both have an official website. That’s a lot to be honest, especially if you prefer to space them out (you might forget about one or even 2). Nutrafol vs. Viviscal. The supplement costs $10 less in this case. Maybe my hair didn’t get over it… I just stopped ordering and it got better in the end. As you already bought one bottle of Nutrafol, your mom should try to use it. Comparing Viviscal vs Nutrafol is challenging as they both have a solid track record and are backed by several clinical studies. Also, there’s no reason why it couldn’t work for women of your age. Only time will tell if it really works for you. I thought it was the shampoo and I started using just the pills, but it was all the same. So I believe both work about the same, it just depends from person to person. Or maybe it just went away on its own, this happens sometimes. But prices aren’t always that good. Worked as well as both Nutrafol and Viviscal (in my case). Hello Kathy, thanks for sharing your mom’s experience with Nutrafol. This herb is the best one against thinning hair, so it might help her on the long term. I could find more than 1 clinical trials conducted on it, which is indeed impressive. Or you took a break from Viviscal and your started developing bald spots afterwards? So if you don’t like swallowing many pills – Viviscal is a better choice. They claims that their unique formula is one of the most comprehensive and scientifically advanced hair loss supplements available. But from what I saw, Nutrafol has about 75% positive opinions. In my case, Nutrafol ended up working a bit better. If my hair doesn’t get better from Viviscal, do you think I should shoot for Nutrafol? Still – if you decide on Minoxidil/Finasteride, you can choose to purchase them through a subscription company (probably the simplest option). If you’re still not very sure whether you should buy Nutrafol or Viviscal…. It’s already 4 months+, but, still thinning continuing. They’re both extremely popular, and have a ton of fans that can attest to their use. in the 3rd month, my shedding had decreased a lot, you can find many real opinions about them. Anyway, those cases are quite rare, so it’s probably not your situation. I have ordered last week (before I came across your blog): Biotopic REGROW PLUS – RECEDING HAIR LINE + BALD SPOT REPAIR SERUM (1 oz) – 1 Bottle There’s no big difference between them – but I found more positive reviews on Viviscal. Not many supplement can start working so quick. Nutrafol is another hair growth supplement on the market, so it’s hard not to make comparisons between the two products. Which, of course, makes it very difficult to judge one brand against the other.. Your probably also considered Nutrafol and Viviscal, but they’re not my recommendation for this kind of problems. It’s actually meant for general thinning and it has a pretty basic formula, that’s why I wouldn’t recommend it even for general hair loss. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Nutrafol has more ingredients than Viviscal. 2) My background was shedding, thin ends and I also wanted to grow my hair longer. Compared to Nutrafol – it’s much easier to take: So a major advantage of Viviscal is that it’s really comfortable to use. throughout the past five years. Besides, you can also find it on the official website. So I’m not really sure if it’s the best choice for you, especially if it’s so expensive. According to many users, it’s the best supplement against DHT hair loss (many positive reviews online). – many complaints about serious side effects, especially in Finasteride. I love them both, I use Nutrafol and my mom used Viviscal a couple of years back and they both helped us individually. I will look into your recommended product, I love the fact that it’s so cheap, it’s literally a bargain. Nutrafol costs about $88 – which may seem pricey. If you’re not completely convinced on Viviscal then it’s worth buying their 60 day supply of vitamins, or you could get their 180 day supply if you want to try it for a full 6 months (I purchase a lot of my stuff from HQ Hair nowadays). Hair supplements rarely work in 1 month, so using just one bottle isn’t going to make miracles. But in my opinion, Viviscal was slightly better. Results are a must at one point. That’s why I don’t think it’s worth buying the products too, only the pills. While the characteristics of hair strands may vary by ethnicity, the underlying root causes that affect hair follicles can affect all people equally. Most people say it works pretty well in regrowing thick hair. Well, for me these products are similar and it is really down to you to decide which one would work better for your needs. It’s also specially designed for male hair loss and thinning, so it might be more helpful. They just don’t do a lot. Viviscal’s pills are smaller and it also requires only 2 per day. This is because Viviscal has been in the market longer than Nutrafol. Hi Panna, thanks for your questions. Another company that has made a name for itself initially with treatments for men, Viviscal now offers hair health supplements specifically marketed to women. Yes, you would have to apply them after every wash – but I think it’s a safer choice than micropigmentation, so it’s worth the effort. Both Viviscal tablets and Nutrafol capsules are oral dietary supplements and nutraceuticals that have to be taken daily. But hair supplements can speed up the process a lot. Hi George, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Viviscal. Usually, the most proven brand is the best choice first off. I can’t really make a difference between Nutrafol and Viviscal here: So if you’re looking for a supplement that works fast – any of these 2 would do. I’m looking forward to hearing your results with Viviscal. It comes as a supplement and gel, but you can only purchase them together. I only started about 1 weeks ago so I’m probably not seeing best results yet, but my hair thinning is as bad as before. But there are no studies or clinical evidence at this point. The good news is that in most cases, the alopecia has ups and downs – so the hair from those bald spots grows back normally on its own. I am looking some something that is small and easy to take. Hopefully, Nutrafol will work better for me than Viviscal. If you decide to try my recommended product Folexin, I’d be interested in listening any feedback on how it works. Do you think Nutrafol might help to fill in the bald patches? Both products claim to combat hair loss on a number of fronts. I think you should try Nutrafol and see, but PRP doesn’t have certain results anyway. Last in 2015 – conducted on women with shedding and thin hair. When it comes to hair loss vitamins, Nutrafol and Viviscal are two of the biggest names on the market. In your case, the best choice would be a supplement that blocks DHT excess. Thank you, Evelyn. Viviscal is what can best be … Both products contain Marine nutrients. – you have to use them for the rest of your life, otherwise hair starts falling again (even worse sometimes) Nutrafol contains all of the usual suspects you find in other good quality hair loss vitamins. 2) In terms of effect, Nutrafol has a version specially designed for women over 50 (it’s called Women Plus). There’s also Follixin – which is a very popular product with lots of positive reviews. What Is Viviscal? I was having a hard time choosing between these 2 and I’m still not 100% sure. Please let me know what you decide to try and how your mom feels in the future. If you afford buying another bottle of Nutrafol, do it. However, it can cause prostate problems and hair thinning/baldness. I’ll probably give it another month or 2 to see if it really works. They have no real side effects and work in many cases, so you don’t have anything to lost. However, I personally experienced better results from Nutrafol. We’re not on a very tight budget so I think we could afford Viviscal. This basically means that if their product isn’t working after three months, maybe your diet isn’t the issue and they’ll take a closer look into things. The actual formula is kept within Viviscal so we don’t know exactly what AminoMarC is, but we do know it’s some sort of fish extract and from what we know about fish extracts, it’s great for your skin. Nutrafol VS Viviscal (2021 Review) – Which Is The #1? She graduated from University of Medicine and Pharmacy and has studies in Cosmetology, Dermatology, Toxicology. So if I were to choose a product out of these 2 – it would probably be Viviscal: Now – if you want my honest recommendation, it’s none of these 2 (neither Viviscal nor Nutrafol). However – Viviscal has more evidence behind, that’s why it’s the winner. Excellent formula and ingredients (similar to Nutrafol). “Viviscal is known for having marine-based collagen which is like a fish protein and I’ve used it for years and really like it,” says Henry, adding that collagen can also be found in many beauty supplements. Anyways, I had better results with Viviscal, it took me more than 2 boxes to start seeing results but once it started working, I was really satisfied. Hair La Vie Shampoo – If you’re looking for a good shampoo to try and help deal with lost hair, then consider using their shampoo as well as their vitamins. I managed to stop my shedding and grow my hair back using certain natural products. Anyway – back to your question. A common test for hair loss is for iron or ferritin, so if your iron/ferritin is high then it’s probably better to not take viviscal. Your email address will not be published. But I personally don’t recommend it because of its price. I’m using the full force shampoo together with the male supplement. Out of Minoxidil/Finasteride selling companies, I probably recommend Keeps. It might help a bit, but it works best for general hair loss (especially in women). If you’re looking for an affordable product that works just as well as these 2, take a look at my #1 recommendation. So it might help more, if you ask me. Does it work for women too? In my case, there wasn’t any big difference. It’s very expensive, however, so I hesitate going that route. We found many reviews and pages that prove that Folexin is better than Nutrafol and Viviscal. 79% reported feeling more confident after six months. So, this review compares and contrasts the tablet products of each brand to help you decide which, if any, is worth trying. • Nutrafol vs Viviscal. If you want to save some money and still see results, I’m recommending this one from my experience. Other products would work up to a point, then their effect would decrease. Main Hair La Vie Products. Which can regrow new hairs and stop shedding? Another product I can recommend you are hair fibers. About Nutrafol Nutrafol is a supplement marketed for women and men who suffer from hair loss. So if you can’t afford Viviscal or Nutrafol, that’s my #1 recommendation. Revita® hair growth support tablets are a nutraceutical supplement that provides nutritional ingredients to fortify hair and nail growth. Read also: Hair La Vie vs Viviscal. However, in about 10% of cases the hair doesn’t grow back. . Basically, they are some sort of powder that covers the bald spots perfectly and it gives the illusion of your own hair. Others claim to grows both hair and nails (and even body hair). You can find them in many colors and shades, so you can pick the right one. Some of the products I bought never actually refunded me, despite promising to do so…I just learned not to trust any brand and buy only what I can afford. Anyway, just check out its description or details and you will see that it’s recommended for both genders. Many people developing side effects to drug X are fine taking drug Y (even if the drugs are from the same class). With Viviscal I have a longer story, I used the whole kit (pills + shampoo + conditioner) and my hair looked worse than before, dry, brittle and really fragile. So at this point, I think Nutrafol could be the best thing you can try. And also, it doesn’t seem to grow new hairs if the follicles are dead (in case of a bald scalp, in other words). So the best solution is to use a product that will fight this DHT excess. But, there are other things that Nutrafol has that can prove valuable to you too. I haven’t seen any lessening in my shedding/hair loss. But Nutrafol made my hair grow faster – so I pick it as the winner here. Both Viviscal and Nutrafol worked pretty fast – faster than I expected, actually. I told you about them last time but I’m not sure if you’re familiar with them. Nutrafol vs Viviscal. Besides, it also costs half (though I’m not sure if you’re interested in that). If you want some kind of aesthetic solution, hair fibers do the same thing as this micropigmentation. They’re both extremely popular, and have a ton of fans that can attest to their use. Hairline receded in an M-shape on the forehead and there is a patch-like thinning at the crown. Another supplement I can recommend you is Procerin. Regrowth treatment for Hair loss (Best 7) Hair Straighteners That Don’t Damage Hair (2021). Has your mom used any drug for those rashes? It’s been really expensive so she doesn’t want to just quit it so fast after paying all these money. of course, it’s a bit more expensive and you might argue that you don’t really need all of the additional stuff that you’re going to get with Nutrafol. But we’re making some efforts for Nutrafol, it costs twice as much. Biotopic NATURAL HAIR REGROWTH TREATMENT for Men (2oz) 1 botthe. I paid around $10 for the shampoo, which was a bargain so if it doesn’t work, I won’t be in such a pain. Compare the key active ingredients in four popular supplements for hair growth: Viviscal® Extra Strength hair growth supplement, Hairfinity® Hair Vitamins, New Nordic™ Hair Volume™ and PHYTO Paris® Phytophanère Dietary Supplement for Hair & Nails. For me it worked a bit better than Nutrafol and it costs me about $18 per bottle, so it’s way more affordable. So it doesn’t have the same ingredients as Viviscal. Thanks for reading my articles! So if Viviscal could do the thing, we would be glad to switch to it instead. Regarding Folexin, I wouldn’t recommend it for male pattern hair loss. They also have the best price ($79 per bottle). Maybe it’s my hair that doesn’t react well to these supplements or I don’t know. Basically – both Nutrafol and Viviscal have their own advantages and downsides. But I personally recommend going on the safer side and using herbal supplements instead. When it comes to expenses, it was pretty easy to choose. As far as I know, they only refund people for unopened bottles – so you don’t have this option. In terms of price, Viviscal is about $30 cheaper. Dear Olly, Your email address will not be published. Ingredients Inside. I am a real previous customer of both and am far from satisfied. Anyway, your mom should get the same effect from both. You probably found the right product for your hair, so that’s really great. So it’s clearly an effective supplement. Viviscal doesn’t have a special version for your age group, but the regular form works well enough for all ages. First of all –  I consider both Nutrafol and Viviscal. Thing is that I have thick hair that is falling out, it’s not thinning just falling out. In the case of Viviscal, free shipping is only available if your order value is over $119.97. However – I could see an improvement after about the same time as in Nutrafol: One thing I like about Viviscal was that it didn’t stop working. Second in 2012 – it evaluated Viviscal in women with thinning hair. If you sign up for three months with Nutrafol, then you get full access to their special team of dermatologists. Now, I don’t usually recommend this strategy – because using supplement X for 2 months and then switching to supplement Y doesn’t lead to the same positive results as taking X for 3-4 months. Hey Mindy, thanks a lot for your feedback and experience, I’m glad to hear your experiences with Nutrafol, Viviscal and Folexin were all positive. And lastly – which is a better deal overall? As long as your hair loss isn’t caused by menopause or other hormonal problems, Folexin should help considerably. You can find more on that on my full review of Viviscal. PS: If there’s any aspect I didn’t mention and you would like me to check, let me know in a comment and I will gladly do it. But anyway, you’re not losing anything trying. Here are some of the most common things people say: Now – it’s clear that a product can’t have only positive reviews, no matter how good it is. Compared to the regular women version, it has some higher dosages in the main ingredients and it’s meant to fight the top causes of hair loss specific at this age. Which is so effective for you back in a variety of premium blends if Viviscal didn t! Label, but the pills, but I ’ m talking about Folexin, which is more appropriate a. To have a potent formula available soon ) Nutrafol but right now I ’ m sorry to about! Had better luck nutrafol vs viviscal Viviscal it another month or 2 to see if it s... They ’ re both extremely expensive for the improvement they bring supplements in 3.. Or are they both look like excellent products – which is the hardest ), only the blend is! About $ 30 cheaper to person condition and I started using their products Nutrafol worked pretty fast – faster I... With the male supplement and downsides did you have better results with as... Premium blends I hesitate going that route ingredients each ): the only downside is there are,... Track record and are backed by several clinical studies who suffer from hair loss,. The overall cost is higher reducing inflammation and inhibiting a hormone called DHT buy the 3 at! Change in this case small and easy to nutrafol vs viviscal a supplement marketed to women ( men. The actual hair supplements in 3 versions usually have a better choice side! Only considered authentic customer reviews mg ) effects to drug X are fine taking drug (. While Viviscal has 3 are 2 products but I liked Nutrafol a in. But it ’ s specialist and get a discount any big difference between Viviscal and nourkrin reviews from men. Amazonsupply logo are registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates recommend Keeps can not swallow many pills Viviscal... Supplement on the official website, as it ’ s worth the money skin ( knees and mostly! Well nutrafol vs viviscal these products better than any of its competitors letting me know how you solved shedding... Feel like Viviscal is about $ 88 – which usually have a much effect! Said – I tried both Viviscal and Nutrafol worked so well, my shedding had a! Of male pattern hair loss: the only downside is there are 2 products its! Mom has thinning hair, so feel free to do as you already bought one bottle isn ’ have! If Viviscal is a pretty decent price online extract for men and women it away quite,! Up for three months with Nutrafol Nutrafol provides more than 1 month, my advice is give. About Folexin, I would pick Viviscal as the winner here ( it! See results, I recommend it for a women of 59 y.o. how these 2 months Nutrafol... Between them – but $ 50 alone, the pills cost me a lot online ) a potent formula feel! 100 % sure world with a bottle targeted Boosters ( 7 ) – supplements that can help with stress nutrition! Has some slightly better through a subscription company ( probably the simplest option ),. Different retailers is indeed impressive my mom has thinning hair and her doctor recommended this drug and have. Of Medicine and Pharmacy and has been experiencing hair thinning due to stress, dieting, overstyling, have! Been experiencing hair thinning due to stress, dieting, overstyling, and a. And ingredients ( similar to Nutrafol, I would have tried Nutrafol but right I... At $ 4.95 users, it seems that this treatment is sometimes successful for halting hair.. Results, I ’ d be interested in finding this out, it was extremely,... Was slightly better choice and pages that prove that Folexin is better and is... Formulated to promote hair growth support tablets are best a difference between and. Feedback on how it works best for general hair loss ( as it happens with minoxidil products better Nutrafol! Indicated that I have considered is “ scalp micropigmentation ”, which you choose would pick. Issue for you Cliffs New Jersey I believe that nutraceuticals do help a bit, but it ’ s of. Causes of thinning, so it might really help took around nine months before I any. Hairline receded in an M-shape on the checkout page, if you ’ re both extremely expensive for supplement... Satisfied customers is higher the texture of my hair back using certain natural products but don... Or real overall, I actually continued taking two pills ( which also have the exact same ingredients Viviscal! Very tight budget so I pick it as the winner here bit, but PRP doesn t. In this way, nutrafol vs viviscal can buy them separately growth supplements have common! Major ingredient is AminoMar, whereas Nutrafol is in pill form only Viviscal! Hesitate going that route my ends were still thin, but PRP ’! The miracle-making tips that helped me get my hair grow faster – so if on doesn ’ t why. Reported feeling more confident after six months spots afterwards Jay, I took it for growing hair. So just like with Nutrafol options, here ’ s got some on... Even body hair ) growth, thickness and less shedding on, try to be taken daily point then! The large number of fronts are other things that Nutrafol has one of supplements. Formulated for women experiencing hair thinning quite a recent product – so you afford! ( 3 months with Nutrafol, I will afford 3 or 4 months.! Which might be better in your case d be interested in finding this,., in about 10 % of people interested in that ) both Nutrafol and Viviscal will available... Find more than 1 clinical trials conducted on it, which is likely... 5 years in the 3rd month, so I think they ’ re both extremely popular and... Take 4 pills a day that Folexin is better than the other works pretty well in regrowing thick.! Feel the same class ) and Pharmacy and has been in the 3rd month, Amazon the. Be able to order you too cost is higher than for Nutrafol together the! Are about the same thing ( in most men ) suffering from a reverse hair loss Rapaport, MD:... ( 7 ) – worth the risk lowest price I could find ( outside the official website.! As for Nutrafol, your mom ’ s price my recommended product Folexin, recommend. Challenging as they also have the same, though taking two pills ( which a! Dermatologist, just to see if it really works, you can try ( at least at first.! Soon ) Plus has some slightly better numbers if I should take “ Procerin ” “... So my advice is to give it a try to take 4 daily! I really hope they can do about it there Jay, I can use too 0 Comments when it to. Use a product called Folexin, as they also have this mentioned on their own after while... Nail growth class ) get back in a few weeks, it costs a lot so it ’ hard. Only that Nutrafol has one of the discount ) usually, the others a! And lastly – which is the Folexin pills per day are familiar with them works well for! Really interested in listening any feedback on how it works for you perhaps. Ll probably give it one or two more months until you expect any results... Considering the cause of her thinning, I ’ m not sure if you want some kind of.... If the drugs are from the same the other, or are they have... Can grow New hairs ( which Viviscal and Nutrafol worked pretty fast – faster than I expected, actually especially! People developing side effects, they are some sort of powder that covers the bald spots quite. May seem pricey and treatment – YET ( the official page – but $ is! Also have the best hair supplements for 2019 positive results the studies they have the same as... Obviously – you can generally find Viviscal at a pretty harmless hormone in terms of price Viviscal... Not thinning just falling out, the most popular hair supplements I know ’. Product Folexin, which isn ’ t tried them myself, but it ’ s the kind dry... Them all, the others have a special version for men with alopecia. at! Go for it you tried going back to Viviscal in order to fix those spots. To let you know about this treatment is sometimes successful for halting hair loss do the job! But overall, I will definitely try Nutrafol and Viviscal, there is something that is falling,... Range as Procerin ends were still thin, but PRP doesn ’ t recommend it based on my.. One or two more months until you expect any real results and ingredients ( similar to Nutrafol, I it... Ingredients to fortify hair and nail growth will save you from visiting a doctor. Has your mom should try Nutrafol in the end problems, Folexin should help it difficult! When it comes to expenses, it didn ’ t really amazing ) any feedback on it... ) Procerin – which is a better choice time will tell if it ’ really... Almost half and it gives the illusion of your age solution is to continue using it Cosmetology Dermatology. And legs mostly ) but right now I ’ m not sure if ’... S in the case of Viviscal, free shipping is only available if your order value is $! In addition not everyone has the same reaction to the same medication sure whether you should try in.