Most orders are eligible for free shipping. 21. Some resolute players will never go for anything other than rosewood, but it’s a non-issue for many musicians who just want a guitar that sounds good and looks beautiful at a price they can reasonably afford. The guitar’s neck is made from okoume, a Central African wood similar in appearance and tone to mahogany. To put it another way, the D100SWCEK is an inviting value for a guitar that works as well at home as it will onstage. Okoume is widely used for veneers and is often processed into plywood. The nitro finish showed some orange peel and a little sloppiness, but for a guitar made in the U.S. with pickup, dynamite setup, and gorgeous woods, the L-00 Studio is an impressive value. It looks something like genuine mahogany, but sapele has a higher density and often produces a brighter sound with more shine. So, yes, lightweight electric guitars are a great choice to invest your money in when you are thinking of buying a lightweight electric guitar. The veneer mill has to be in Gabon where it can benefit the local economy. Ziricote. Instead, Ibanez ebonizes maple with resins to darken and harden the wood for a look and feel closer to the real ebony. The solid top and back really vibrate together for a satisfying sound, probably assisted by the body’s Mazner wedge, which is deeper than a dreadnought on the treble side and narrower on the bass side. Its weight and density also closely approximates that of Brazilian and East Indian rosewoods, making pau ferro a popular alternative. The Guitar Bundles get you everything for one low price. This is a complete, all-inclusive DIY kit that has an Okoume body along with a Maple neck, which one usually sees on high-end guitars. AC340 at Ibanez. $269.00. Thalia Introduces New Capo and Exotic Wood Picks at Winter NAMM 2017 [VIDEO], Guitar Wall Mounts, Floor Stands, & More—How to Keep Your Instrument Safe at Home, Acoustic Guitar Review: Gretsch G9520E Gin Rickey Is a Secret Tone Weapon, 5 Ways to Play C Augmented | Chord by Chord, How to Play E Diminished Voicings | Chord by Chord. What you see is what you get with this Washburn: a vintage-inspired dreadnought with a cutaway for access to those high frets, electronics, and a modern feel. The body of the guitar has been left unfinished and unpolished so that you can easily sand it and colour it as per your preferences. Growing from southern Mexico to northern South America, katalox is a very dense wood that is among the stiffest, strongest woods available. Artstar – This series of guitars represent Ibanez’s high-end semi-acoustic guitar line and have been around since 2013. The only difference I see is that the jackson has less sustain (partly due to the floyd rose). Watch. Our pitch to makers was simple: Send us a guitar that uses no rosewood and has a real-world cost of $500–$1,500. Only 1 available and 3 other people have this in their carts. NECK 25-1/2″-scale okoume neck; 20-fret ebony fingerboard with stage diamond inlays; 1.687” nut; gold closed-gear tuners; satin finish. Readers have asked us for more information about their rosewood-free options, so we gathered this herd of guitars to show off some of the diversity that today’s players can find when shopping in the popular $500–$1,500 price range, which was formerly dominated with rosewood-spec’d guitars. All three approaches are represented over the next few pages, as we look at some of the diverse options available today. $269.00. 4-String. Okoume is the wood of the Okoume tree (Aucoumea klaineana), a species native to west-central Africa, in particular Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Congo. By law, no Okoume logs can leave the country of Gabon, where Joubert’s Okoume comes from. One wood that has stepped from the wings and into the spotlight is pau ferro, which is known for being about as close to rosewood as possible without actually being a member of the restricted. Sign up free! BODY Dreadnought cutaway body; torrefied solid Sitka spruce top with cathedral-peaked, scalloped X-bracing; solid mahogany back and sides; abalone and maple rosette; gloss finish, NECK 25.5″-scale mahogany neck with walnut rails; 20-fret ebony fingerboard with offset dot inlays; 11-11/16″ nut; GraphTech Ratio tuners with black buttons; gloss finish, ELECTRONICS Fishman Presys+ Blend EQ with built-in mic and undersaddle pickup, OTHER Ebony bridge with black plastic bridge pins; bone nut and saddle; D’Addario EXP16 phosphor bronze light  gauge (.012–.053) strings, if(!window.AdButler){(function(){var s=document.createElement("script");s.async=!0;s.type="text/javascript";s.src='';var n=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];n.parentNode.insertBefore(s,n)}())} var AdButler=AdButler||{};||[];var abkw=window.abkw||'';var plc208206=window.plc208206||0;document.write('<'+'div id="placement_208206_'+plc208206+'">');{handler:function(opt){AdButler.register(168183,208206,[300,600],'placement_208206_',opt)},opt:{place:plc208206++,keywords:abkw,domain:'',click:'CLICK_MACRO_PLACEHOLDER'}})if(!window.AdButler){(function(){var s=document.createElement("script");s.async=!0;s.type="text/javascript";s.src='';var n=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];n.parentNode.insertBefore(s,n)}())} var AdButler=AdButler||{};||[];var abkw=window.abkw||'';var plc208209=window.plc208209||0;document.write('<'+'div id="placement_208209_'+plc208209+'">');{handler:function(opt){AdButler.register(168183,208209,[300,250],'placement_208209_',opt)},opt:{place:plc208209++,keywords:abkw,domain:'',click:'CLICK_MACRO_PLACEHOLDER'}}) if(!window.AdButler){(function(){var s=document.createElement("script");s.async=!0;s.type="text/javascript";s.src='';var n=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];n.parentNode.insertBefore(s,n)}())} var AdButler=AdButler||{};||[];var abkw=window.abkw||'';var plc208209=window.plc208209||0;document.write('<'+'div id="placement_208209_'+plc208209+'">');{handler:function(opt){AdButler.register(168183,208209,[300,250],'placement_208209_',opt)},opt:{place:plc208209++,keywords:abkw,domain:'',click:'CLICK_MACRO_PLACEHOLDER'}}). Thankfully, many great-sounding and attractive alternatives exist that offer both familiar and new tones and are free of the ecological guilt that has surrounded rosewood for a while. $129.00. Bass Guitars. The slender neck was comfortable and the volute at the headstock was elegant. Those characteristics, matched with a dark coloring and nearly pore-less structure, help to make it a popular ebony substitute. I own some of the guitars for practice, teaching and performing on stage. Given the state of many guitarists’ memories of the laminated wood guitars of the past, it’s easy for some of us to shuffle away from an instrument made from layered wood. It doesn’t pack a wallop, but its sweet, warm voice would probably be great for recording, and its tone will keep beckoning you for more quality time. Universal Square Bass Guitar Hard Case Wooden Shell Lockable Carrying Case. The name Okoume Mahogany is a misnomer, because it’s not true mahogany. BODY Angelus cutaway body shape; solid Sitka spruce top with hybrid X/classical bracing; ziricote back and sides; abalone and figured maple purfling; natural gloss polyurethane finish, NECK 25.3″-scale mahogany neck, wide-fat shape; 20-fret ebony fingerboard with bird inlays; 1.69″ nut; chrome sealed gear tuners; natural gloss polyurethane finish, ELECTRONICS Fishman GT1 with volume and tone controls, OTHER Ebony bridge; bone nut and saddle; hardshell case; light gauge (.012–.053) strings. With the lovely sunburst finish that recalls an autumn sunset, abalone rosette and fingerboard inlays, and bright white binding at all edges, the Cort is a visual stunner. Reply. Typical color is brown with shades of red and dark veins. The guitars that we have listed above are not only lightweight but also have a great tone as well. What you’ll see over the following pages are a dozen acoustic guitars, presented alphabetically, that show off some of the delightful choices available in this popular price range. Sparkling, defined treble notes, shapely bass notes, and a honking midrange thrust give players a lot of tone to work with. With a 13-3/4-inch wide body, the M-120E is the smallest-bodied guitar here and it’s a comfortable, intimate companion that excels at delicate fingerpicked parts and strummed accompaniment figures. This is the amount of time you are willing to give retailers to respond. A tiny bit on the bright side, but in a good way. DIY Electric Guitar Kits for ST Electric Guitar, okoume Body, Black Pickguard, Saved by Peter. Learn more. To start viewing messages, Martin 1 year ago This is my woodturning project, shisha mouthpiece – Okoume with resin. From what I've researched it's considered a lighter-weight alternative to mahogany. Celebrating our 10th Year in Business!! The neck has a little heft that was comfortable for my fretting hand, and its pickup and preamp will let you easily share your music with an audience. Only at Sweetwater! Likewise, you could have cheap, mass-manufactured materials assembled by a master-builder and be surprised by how well that acoustic plays. Excellent. It sounds about as good as any other of my guitars (body is Black Limba). Add to Cart. This page was generated at 02:58 PM. Best guitars for beginners Learn more Please read this first before you research… Welcome to the Best Guitar for Beginner! 4-String. $229.99. Within its native range, Okoume is considered widespread and relatively common.