Tracy meets with Leach, a resident at an assisted living facility, and is informed that Mrs. Spool had also once been institutionalized for murder. The original interior sets have also been recreated. Maureen Coyle. Alex gets a loan to renovate the motel, but the project is plagued with rumors about the place being haunted by the ghost of Norman's mother, Mrs. Bates, and the discovery of her remains, as well as those of her late husband, buried on the grounds of the motel. The house was then moved to a location that best matched the original hill and only about 40 feet of the motel was actually re-built. [13] According to Richard Franklin, filming lasted 32 days. Film critic Roger Ebert wrote that the film "demonstrates that a shot-by-shot remake is pointless; genius apparently resides between or beneath the shots, or in chemistry that cannot be timed or counted. Norman tries to prevent Hunt from entering his mother's bedroom, when he discovers that "Mother"/Mrs. In a voiceover, "Mother" explains that she plans to prove that she is incapable of violence by refusing to swat a fly that has landed on her hand. In 1982, Richard Franklin and Hilton A. Patsy, needing to use the bathroom, finds the one in Norman's parlor unoccupied, but "Mother" again emerges and slashes her throat. To the surprise of some critics and fans, the failed TV pilot Bates Motel and the Gus Van Sant remake were not discussed in the documentary, however originally in the deleted scenes section on the DVD two short segments on the two films were supposed to be on there, however for unknown reasons they were left off of the DVD when it was released. Carlos Vallerte 6. Consumed with guilt, Norman "erased the crime" by bringing his mother back to life in his mind. When he was "Mother", he acted, talked, and dressed as she would. Norman confronts his mother and urges her to hide in the cellar. Holland stated: "I approached it with more trepidation because I was doing a sequel to Psycho and I had an overwhelming respect for Hitchcock. [9] Leigh had trouble saying "Not inordinately" for the real estate office scene, requiring additional retakes. The documentary sold well, received mostly positive reviews and garnered new interest in the series from horror fans. When Arbogast does not call Lila, she and Sam contact the local police. Sean Grandillo as Eli Hudson 2. Mary eventually finds Norman in the attic. A highway patrol officer awakens her and, suspicious of her agitation, follows her. Willie becomes suspicious and eventually they find that the haunting was a prank by the bank manager, Tom Fuller (Gregg Henry), who had approved a loan with predatory terms with Alex and was trying to sabotage the motel by trying to scare him away. But if you can accept this 1983 movie on its own terms, as a fresh start, and put your memories of Hitchcock on hold, then Psycho II begins to work. After the death of Norman's father, the pair lived as if they were the only people in the world. In the documentary The Psycho Legacy, Thomas stated: "Looking back on it now, he knew he had to have this conversation with me but I don't think that he was really into it. Still, she enjoys every chance to put her music and musical theater knowledge to good use, particularly when it intersects with her love of superhero movies.Beyond that, Molly spends her free time reading young adult and romance novels, rooting for the New York Rangers hockey team (LGR!) He tells Duane he doesn't have that kind of money, but Duane reminds him that Norman has made a lot of cash from his business, and if Norman doesn't give money for his silence, he will go to the police. In 1998, the Psycho House in California was renovated to preserve the set. Gakuen Psycho-Pass; Inspector Akane Tsunemori; Inspector Shinya Kogami; Psycho-Pass 2 (Manga) Psycho-Pass 3 (Manga) Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System (Manga) Sinners of the System Case 1 - Crime and Punishment (Manga) Sinners of the System Case 2 - First Guardian (Manga) Sinners of the System Case 3 - In the Realm Beyond (Manga) Psycho is frequently referenced, given homage to or spoofed in television shows such as The Simpsons, South Park, American Dad!, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Maude, The Golden Girls and more. Bates Motel will return for season 5 in 2017 on A&E. Meanwhile, Shawn's father Henry joins the police department in charge of the "consultants" - Shawn and Gus. "[16], With the surprise financial and critical success of Psycho II, Universal began development on a second sequel. Several props and set pieces from the original film were found by set designers John W. Corso and Julie Fletcher. She calls out to Norman, who is downstairs and out of reach. The series is a television reboot set in the 2010s and chronicle Norman Bates' early childhood with his mother and how she drove him to become a killer. With Anthony Perkins, CCH Pounder, Henry Thomas, Olivia Hussey. A stunned Mary runs downstairs and is confronted by a deranged Norman, who promises to cover up for "Mother". She then got engaged to a man named Chet Rudolph (Thomas Schuster), who would beat up Norman. Damon Henderson It stars Freddie Highmore as teenaged Norman and Vera Farmiga as mother Norma. [14] The studio also wanted Jamie Lee Curtis (daughter of Psycho star Janet Leigh) to play the role of Mary Loomis. Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers (John McIntire) is perplexed to learn Arbogast saw a woman in a window since Norman's mother died ten years ago. The final shot shows Marion's car being recovered from the swamp, and then goes to end credits. Hitchcock countered with the offer to finance the film personally and to film it at Universal-International if Paramount would distribute. We also heard Rihanna was a fan of the show, and we were huge fans of hers, so it was the perfect collision of creativity and fate.". "[24] Ninja stated: "This is a good TV movie, way better than it's [sic] reputation, and continues the tradition of great acting in the series. He also deferred his director's fee of $250,000 for a 60% ownership of the film negative. The fifth season of Psych, consisting of 16 episodes, premiered on USA Network in the United States on July 14, 2010 and concluded on December 22, 2010. Meanwhile, Tracy has met with Duane at a bar where they discuss Norman, and it seems Tracy blames Norman for Mrs. Spool's disappearance. "[22], During filming, Perkins had been diagnosed with HIV and had to receive treatment during production.