Home > About > Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan. I always recommend that you keep your strategy office as “clean” as possible. Over the last 10 years we have seen a tremendous change in the healthcare industry. In the nursing profession, creating a strategic plan translates to having a roadmap that will guide nurses in developing better solutions and in implementing evidence-based practice to issues that affect them and the healthcare field in general. The best way to ensure your strategic planning and strategy execution are successful is to keep the strategy office focused on its priorities, and nothing else. Always be sure your metrics truly tie back to and inform your goals. 0000017102 00000 n 0000062047 00000 n Hartford Hospital Department of Nursing Strategic Plan, 2007-2010 Subject The Nursing Strategic Plan allows the Dept. HRSA Strategic Plan. These maps illustrate how other organizations have put the BSC to work for them. check out this collection of healthcare strategy maps. But if you have the right tools at your disposal, it doesn’t have to be quite so painful. For one, it could derail your progress and cause you to waste months of time and energy. Do you have the right people in charge of the right aspects of your strategy. Both your employees and stakeholders want to ensure that your organization will have a long-lasting future. For example, if you’re tracking all of your metrics and you see one that doesn’t align well, this is when you’d alter or enhance it to make it more applicable to your strategy. the evolution of strategic planning for health from an informal tool to an official and highly structured process that closely follows the steps identified in accepted models of strategic planning. They want to know where your organization is headed and the steps it takes to get there. Stewart Gandolf, MBA, is Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Success, one of the nation's leading healthcare and digital marketing agencies. 0000022634 00000 n Simply communicating these details can save you a lot of grief in the long term. Developed using the Instant Strategist method for quick and easy strategic planning. Also, this is the time to look at your general organizational structure and how it links to the strategy. The list of negatives goes on and on: Your reports will end up being too extensive and leadership will be less likely to read them; your meetings will end up being hours long; and you’ll simply never complete the meeting agenda, etc. (a-b), to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services, Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Medicaid and NC Health Choice, and the Fiscal Research Division, North Carolina General Assembly. We’ve assembled a handful of sample strategic plans. Sample Strategic Plans Strategy is more than simply achieving business goals. First, it’s critical to gain a basic understanding of what direction you’re trying to go in (while taking into account your internal organizational structure and any external factors you have to consider). Whether it is a shift in philosophy to focus on more value-based care or navigating the impact of implementing the Affordable Care Act here in the United States, significant shifts and changes have occurred and are occurring every day. Part of strategic planning in healthcare involves dealing with any road bumps that come your way. 0000002945 00000 n We promote it widely for all we serve to read, understand and to help our public hold us accountable for the promises we make. By taking concepts from these samples and applying them to your strategy, you’ll be on your way to running your organization successfully. Strategic planning is a completely valid and useful tool for guiding all types of organizations, including healthcare organizations. Strategic planning in health care organizations involves outlining the actionable steps needed to reach specific goals. Below, we’ll give you a quick look at six strategic planning techniques you may want to consider using during this process. The Sierra Leone National Health Sector Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (HSSP II) comes at a critical time for the country: it marks Sierra Leone’s recovery from the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak while ushering in a new era of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Healthcare organizations can have an assistant-heavy culture, and department leaders and doctors often task those assistants with updating projects they aren’t involved in. 0000036132 00000 n 0000037861 00000 n 0000014188 00000 n 0000020398 00000 n An Introduction to Healthcare Strategic Planning. You’ll want to pick out the goals and metrics you want to track. Goal 1: Improve Access to Quality Health Services. 0000000856 00000 n Therefore, it’s particularly important for those in healthcare to clearly define roles and responsibilities when it comes to strategic planning and execution. Health Organization concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. Keep in mind, some people in your organization will always be critical of your strategic plan, and those individuals will be the first to doubt it and wonder why you aren’t headed “full-steam ahead.” While there’s not much you can do to avoid critics, you can avoid putting yourself in a position to have your strategy (and your strategy office) criticized. 0000019812 00000 n Some are from our clients. Sample of a Strategic Plan The sooner you plan, the quicker you will earn! A continuous increase of complexity and the capacity of physicians will not ensure the fundamental requirement of any business: to really deliver what its customers need. In non-medical corporations, most measure and project owners are tasked with updating their own measure statuses and project reports. Introduction. 0000042508 00000 n Whether you’re creating a new strategic plan from scratch or you’re trying to breathe life into an old plan, I bet we can both agree that healthcare strategic planning is a tough process. For example, many healthcare centers track the percentage of beds that are occupied in order to get a closer look at ongoing patient capacity. The report also analyses the process employed to prepare Turkey’s strategic plans for health, as well as their contents, including the It is simple and memorable for us all. Strategic growth planning is a useful process for guiding the future of all types of organizations, especially hospitals and healthcare systems. 0000021261 00000 n For strategic plans in healthcare organizations to work, you need to ensure you’re following a process instead of having a free-for-all. How developed your plan needs to be depends on several factors, including the level of accountability you are trying to create, the time frame for implementing the plan, and the culture of your organization. This final phase deals with the management process—which includes refining your plan, evaluating performance, and reporting on your data. Goal 2: Foster a Health Care Workforce Able to Address Current and Emerging Needs %PDF-1.4 %���� Our Mission Statement guides us in our daily endeavor to provide the best health care possible. 285 0 obj <> endobj xref 285 28 0000000016 00000 n Just as economic development organizations may have to modify strategies or (EDOs) incorporate new techniques in order to successfully maneuver in this precarious and complex marketplace, o-202ur 2014 strategic plan needs to maintain and strengthen many9 of these 0000021150 00000 n The Strategic Planning Processo The strategic plans generated by the planning process generally look out over a period of one to five years, with the plan being reviewed and updated every year.o The results of the annual strategic planning review are used as input into the budgetary process for the coming year (i.e.) 0000020121 00000 n It creates clarity, alignment and organization-wide engagement. With the publication of its new Strategic Plan, TriCity Family Services articulates its preferred future and charts its course leading to our vision of what we desire to be as an organization by the year 2015. This metric helps you understand where you stand on capacity, and is largely operational. 1901 N. Moore Street, Suite 502 | Arlington, VA 22209 | 866-568-0590 | [email protected], Copyright © 2020 Ascendant Strategy Management Group LLC d/b/a ClearPoint Strategy |, creating a new strategic plan from scratch. At this point, we’d encourage you to look into software to help implement your strategy so you can keep all strategic elements in one place, track your progress, and keep an eye on potential improvements to be made. However, if one of your strategic goals is to increase the number of patients who choose your hospital or increase your capacity, then this metric could be strategic. Are you tracking the most important healthcare metrics? 0000002314 00000 n The SWOT analysis defines the organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Health care reform and xڼU}Lg~���ҍ��P%�C΂�-=�!^kE�E[S�N&�k7����ȁ��I(B�Q�4t��8L�. If you have too many metrics—say, anywhere north of 35 at the enterprise level—you won’t be able to focus on the metrics that will actually make an impact on your strategy. It’s far too simple to fall into the trap of selecting metrics that are important for your operations, but have little to no impact on your strategy. Implementing strategic change in a health care system: The importance of leadership and change readiness David F. Caldwell Jennifer Chatman Charles A. O’Reilly III Margaret Ormiston Margaret Lapiz Background: Shifts in the environment can compel health care organizations … Dramatic changes are underway in the delivery of mental health services. Mission. The majority of healthcare providers come from either a business or a science background—which makes it quite easy for them to fall in love with measures. Here’s what I mean: It’s important to allow those working in the strategy office to do what they’re meant to do—plan and execute your strategy. 0000002434 00000 n Avoiding these four common pitfalls is an important step in that direction. A healthcare organization's strategic plan is designed to identify the necessary actions needed to reach the objectives of the organization. If you are looking for some good examples of nonprofit strategic plan, this article is for you. 0000021882 00000 n Download our 108 healthcare KPIs today. The reality is that in order to increase the odds of achieving your plan in this timeline, you should be examining it more regularly during that time frame. Whether you’re creating a new strategic plan from scratch or you’re trying to breathe life into an old plan, I bet we can both agree that healthcare strategic planning is a tough process. Hospital management teams are crushed by the weight of all their strategic planning initiatives. 0000009189 00000 n If you’re ready to create a Balanced Scorecard that supports your healthcare strategy, we’re here to help. Others are just examples. You’ll want to hold the majority of your strategy meetings during this phase. 0000011733 00000 n For example, if you don’t take time to analyze what needs to go into your strategic plan, you’ll end up with a handful of pointless (and frustrating) meetings. The teams will not only provide a historical background on Ready Urgent Care but will provide you an industry background, to give an idea of the competitive market. It gives stakeholders, advisors and staff brief information about what the organization is currently doing and what it is up to in the coming period. Instant Strategist Sample Strategic plan (c) Instant Strategist, 7 Mt. A strategic plan is crucial to the success of an organization's IT, but today's healthcare landscape is calling for a more patient-centered approach to planning for information technology. 0000030508 00000 n While most companies go through some trials during their strategic planning process, a misstep could have major consequences. It also builds on the tremendous efforts of all the Crafting a strategic plan may require a lot of time and resources. It’s easy for departments at every level to become confused as to what’s going on. This is also a good time to look at areas where you are struggling and determine what direction the regulatory and competitive environment is moving in. Since 2009, UK HealthCare has been integrating . Take a look at the following four planning phases—they’ll help you set a solid strategic plan in place. To improve health outcomes and address health disparities through access to quality services, a skilled health workforce, and innovative, high-value programs. Over the past 20 years, Stewart has marketed and consulted for over 1,000 healthcare clients, ranging from practices and hospitals to … 0000025353 00000 n This presentation covers the Health Care Marketing Plan for Ready Urgent Care 24/7. of Nursing to achieve its goals of professional growth & development, cost effective use of resources, challenges of workforce shortages, achievement of excellence in … Then, we’ll introduce the four phases necessary to execute said strategic plan (and the strategic planning pitfalls you should avoid making!). 0000002981 00000 n from recruitment strategic plans up to non-profit strategic plan examples, must be created in an organized manner. 0000021529 00000 n 0000006299 00000 n Effective planning in healthcare managementcan help you create clarity and improve communication. While this makes them a tempting target for random projects, be sure everyone involved in your strategic planning knows their limits. All reasonable precautions have been taken by the World Health Organization to verify the information contained in … As the heading implies it is a summary of the entire plan and is prepared after the complete plan document has been drawn up. (��X�h��6eL�?�^A���ޛ^��>���z�� �3 Write a mission statement. In hospitals specifically, you’ll want to figure out where you need to increase performance and focus in on your plans. The purpose of your mission statement is to summarize your organization's underlying purpose, or vision. Most organizations look to report out on how they did with their strategic plan after 3-5 years, at the end of the plan. We’ve seen many instances where others in the healthcare organization begin to tap the strategy office for little projects here and there that aren’t strategy related. You will always be evaluating and refreshing your plan! 0000003094 00000 n Each plan in the samples below is well written and easy to understand. Sometimes it takes seeing a few healthcare strategic plan examples to get things in motion! Although the first study showed that the SWOT‐analysis was frequently used, it was not clear how the SWOT‐analysis was used. Additionally, it could create confusion—or even concern—across your organization. The reason for this is typically that those in the strategy office are close to the leadership and are in-tune to what’s happening around the organization. During this phase, you’ll focus on translating your high-level plan into a more operational plan by honing in on projects and action items. A healthcare organization's strategic plan is designed to identify the necessary actions needed to reach the objectives of the organization. Strategic plans are extensions of the mission statement, as it is the mission statement that guides the goals and serves as a means of measuring an organization's success. If your hospital is seeking to grow but doesn't have a strategic plan in place, it’s time to start doing the valuable work necessary to create one. All of these issues can be avoided simply by not selecting extra metrics that will distract from the conversations you need to be having. The UK HealthCare Nursing Strategic Plan will guide the organization’s work in effectively carrying out our roles and responsibilities aimed at advancing health in the state of Kentucky and beyond. The organizational level at which the strategic planning process is relevant depends on the unit's size, its complexity, and the differentiation of the service provided. trailer <<0D6131D9FD3E11DBB6FD00145166ED8C>]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 312 0 obj<>stream It is essential that the steps to developing an organizational plan are coordinated and strategic to improve health literacy. It is a follow‐up of an inventory study done at this institute in 2001 on the use of strategic tools in health care organizations in the Netherlands (Kramer, 2001). But the caution here is that some may get overzealous about metrics and try to track too many—which is a mistake. If you’re considering a Balanced Scorecard, check out this collection of healthcare strategy maps. This strategic plan is a response to the many challenges we face. and families. � ��7K1��V���!~G N��Hq@��̮�,t�ޢ`�H���~�=��#u�������.^��DL�U8�IU1C�����)ҳ�v���۟\�K�+�Gu�w{���]�*:z��W�/G!��A�52�o�jA�S��ࠊԾ�m|�e_�u�@{���iu���U��y5m�{֮F�k�%��3�߈R;�����q���w�d�+_%O����Nށ3�����MV9\�R����m䙍�'x�ִA�V��E���e�nU�wLa��؋'�+FC��S��jӘ�r���yZqz�H�BT�1S%���-N��ݏ2��1 J�C~K��2��Ш�uXD�W��>W/r��-`�ОYr���Vٚ��f�0�*�U����=��jOa��=s�,&�����)�{�LMl+Ε[�. Hence, it is time for a revolution… Every organization involved in health information and services needs its own health literacy plan. This will be the area of the highest and most critical need. In this post, you’ll see an example of a strategic plan that is most common among businesses today. strategic planning into … Sue Sutton, president and CEO of Tower Strategies, breaks down five tips for creating a strategic plan for IT. Getting Started on Strategic Planning. Your strategic plan should address the key issues, y… During this phase, you’ll focus on developing your high-level strategy and documenting your organization-level strategic plan. While there are different strategy types and levels, the purpose of all strategies is to bring an organization’s actions into alignment with its stated mission or values. Behavioral Health Strategic Plan pursuant to Session Law 2016-94, Section 12F.10. This helps create accountability and ensures things don’t fall through the cracks. 0000021064 00000 n Furthermore, printable strategic plans are usually envisioned for a longer time period and as such, it is not often that organization initiate a strategic planning session. For example, if you’re using the Balanced Scorecard, we encourage you to name owners and collaborators as well as what each person is responsible for therein. 0000027860 00000 n The National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy is a helpful framework and model to change organizational and professional practices. Keep in mind, this phase is ongoing and never-ending. Healthcare organizations today are facing a series of problems due to two main factors: increasing difficulty in satisfying a progressively more ‘aware’ and demanding user, and the need to change their internal organization to keep pace with the very rapid changes taking place in technology and approach. For example, most hospitals track metrics that deal with operations, finances, communication, internal issues, public health, and care. But in healthcare organizations, this isn’t always the case. ... Financial data was omitted to protect the privacy of the organization. Is it acceptable for assistants to make measure updates in an ongoing fashion? If so, do they know how to do this appropriately in your strategic planning software so your leadership is consistently made aware of updates? Strategic planning is an essential tool for any organization as it gives them a unified vision of the future and how to work towards achieving that goal. Our Role: A Catalyst for Community Transformation The assessment of Family Services and Hudson Valley Mental Health during the strategic planning process showed that both organizations are widely recognized for excellence in operating effective and (a-d) and Session Law 2017-57, Section 11F.6. Contra Costa Behavioral Health Division 2017- 2022 Strategic Plan Our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles Mission The mission of Contra Costa Behavioral Health, in partnership with consumers, families, staff, and community-based agencies, is to provide welcoming, integrated services for mental health, substance use, All reasonable entities who will be involved in the transaction where these strategic plans will be used must find the document understandable.If you are a non-profit organization, you have to be aware on how to develop a detailed and properly formatted non-profit strategic plan