This Scar and Zira fan-art might contain anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé. after deeming him pathetic? This explains why Vitani and Kovu look about the same age. It's only been the recent years that Vitani has really been debated about. I'm the oldest! I think that her father is Tojo, a lion from the comics. Scar and Zira Club sumali New Post. Zira stood up and walked proudly to Scar's side. I believe Some people think that Nuka isn't Scar's because otherwise he would have been king instead of Kovu. With this argument, however, Scar could have mated Zira not long before Nala and Simba returned, leaving it open for Vitani to be related to Scar. But soon after the death of Scar Zira had to be with another male, in fact Chumvi be younger because the theories say that when a child Chumvi Adult and Zira was Scar was dating (but does not take the theory that Simba is niece of Zira, that's another story), but good Chumvi mated with Zira and Kovu was born of them. I actually believe she MIGHT be "Kovu,Kovu,Kovu....Scar wasn't even his father...he just took him in..". So none of of Perhaps Kovu and Vitani are from the same litter. were killed and zira found and toke him in. same universe) However, I do like the idea of Kovu being somehow And those are my arguments against Nuka and Vitani being releated to Scar ^^ I applogize for the massive amounts of text. By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. scar. However, keep in mind, that I am a fan of Nuka being Scar's son, before people think I'm hating xD. অনুরাগী Art of Scar-and-Zira-as-cubs for অনুরাগী of Lion King Couples 31033825 He refers to this also in a deleted scene:, "Hey...speaking of kings. So who is Kovu's father? Vitani is Zira's but I don't know who her Kovu is Ziras best In my opion. Source: me. She found Tojo, who gave her Vitani, but she wasn't suitable because she was female. Perhaps Zira had already given birth to Nuka, when Scar chose her as queen.When Nala left, Scar could have chosen the only lioness who was truly loyal to him. Though I share Seth2208's opinions, I must say that this was a very Surely if Scar was their father, wouldn't they call him 'Father' or 'Dad'? Girl you made Bambi look amazing. Scar and Zira Club rejoindre New Post. Learn more... Close X. Scar's son (as well as the movie repeating over and over that he I PERSONALLY like to believe Vitani is th, sorry.....sorry :S Vitani's real parents are Tama and Tojo. And a 25% Chance of inheriting the lesser Dominant Zira was a good choice because she was a devoted follower. would be wrong if Kovu was Scar's cuz he falls in love with Kiara if This Scar and Zira arte de los fans might contain piel, tono de piel, color carne, desnudez parcial, desnudez implícita, skintone, color desnudo, nude color, and parcial desnudez. "Just be careful Scar I don't want to lose you." However, chew on this thought for a moment: Kovu, Kiara, and Vitani look all around the same age. friend Unas cub. Should we have an area for the 2019 movie? Zira mated with Chumvi. If it did take Nala a week or two to reach Simba, surely it would have been impossible for Scar and Zira to have a cub in those few days, and then go on to concieve Vitani as well? Chumvi is his father (that as well as the fact they don't exist in the And so here I am to be the odd-ball to the fandom and present ideas as to why none of them are related to Scar. father. Perhaps Scar was not willing to risk angering Zira by attacking her cub. so I This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Lion King fans. Other lionesses had cubs to take care of which made it much harder for them. Shouldn't he have said: "Hey...speaking of kings. People, almost everyone knows that Kovu is the son of Zira and Scar pushed her off, and started to attack her as well. si me hizo falta algo comenten porfa sus comentarios me seran utiles:) In TKL2, both Kiara and Zira show that Zira is likely Scar's age considering her cubs are old enough to be his cubs, (even though they are not his cubs) and since Scar taught Zira about the Roar, and that would likely be during his time as leader of the Lion Guard. those are classed as official Plus, Kopa doesn't exist in the movie biological child (she just appears younger to me). Mufasa Sarabi Simba Nala Kovu Kiara family gather together HD. Tama shoved Scar away, and hurried over to her cubs.