Unplug daughter board located to the bottom left of the cooling fan. 1. Make sure that the Battery, Hard Drive, and Cooling Fan are safely removed. We offer best touch LCD screen replacement, Keyboard, Adapter and Battery for Dell Inspiron 13 7359. 1. Disconnect the small wires connecting the screen to the casing. STEP 5.Peel off the tape securing the video cable connector. STEP 9.Separate the Windows home button board from the bezel and put it aside. So I have a Dell Inspiron 13 7359 2 in 1 laptop, (link to laptop) and the keyboard just failed.I just want to know if I bought the correct replacement. disconnecting the battery from the motherboard, Dell XPS 15 9570 (model P56F) disassembly, Taking apart Dell Inspiron 17 5770 5775 (model P35E), Dell Inspiron 13 7386 (model P91G) disassembly, Replacing touchscreen on Dell Inspiron 11 3147 3148, HP Spectre x360 15-ch series Convertible PC disassembly, How to disassemble Asus VivoBook 15 F512 X512, Replace screen on Dell Inspiron 5568 5578 5579 7569 7579, Replace screen on Dell Inspiron 7347 7348 7352 7353 7359, Replacing LCD screen on Dell Inspiron 15 5565 5567. Home Dell Inspiron Dell Inspiron 13 7359 – Keyboard Key Replacement Kit. This page will help you to locate the LCD display for your Dell INSPIRON device. The battery will be the largest black component in the device located near the bottom edge. Laptop-LCD-Screen.co.uk guarantee you a working Dell Inspiron 13 7359 (HD) screen replacement, or your money back. You may need consider between hundred or thousand products from many store. 2. Genuine Dell Inspiron-13-7359 Battery Li-ion 11.1V 3800mAh, 43Wh NDEGK5KY43WHB3 Au$ 62.18 Terms — Use your right hand to grab hold of the black wire connector attached on the right of the hard drive. With our 14 years of trading experience, we can warrant that claim with real expertise. #CommissionsEarned Dell Inspiron 13 7359 ... And the new Dell Inspiron 7359 is here to show the way. STEP 1.Start separating the touchscreen assembly from the display back cover using a thin case opener tool. Reconnect all the cables and start snapping the touchscreen back in place on the lower side of the display assembly. Our huge stock comprises notebook and laptop LCD screens that have been manufactured solely by large corporations like AUO, Chi-Mei, Toshiba, Hannstar, Chunghwa, Samsung, LG Phillips and Sharp. Dell Inspiron laptops were introduced in 1999 with the Inspiron 7500. – Dell Inspiron 15 7579 It’s is much easier to take apart the display panel and replace the touchscreen when the display is removed from the laptop and that’s the proper way. Inspiron 13-7359 (P57G002) LCD Display Assembly Step 1 Remove the 10 - M2.5 x 8mm screws. Make sure all the cables are routed correctly. LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Glass For Dell Inspiron 13-7359 P57G002 1920x1080. If you research our company, you will encounter our impressive accumulation of fantastic reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google. Pull the cable out. Choose a size and copy the code below to embed this guide as a small widget on your site / forum. Screen Installation instructions for Dell INSPIRON 13 7359. Use the plastic spudger to disconnect the mini circuit board from the casing. Open the laptop so that the screen and keyboard are face down on the desk. With the other hand, grab hold of the part of the copper heat sink that is attached to the cooling fan. Finding your suitable readers for dell laptop 13 7353 screen replacement is not easy. We’ll be replacing the touchscreen when the laptop folded in tablet mode as shown on the following picture. This guide will require more time and is more difficult than the other replacement guides. STEP 11.Disconnect both cables from the digitizer control board. STEP 2.Continue removing the touchscreen with your hands while helping yourself with the case opener tool. Use Phillips 0 screwdriver to unscrew the 2 of the 3mm screws holding the LCD cable bracket in place. Dell Inspiron 15 Model 5575 - how to replace screen by Screens.uk [Dell INSPIRON 15 5575] INSPIRON 13 7359 LCD Screen, must know before you buy. Accessibility. Now you can access all cables and board located on the back side. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for FHD Dell Inspiron 13 7000 7359 LCD Touch Screen Replacement +Sharp Bezel 0YD4WJ at the best online prices at … STEP 6.Lift up the metal bracket to unlock the video cable connector. Genuime OEM Parts. ... More Dell Inspiron 13 7359 configurations - 19 laptops. In my case the part number is 0RRDKX. Battery, Keyboard, Fan, Motherboard, RAM, DVD, Wifi AU $139.00. In the earlier models, this was unique because many of Dell’s computers were business-oriented, and only really available through Dell directly, not any third-party stores. Need help selecting the correct part? Let’s find out which […] I believe you can use the same touchscreen for Dell Inspiron 7347, 7348, 7352, 7352, 7359 laptops but do your research. Pry up the touchscreen. Return Policies. Ships Worldwide. This guide to remove your Dell Inspiron 13-7359 screen. We carry all Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series 7359 Parts. Carefully pull the connector away from the hard drive to completely disconnect from the laptop. Dell Inspiron-13-7359 Replacement Laptop Battery Li-Polymer 11.1V 3800mAh, 43Wh NDEGK5KY43WHB3O Au$ 63.29. Unplug antenna cables located at the top left corner. Though it’s possible to replace the screen with the display still mounted, as I did in my previous guide on a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series . You can find a new replacement touchscreen assembly if you search the Dell part number printed on the original part. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This guide will require more time and is more difficult than the other replacement … AU $137.99 ... 13.3" LED LCD Touch screen Glass Digitizer Replacement for DELL Inspiron 13-7347. Battery, Keyboard, Fan, Motherboard, RAM, DVD, Wifi Lift up the locking tab at a 90 degree angle to unlock the connector (red arrow). Dell Inspiron 13 7359 Laptop Lcd Touch Screen Assembly W/Bezel 2. Get drivers and downloads for your Dell Inspiron 7359 2-in-1. STEP 10.Peel off the clear tape securing the digitizer control board connectors. Dell Inspiron 13-7359 Replacement Laptop Keys (Backlit), This laptop Key is 100% Original, Perfect Fit & Finish, Easy Install Guide, Fix Your Laptop Today! In this article, we make a short list of the best readers for dell laptop 13 7353 screen replacement including detail information and customer reviews. Dell Inspiron 13 7352 7353 P57G001 LCD Touch Screen Assembly N133HCE-EAA Rev.C1 ... FHD LCD TouchScreen for Dell Inspiron 13 7347 7348 7359 P57G002. STEP 8.Remove one screw securing the Windows home button board. Using a Phillips #0 screwdriver, unscrew the two 3mm Phillips head screws holding in the battery. The cables on both side are very short so you’ll have very limited space to work. Test the laptop video before you snap the touchscreen back in place completely. SELECT YOUR Dell INSPIRON MODEL: INSPIRON 11 3135, INSPIRON 11 3137, INSPIRON 11 3138, INSPIRON 11 3147, INSPIRON 11 3148. 1 2 3 45 6 Specifications Views Front Left Right Base Display Modes Display. First flip over the laptop to expose the back panel. Remove the loose wiring from the perimeter of the screen. Dell Inspiron 7359 Replacement Laptop LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Display Assembly Laptop Screen Specifications Size: 13.3 inches Condition: New Resolution: 1366 x 768 (WXGA HD) Screen Type: Liquid Crystal Display with TFT Active Matrix with LED backlight Surface: Aspect Ratio: Widescreen Part Number: Compatible with: Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series Dell has updated its Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 convertible laptop series by replacing the 5th Gen Intel Broadwell Core i-series CPUs with 6th Gen Skylake. Unscrew and remove the 2 of the 3mm Phillips head screws holding the hard drive in place. Make sure that new replacement screen has same SIZE, RESOLUTION, BACKLIGHT TYPE as your original screen! I'm unsure since almost every repair guide I watch is replacement of the keyboard with palm rest included like so: Palm Rest selling What I … Note that the cable is still connected to the board. Replacement LCD Screens for Laptop Notebook Computers. You can use this disassembly instructions for other models with the P57G body type, such as:– Dell Inspiron 7347– Dell Inspiron 7348– Dell Inspiron 7352– Dell Inspioron 7353– Dell Inspiron 7359and probably some some other models in the Inspiron 13 7000 series 2-in-1 computer line. This guide to remove your Dell Inspiron 13-7359 screen. I would recommend placing something (like a piece of foam) under the screen to elevate it a little bit. In this guide I will be replacing the touchscreen on a Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in 1 (model P57G) series laptop. Unscrew and remove the 2 of the 7mm Phillips head screws holding the cooling fan in place. CPU Performance #98. Skylake brings slightly improved performance of the processor cores and integrated graphics, better power efficiency, and various multimedia-oriented enhancements. The LCD screen is permanently glued to the front digitizer glass and cannot be removed separately. This line of computers is marketed towards the general public. Hello guys, in this tutorial you'll learn how to replace the LCD /screen on dell inspiron laptop (13'' 7000 series) . Dell, Inspiron, XPS Dell Inspiron 13 7359 – Keyboard Key Replacement Kit $ 4.99 / key. Understanding the Different LCD Screen Backlight Types in Dell Laptops ; ... Dell Inspiron 13 (7359) 2-in-1 Replacement Notebook In Stock Parts List . Use Phillips 0 screwdriver to loosen the 3 of the 3mm Phillips head screws from the heat sink. CPU. Replace your broken, damaged, cracked, unusable Glass Screen/Digitizer/LCD Warranty & Returns. Replacement ... Free postage. 6 left. To remove the old battery, slightly lift the bottom edge of the battery with your hands, Now slowly pull the battery towards you to fully detach the battery. dell inspiron 13 7348 dell inspiron 7359 dell inspiron 11 3147 inspiron 13 7347 7559 v5 s3-391 V5 571 V5-571-6657 screen for acer v5 571 7359 dell 7352 screen replacement Shopping Cart(0) - … Lift and hold the hard drive in your left hand. With our 14 years of trading experience, we can warrant that claim with real expertise. Genuime OEM Parts. Required fields are marked *. STEP 7.Pull the video cable out of the connector on the back of the screen. Unsnap and remove the Bottom Base Cover. Dell Inspiron 7359 2-in-1 Replacement LCD Back Cover with Hinges Condition: NEWManufacturer: DellWarranty: 6 MonthsPart Number: Laptop Model: Dell Inspiron 7359 2-in-1 Image may not be for exact item for sale.Part is sold on a non-return You will need a phillips #0 screwdriver and a small plastic spudger. STEP 12.Separate the digitizer control board from the bezel and put it aside. STEP 3.When the touchscreen assembly separated on the top side of the display panel, move to the hinge area. 13.3" Touch Screen Replacement Assembly Digitizer + LCD Display for Dell Inspiron 13–7359 Full HD 1080p 1920×1080 with YouTube Instructions (Non-Bezel) Turn the touchscreen over and place it the front side down on the desk. This item 13.3" Screen Replacement Assembly Touch Digitizer LCD Display Full HD 1920x1080 for Dell Inspiron 13-7347, Inspiron 13-7348, Inspiron 13-7359 LCDOLED Replacement 13.3 inches FHD 1080P LTN133HL03-201 LED LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly with Right-angled Bezel for Dell Inspiron 13 7347 7348 7359 P57G001 P57G002 (NOT for 7352 7353) Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series (7359) Replacement Laptop Battery Li-Polymer 11.1V 3800mAh, 43Wh NDEGK5KY43WHB3O Au$ 63.29 STEP 13.Release the latch on the right side of the webcam board and separate the webcam board from the bezel. STEP 14.Un-route the webcam cable from the guided path on the side of the display assembly. Dell Inspiron 13 7359 Full Hd Replacement Screen Quality Promise. Talk to a Dell Expert. There are multiple hidden latches securing the touchscreen to the back cover.