Request more info. What types of end zone camera systems do you offer? As Stretch Internet’s operations and production manager, I talk to a good number of people daily who have questions about how to broadcast a sports event or what kind of sports broadcasting equipment they should purchase. If you're filming games from a press box or from any other large distance, our 12X telephoto lenslets you get in … Anodizing, powder coating, extreme-etch, plating, heat-treating, and mechanical finishing provide for a total hi-quality finished system. Can be used to record different sports. Kit Includes: Elevate Pro Wireless camera unit (60g) ... Our Elevate Pro Mast technology is a mobile solution for use during Video, Sports and Performance Analysis. With your iOgrapher case, the type of lens you would want will depend on what you are filming. For over two decades the evolution goes on at U.S. Sports Video to enhance our factory and product line to meet the highest standard in the elevated camera industry. Book a sales call. (If you have questions while you’re reviewing this broadcast equipment checklist and would like to talk specifically about your own situation, sign up for a free consultation. camera systems are used by thousands of athletic programs, all the way up to the NFL for over 30 years. Record and analyze pro-level video and produce live streaming events easily and efficiently with the first all-in-one portable sports solution of its kind. Main features include ultra-sharp 4K Ultra HD recording, 1080p video, dolly zoom, smooth slow motion, and face paced movement capturing capability, 4K post cropping, built-in image stabilization, and devoted HDR for … Hi-End "HD” advanced video technology. Because we manufacture it all we can assure that every end-zone camera system is of the highest quality and exactly to our demanding specifications. Lighting. Record video, live stream and capture all practices, games, matches and tournaments without the need for cabling or network infrastructure. Sports Performance Technology. Endzone Camera Systems ranging from Trailer Endzone Telescoping Mast systems, Telescoping Video Towers, Endzone Video Tripods, Gyro-Action Portable endzone cameras to fixed and wall-mounted endzone systems. The system records different areas of the action and combines the footage to produce a single, complete view of the game. Direct-Action "Fast Response" Pan/Tilt Movement System, one handle control for both Pan and Tilt Action. Falcon:  Robotic Camera System – Wall or Ceiling mounted, great for gyms, field house, or any other permanent endzone video camera location. Utilizing mixing equipment allows you to bring together multiple video and audio streams. We are the originators of endzone camera systems, and our professional Tiny and robust. Professional Video Equipment. 1080p HD Video recording. With SportsCam Automatic, analyzing has never been so easy. This is a great choice for videos and images and it comes in with over plenty of reviews and a top rating. Remote, robotically controlled - Hi-Speed Proportional joy-stick multi-plex movement endzone tower system with modular video tripod tower. ‪SportsClipMaker‬. Delivers high-resolution … Unlike with many sports, soccer teams rarely practice in an official stadium. U.S. Sports Video, US Sports VIdeo is the originator of endzone camera systems as they’re known today. Today, there are solutions available that do the camera work without the need for bodies onsite. SideWinder:  Portable Gyro-Action End Zone System – Well balanced for complete mobility and designed for critical height to allow for good End Zone Videos from both practice and game action. Shooting sports is demanding, so it pays to invest in a camera that gives you capabilities even the best smartphones lack. SportsClipMaker is simple to use, making analysing the … The special multi-camera rig is equipped with technology that tracks player movement and the ball, so its cameras actually move to follow movement on the field (or court). Video Pole for Sport Videos - Design Logic: This is my first instructable - so be gentle in the comments - but do comment!I needed a solution to elevate my video camera above the heads of average humans … $89.00 $ … Camera. Recording is based on tracking movement of the players and ball. We are the originators of endzone camera systems, and our professional. Custom telescoping towers controlled from the standing or seated position at the base of the Endzone Tower. For field sports, the 2X telephoto lens comes in handy for when the action is just a bit too far away. What is the best way to reach you if I want to purchase one or more of your end zone camera systems? Falcon Stadium:  Exclusive custom-designed Stadium Remote Controlled Camera Systems. Good luck! 4.3 out of 5 stars 4,835. So for a higher equipment cost, you could potentially reduce your overall production cost. And if you’ve done any reading about video production tools or video marketing, you know that there are a lot of opinions out there. Inexpensive price. Browse the top-ranked list of Video Cameras For Sports below along with associated reviews and opinions. © 2020 PrestoSports. Sony - Handycam CX405 Flash Memory Camcorder - Black If you are looking for one of the top rated models in this price range, then check out the KOT 4K Video Camera Camcorder. Mike Bokulich Sports Clip Maker. Video Production Equipment 1. Here's a few hints to help you hit a home run with your viewers. Portable, adjustable, and versatile, we have options for all of your endzone filmography needs! If you’re making a video, you need a good camera. So if you’re considering live streaming and are also curious about the necessary equipment, I’d suggest thinking about the answer to that question first. Custom-Built Dual Camera Recording System. If you choose a hardware encoder and want a no-frills broadcast, you’ll need: If you choose a software encoder, you’ll need: Even if you have some money to invest in live streaming, you may not have the people necessary to run a more complex production (for example, a multi-camera setup but no one to man the cameras). Tiny, robust and ready to be used with all kinds of accessories, they’re perfectly suited for recording extreme sports like wakeboarding, mountain biking and rock climbing. Our Telescoping Mast and Base Assemblies are professionally designed and custom-built to our exact specifications. It's probably fair to say that, after family fetes and forays, the commonest video topic is sports; and it's equally safe to predict that too many amateur sports videos are, well, disappointing. An encoding device is essential for live streaming. Hawkeye:  Small Motor EndZone Camera Systems – Same solid constructions as the Raven, but with a pan-tilt motor at the top of the video telescoping mast with command center unit at the base of Endzone Camera Tower – can control from the standing or seated position. Gyro-Action Roving Telescoping Sports Elevated Camera System. So check your set­tings to make sure you record the for­mat you want, and that your … During this 30 minute call we’ll cover anything you want to know about live streaming. For over thirty years, we’ve been leading and innovating the elevated camera system industry. Freestanding video end zone towers and poles with remote controlled camera systems. Some of them have never live streamed before and are looking to learn the basics, while others have gotten their feet wet but would like to know how they can improve. ‪Sports‬. Our sports video towers allow cameras to be sent up to 35 feet in the air and our tripods are easily portable unlike traditional stationary towers. To record a video there is no need for a cameraman or equipment. But remem­ber the high­er the qual­i­ty, the larg­er the video files. PROGRACE Children Kids Camera Waterproof Digital Video HD Action Camera 1080P Sports Camera Camcorder DV for Girls Birthday Holiday Gift Learn Camera Toy 1.77'' LCD Screen (Pink) 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,429. Our proven "Lifetime Warranty" - No other end zone camera system on the market can make that claim or match our system structural integrity, safety, stability, and simplicity. Video encoding is the process of converting your video input into a digital format so it can be played on a computer and sent to either a content delivery network (CDN) for online distribution, or a live streaming provider (like Stretch). All rights reserved. U.S. Sports Video manufactures the most complete, comprehensive, line of custom-built Endzone Video Systems and Telescoping Towers on the market today. Custom freestanding towers to 50 and 60 feet, or higher, with a fiber-optic or wireless video feed to control center - great for permanent elevated football video coverage. Whether they’re with a sports organization, high school or college program, the first question I always ask is: Where do you stand in terms of budget and resources (i.e. With Spiideo Perform in your team/field sport arena or training field, video recording, analysis and streaming is … John helped develop and test the electronic and propulsion systems that enabled America's lunar landing and the design of quieter jet engines for commercial airlines. If you are interested in purchasing any of our end zone camera systems, it is best if you call us directly or use our contact form found on our website so that we can give you the best package pricing option for your needs and budget. Why do you use custom aluminum extensions for your end zone camera systems? Record sportautomatically. Capture and Synchronize Wide & Tight Angles, Custom Tripod w/ “Quick Release” Platform,  Electronic Interface Controls Both Cameras, Remote Zoom Control for Tight Camera Shots. … The action camera is synonymous with the GoPro, something which needs no introduction. With over 4800 systems installed throughout the world and a lifetime warranty on all of our tower systems, we will not let you down! The Eagle-Cam family of Endzone Video Systems provides the most complete line of endzone systems available today, end zone camera systems to meet every need and budget. Check out the Canon VIXIA HF G40 or JVC GY-HM170UA for pro­fes­sion­al-grade footage of your match. Privacy policy, Pixellot’s automated sports production solution. Lots of sports organizations see the value in live streaming their games, but aren’t ready to devote funding or employee time to the cause right away. The rig can either be installed in a permanent venue (like a gym or arena), or placed on a tripod. Our Eagle-Cam family of endzone cameras covers systems ranging from Trailer systems to Portable Gyro-Action Endzone Video Systems. This all-in-one video switcher is the creme de la creme of hardware for high-level, multi-camera sports video production.