Light source appears to be missing from your description in the question, I'd start there. Marble is definitely valid for housing. But the right side says the housing is invalid! I have no idea why this is not valid. It does have light, chair, table and a door. Terraria > General Discussions > Topic Details. ITT: folks making random guesses and not looking at the wiki link in the sidebar. Mathroy. I measured the room and it's exactly 10x6 (making it larger did not help), it has an ice chair, an ice lamp and an ice table. Walls are made of ice brick. The thing is after I made is room I place a NPC in there but it keeps saying that "This is not valid housing". "This housing is not suitable" means it is a house, but it's not acceptable living quarters. Terraria Wikia has a complete list of everything required to make something valid housing. OK there is a problem with my house that i just created using living wood and living wood furniture, in the sheet shot I am standing i the room that have the problem. No it is not and thats the thing when i make it large enough to house 3-6 NPCS including myself i place the tables chairs.. etc right when i set the bed and set my spawn point a while later it tells me the housing is no valid.. or when i log out and come back in i get the same message this housing is not valid. I don't know what's wrong with it. Hey, I am having trouble here... After killing The Destroyer, I noticed all my NPCs but the Dryad and the Mechanic are gone, because they have been killed by the boss. Okay. The left and right sections are 10 x 26 (520 blocks total) the center section is 9 x 25 (225 blocks) Thus totaling 745 total open space. "Not valid housing" means it is not a house at all. This is frustrating me a lot because I refuse to continue on in my new world until I can get this darn house working. Outer walls are ice bricks and inner walls are snow bricks. ". It's made of blue dungeon bricks, blue slab walls, a blue dungeon door and some blue dungeon lighting. I used it for all my NPC's on my mainworld. Basically, I want a dungeon-themed house for my Clothier. It has a chair, a sofa, a table and a bookcase... but it's not a valid housing. If you're standing in front of a torch, then there's no area with solid blocks large enough that doesn't have anything in the foreground (i.e. Problem! Light source appears to be missing from your description in the question, I'd start there. I got this game over the winter holiday sale along with many others, and just got around to playing it last night. Usually, this means that it is too small or lacks walls. I'm trying to create an ice house for my ice biome and the housing keeps getting a not valid message. For Terraria on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "This is not valid housing. (wiki states that house size is a max space of 750) As you can see I have 3 light sources, a chair, and a workbench. OP: "The NPC needs at least one solid (non-platform) block to stand on at night (and a 2x3 area unobstructed by foreground blocks)." furniture). Alright, so I made this really nice house in Terraria, I'll provide pictures to help. I can'T see any reason why the lowest one isn't vaild. So the left side of the house says the housing is valid and the left side is symmetrical to the right side exactly. The reasons why your house might not be valid housing People frequently checking this subreddit probably know that this is a really frequent question and that they're usually invalid because of the same reasons, so I though I would regroup them in one post. And that little rectangle in the middle are glass walls, so there aren't any holes in the background wall that I can see. This is not valid housing. I think I've put 45 minutes to an hour into it learning the basics of how things work, but I seem to have issues making a house.