Distribution: This Snakehead species is native to South and Southeast Asia, with a widespread range covering southern China, Pakistan, most of India, Southern Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka….. Habitat: Striped Snakehead prefer stagnant and muddy water plains; found mainly in swamps and the lowland rivers in relatively deep (1-2 m), still water. Our work is not pure scientific but we try to verify the data we collect as much we can. For a complete list of endangered species in Asia, browse the Asia endangered species list. Freshwater fish reserves are extraordinarily successful at protecting multiple species of fish, a new study of a network of community-based reserves in Thailand has found. Preferring clear well oxygenated, running water and dark environments. This is the true king of fish and is recognized and well respected for its immense fighting power... more>> Mackerel & Tuna on the hunt. The lake is beautifully designed with deep channels, plateaus, shallow areas and also non-fishing areas. Order: Anguilliformes - Family - Muraenidae Freshwater species More than 50 freshwater fish species have been cultured throughout the country. The flooded freshwater reservoir has created a perfect habitat for large populations of many different species of fish. They grow to max. Common names: River Catfish, Asian River Catfish, Green Catfish. The information on each species includes; fish identification, scientific classification, local name, common name, natural environment, and also maximum weight and maximum length. Habitat: It inhabits lakes and the slow running water found at river mouths where there is sunken wood and rocky bottoms, also in forest-covered streams. fish species at teak tree lake, chiang mai, thailand The choice of fish species available for the angler to target in Thailand is second to none, with a wide array of species native to Thailand, but also many non-native species – from all over the world. Turtle and tortoise species in Thailand. The Striped catfish is certainly a common fish that will be encountered by anglers fishing in Thailand. Lure / Fly fishing Thailand:. Fish and coral in all colours and shapes. Synonyms: anemone fish, clown fish; Amphiprion chrysopterus; Amphiprion ephippium Red Saddleback Anemonefish Range: Eastern Indian Ocean: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, and Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. The commercial fishing lakes in Thailand are stocked with four of the world’s largest freshwater species. The clown featherback, clown knifefish, or spotted knifefish, Chitala ornata, is a nocturnal tropical fish with a long, knife-like body. Max size 15 kg … More>>, Status: Native. with a production of 86 475 tonnes or 30 percent of total production. It is … Giant Mekong catfish (Pangsaianodon gigas) is a member of the shark catfish family and reaches enormous proportions. Swamps, lakes, medium to large rivers, flooded forests, and stagnant water bodies. Read more…. Introduced. Aetobatus narinari, Spotted eagle ray. Thai Name: Pla... Hampala Barb. barramundi can be found firstly …More>>, Status: Native. Freshwater fishing in Thailand offers the angler a variety of fish species to target, many of these fish are native freshwater fish species of Thailand and can only be found by fishing in Thailand and some neighbouring countries of South East Asia, these include barramundi, giant mekong catfish, siamese carp, giant snakhead, rita Salween catfish, Asian redtail and Salween catfish. A very very popular food fish in Thailand with a good taste and can be found in most restaurant’s or street market stall’s around Chiang mai …More>>, Status: Introduced Peacock bass is the common name in English for several species of tropical freshwater fish of the genus Cichla. It is also known as the ‘Black Pacu’, ‘Black finned Pacu’ or the ‘Giant Pacu’. Acanthurus leucosternon, Powderblue surgeonfish. This makes it a potentially important American aquaculture species considering the growing Asian-American population and general American appreciation for Asian, Pacific-Rim or American West-Coast cuisine. Clicking on each image below will open an individual species page. The birds of Thailand number nearly one thousand species, of which approximately 45 are rare or accidental. Distribution: South East Asia. The smallest shrimp, snails and crabs. Because of his good taste walking catfish are very popular to Thai anglers. Read  more…. Thai Name: Pla Wien. Max. Below you can read a description of a small selection of fish species that live in the Jungle Lake and rivers. A real good fighter to max size of 30 kg. The Tiger shovelnose catfish or Barred Sorubim as it is also called is a native of the Amazon basin. Common name: Giant Mekong Catfish, Mekong Giant Catfish. size 8 kg. With 46 different species of fish, anglers are guaranteed a … Common name: Tinfoil Barb, Goldfoil Barb, Brassen barbe. Historically, the fish’s natural range reached from the lower Mekong in Vietnam; above the tidally influenced brackish water of the river’s delta……, Habitat: Due to development and upstream damming, the species no longer inhabits the majority of its original habitat. Sea Fishing Gulf Of Thailand Koh Kut; Fish Species in Thailand. Rare in its natural environment with main populations around the Chao Phraya and MaeKlong river systems in Thailand. Very common in freshwater plains and in medium to large rivers, brooks, flooded fields including sluggish flowing canals. Max: 20 kg. Read more…. The species is now believed to only exist in small, isolated populations in the middle Mekong region…… Read more…. We have more than 220 species of aquarium freshwater ornamental tropical fish for export to international. Read more…. The lake where we fish is one of the places in Thailand. Distribution: The Forest Snakehead is found throughout Asia, in Thailand, Japan, southern China, Viet Nam, Taiwan and in the Philippines. Habitat: It can be found in larger streams and rivers, old mining ponds, with streams running in, lakes and dams. Amphiprion frenatus, Tomato clownfish. The two main wild sport fish species available in lakes and reservoirs of northern Thailand are; Giant Snakehead; Jungle Perch; These are truly wild native fish species – not pond-reared exotic fish that are hand-fed daily to make them easy to catch. The Giant Snakehead are by many Thai lure fishermen, their favorite freshwater species and it’s not without good reason; they hunt their prey with an aggression rarely found in other fish. Distribution: in Asia from Myanmar through Thailand and possibly to the Cardamon Range, Salween, Maeklong and Chao Phraya peninsular in the Southeast Thailand river systems.