Urban design, architecture, city and regional planning, landscape architecture.Research Profile, Clare Cooper Marcus, Professor Emeritus. Urban planning, urban design, urban ecology, surface hydrology, groundwater, sea level rise, climate change, adaptation, adaptation to flooding.Research Profile, Richard L. Hindle, Assistant Professor. Louise A. Mozingo, Professor. Major Maps help undergraduate students discover academic, co-curricular, and discovery opportunities at UC Berkeley based on intended major or field of interest. The USC School of Architecture is Southern California’s oldest architecture school and the only architecture school connected to a private research-1 university on the West Coast. This course offers students the opportunity to examine a specific range of sustainable design interventions that attempt to address primary problems related to climate change, the need for healthy watersheds, adequate food security and socially resilient communities in the face of rapid environmental change. Some of these prizes and awards are college-wide, and some are geared toward students in specific majors. Universidad Camilo José Cela, Madrid (Bachelor's Degree) David Meyer, Associate Adjunct Professor. The plan by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates retains the fundamental elements of Dan Kiley’s original design. Analysis of environmental factors, ecosystem functions, and ecosystem dynamics, as related to decision-making for landscape planning and design. History and Literature of Landscape Architecture. We are committed to continuous self-reflection, growth, and development. A new website is pulling back the curtain on how this masterpiece came to be. For College Requirements, please refer to the College of Environmental Design. Design as a communication process. , and site analysis, focusing specifically on methods that tackle issues of temporality and ephemerality. WursterLife is a closed-network platform that enables CED students and alumni from across the globe to connect with classmates, find alumni by practice area, geographic region, affinity group, or shared interest, share professional updates, news, photos, events, and jobs, enhance your career through your alumni connections, and find ways to stay engaged with the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design. Composed of a pair of inscrutable concrete bunkers that are 1,000 feet long and dug 60 feet into the earth, “Stop Making Sense” by Kasia Keeley, Student Affiliate ASLA, and Andrew Prindle, Student ASLA, pushes aside dominant narratives about how our nation treats and digests nuclear waste. It emphasizes a conceptual appreciation of GIS and offers an opportunity to apply some of those concepts to contemporary geographical and planning issues. Case Studies in Landscape Design: Read More [+], Prerequisites: 101 or consent of instructor, Case Studies in Landscape Design: Read Less [-], Terms offered: Fall 2020, Fall 2019, Fall 2018 The ability to stay in the country after graduation greatly enhances their job prospects, which in turn enhances their long-term immigration prospects: The H-1B visa that typically comes with a job in an American firm is a well-worn path to a green card and, eventually, citizenship. The minor provides students with the ability to integrate the ecological and cultural dimensions of landscape architecture into their course of study. Our Master of Landscape Architecture program prepares you to enter the world of practicing landscape architects. Architecture Major Advisor: Alecia Suazo 250 Wurster Hall asuazo@berkeley.edu, Landscape Architecture Major Advisor: Kristian Dawson 250 Wurster Hall kristian.dawson@berkeley.edu, Sustainable Environmental Design Major Advisor: Heather Grothjan 250 Wurster Hall heather.grothjan@berkeley.edu, Urban Studies Major Advisor: Kristian Dawson 250 Wurster Hall kristian.dawson@berkeley.edu, College Evaluator: Heather Grothjan 250 Wurster Hall heather.grothjan@berkeley.edu, Undergraduate Advising Director: Omar Ramirez 250 Wurster Hall oramirez@berkeley.edu, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies: C. Greig Crysler 250 Wurster Hall cgreigc@gmail.com.