[family AMARANTHACEAE], Filed as Amaranthus lividus L. subsp. Townsend, C.C. 1, mbum bu digèn = female spinach (JGA) (SENEGAL, WOLOF), Burkill, H.M. 1985. Click below on a thumbnail map or name … Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams. Utricles compressed, subglobose to obovate, 1.2–2.5(–3) mm, exceeding tepals, smooth or faintly rugose, indehiscent. 4, ìnyàη˚ (RFGA) (NIGERIA, EFIK), Burkill, H.M. 1985. Pistillate flowers: tepals 3, elliptic or spatulate, not clawed, equal or subequal, 0.8–1.5 mm, margins entire, apex broadly acute; style branches erect; stigmas 3. Assamese. Amaranthus lividus L. Amaranthus ascendens Loisel. polygoncides (Moq.) tropical amaranth. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol. (eds) (2004), Mbowa (Shona) Thell., Amaranthus lividus L. var. SubSpecies Varieties Races Amaranthus blitum subsp. [family AMARANTHACEAE], efai (Rattray) (GHANA, AKAN-ASANTE), Burkill, H.M. 1985. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways. English. 2: 4. 4, wild amaranth, green amaranth., Burkill, H.M. 1985. Brown. Pigweed (English). pseudogracilis (Thellung) Hugin, Willdenowia 16: 463. Livid amaranth, Purple amaranth. oleraceus (L.) Costea French Polynesia Society Islands Mehetia (Mahetia, Meetia) Island introduced Overview . 1, fondulo (FB) (GUINEA, KISSI), Burkill, H.M. 1985. (Moquin-Tandon) Probst. 3 vols. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol. Amaranthus emarginatus Salzmann ex Uline & Bray, subsp. Artportalen (plant) (2005) Synonymer. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol. Sorting Amaranthus names Species on this page ( A = names approved by most authorities, s = approved as synonyms) : Amaranthus albus L. A; ... Amaranthus lividus L. convar. Leaves glabrous or with sparse hairs on the main veins below, long petiolate, up to 9 cm. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol. Amarant is an archaic variant. SENEGAL : WOLOF mbum bu digèn = female spinach (JGA) GUINEA-BISSAU : CRIOULO bredo femea (EPdS) GUINEA : KISSI fondulo (FB) LOMA pélé uluzedigpoie (FB) MANDING-MANINKA boromonema (FB) GHANA : AKAN-ASANTE efai (Rattray) NIGERIA : EFIK ìnyàη˚ (RFGA) IGBO (‘Ibugo’) ìnìnè ḿmē (NWT) 1, bredo femea (EPdS) (GUINEA-BISSAU, CRIOULO), Burkill, H.M. 1985. = Amaranthus tricolor L. This is a disambiguation page; it lists other pages that would otherwise share the same title. var. & Timberlake, J. 1987. (1988). Probst : Amaranthus lividus var. - select - English Finnish French Italian Spanish Swedish. ascendens (Loisel.) Common names English wild amaranth, green amaranth. Overview. Amaranthus lividus L. Synonym. 1. Amaranthus species Amaranthus blitum Name Homonyms Amaranthus lividus L. Amaranthus lividus Hook.f. 0. The species name Amaranthus lividus may refer to: Amaranthus lividus L. = Amaranthus blitum L. Amaranthus lividus Roxb. It is frost tender. Amaranthus blitum is a ANNUAL growing to 1 m (3ft 3in). It is in leaf from April to October, in flower from June to August, and the seeds ripen from July to September. A checklist of Zimbabwean vascular plants Southern African Botanical Diversity Network Report No. It has been cultivated in Europe as a minor leaf-vegetable crop, but now it is declining and its range is becoming progressively smaller. The plant is self-fertile. Some literature records of A. blitum from southern regions of North America are misidentifications of A. viridis, and vice versa; because of that the distributions of these two species in the flora area require critical reassessment. ascendens (Lois.) Amaranthus viridis Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Tracheophytes Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Eudicots Order: Caryophyllales Family: Amaranthaceae Genus: Amaranthus Species: A. viridis Binomial name Amaranthus viridis L. Amaranthus viridis is a cosmopolitan species in the botanical family Amaranthaceae and is commonly known as slender amaranth or green amaranth. (Zollinger) Thellung. An easy-to-grow annual with a big garden presence, amaranthus is tricky to find in the garden center but can be grown from seed. Thell. Point of Contact: itiswebmaster@itis.gov. Vol. lividus: Dull grey Stems ascending to prostrate, sometimes erect, simple or branched, sometimes radiating from base and forming mats, 0.1–0.6 m. Leaves: petiole usually equaling to 2 times as long as blade; blade ovate or obovate, 1–6 × 0.5–4 cm, base tapering or cuneate, margins entire, plane, apex distinctly emarginate to almost bilobate, mucronate. Mapaura, A. Amaranthus lividus var. The species is monoecious (individual flowers are either male or female, but both sexes can be found on the same plant) and is pollinated by Wind. It is in leaf from April to October, in flower in August, and the seeds ripen in September. Amaranthus viridis is a vigorous, erect, branched, annual plant growing 10 - 100cm tall. 1, livid amaranth, Flora of North America Vol. The name Amaranthus lividus has been widely used for A. blitum, in addition to other Linnaean names (see F. Fillias et al. Amaranthus lividus ssp. Occasionally the plant may become a short-lived perennial [ 299 Protabase - … Common names 凹葉野莧菜;凹頭莧 in language. Flowerhead of the cultivated subspecies oleraceus. Mitteleur. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol. Probct. click on a thumbnail to view an image, or see all the Amaranthus thumbnails at the Plants Gallery Britton, N.L., and A. [family AMARANTHACEAE], Type? Several species of amaranth have been used for food by Native Americans and pre-Columbian civilizations since prehistoric times. As Amaranthus lividus = Amaranthus blitum L. subsp. amaranthus: From the Greek a- ‘without’ or ‘lacking’ and maraino ‘to fade’, meaning unfading and referring to the durability of the flowers of some species. Mowa (Shona) polygonoides. (Includes a picture). An illustrated flora of the northern United States, Canada and the British Possessions. polygonoides (Moq.) Synonyms: Amaranthus adscendens Loisel. Stems angled or with longitudinal lines or ridges, green or brown, leaves alternate, broadly lance late to ovate, discolors, conspicuously veined beneath, up to 7 cm long, 4 cm wide. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. Annual herb, prostrate, decumbent or ascending. Bibliographic References. 1, (‘Ibugo’) ìnìnè ḿmē (NWT) (NIGERIA, IGBO), Burkill, H.M. 1985. polygonoides (Moq.) ©2000-2020 ITHAKA. Stems and leaves are smooth and hairless, sometimes shiny in appearance. Central AmericaSouth AmericaEurasiaAfrica.USA Ala.USA Calif.USA Fla.USA Ga.USA La.USA Md.USA Mass.USA Miss.USA N.H.USA N.J.USA N.Y.USA N.C.USA OhioUSA Pa.USA S.C.USA Tex.USA UtahUSA Va.Canada Ont.Canada Que. Search Google Appliance Enter the terms you wish to search for. All Rights Reserved. Amaranth Scientific name: Amaranthus powellii, or Amaranthus retroflexus, Amaranthus deflexus, Amaranthus lividus, Amaranthus graecizans, Amaranthus viridis 1, Purple amaranth, Flora of North America Vol. ... Common Names. It is commonly called love-lies-bleeding or tassel flower. (eds) (2004). oleraceus (L.) Costea. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol. Common names: Mbowa (Shona) Mohwa (Shona) Mowa (Shona) Pigweed (English) Botanical Name : Amaranthus lividus L. Synonyms : Amaranthusb litum subsp., oleraceus (L.) Costea Common Name : Tandaljo, Ukadi Bhaji, Varsad ni Bhaji Plant Family : Amaranthaceae Plant Form : Herb Occurrence (Special Areas) : Indroda Park About Amaranthus lividus Plant : Habit : A tall erect succulent herb, procumbent, 15 - 40 cm high. 1, pélé uluzedigpoie (FB) (GUINEA, LOMA), Burkill, H.M. 1985. Euxolus viridis (L.) Moq. polygonoides (Moquin-Tandon) Cattetero. Language. Photograph by: Dalgial. Amaranthus lividus Roxb. polygonoides (Moq.) Hosted by the USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis. J. D. Hooker (1885) was apparently the first to unite Amaranthus blitum L. and A. lividus L., two names of equal priority, and he selected A. blitum Typification: View in Linnean Typification Project Plants annual, glabrous. Thell [family AMARANTHACEAE], Filed as Amaranthus lividus L. subsp. In Europe, it may be possible to distinguish two or three subspecies within Amaranthus blitum. The record derives from WCSP (in review) (data supplied on 2012-03-23) which reports it as a synonym with original publication details: Sp.
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