I'm gonna play an RPG with friends, I've chosen to play a farmer/innkeep character and I want to get really into character by learning a good Somerset accent. I mean west country England, like somerset accents and stuff thanks all! But, if you heard both at the same time you would hear differences. A summary of the Somerset accent on the list described it as "officially the sexiest of all the West Country accents." Anonymous. West Country English is a group of English language varieties and accents used by much of the native population of South West England, the area sometimes popularly known as the West Country.. somerset accent 'Could not', 'should not', 'might not', 'must not', become 'coulden', 'shoulden', 'midden' and 'mussen'. I'm doing the play 'Blue Remebered Hills' and it all has to be done in this west country accent, any videos of people talking in west country accents would be magnificent thank you! Favorite Answer. This is how to do a snowball test. Much like a Somerset accent . If you want to build with cob then you must test the quality of your clay. 0 0. If you're interested in English accents you can listen to the Somerset accent on the BBC : How do you make cob? Meet your Inside Out presenter: ... Charlotte is missing the point: its not about whether people should have a certain impression of her accent - its merely proving that they do. i do not know what this sounds like. Somerset is a beautiful county but it has its quirks such as a unique lingo loved by the locals. :) what does a somerset accent sound like? p.s. Relevance. Hope this isn't the wrong place to post a question like this. Answer Save. Somerset Wiltshire. 1 decade ago. They added that the "Somerset dialect could be a … This article focuses on "Received Pronunciation" (RP), the stereotypical British accent mainly spoken in the south of England, and exaggerated by the upper classes, sometimes described as "the Queen's English". long john silver as played by robert newton. I knew there was no way this lady was from North America and was surprised at my friend's response. my great grandfather came to america from there and apparently he had a thick zomerzettian accent. 4 Answers. I live in the UK but I've never been good at doing accents on command, so I think I'll need practice. In films, the Somerset accent can almost be described a 'pirate talk' with the ooo-arrs and is most famous in the action comedy movie, Hot Fuzz, which was filmed in Wells. Cob also depends on the coarseness of the sand. It is rich in vocabulary and pleasant to the ear.
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