Jiang Cheng also possesses a deep inferiority complex due to his father Jiang Fengmian's favoritism of Wei Wuxian, and his mother's continued reminders that his cultivation is inferior to Wei Wuxian's. Jiang Fengmian isn't as stoic as Lan Wangji but one gets the impression that he's a quiet man who speaks only when necessary. Trigger warning if any - none. “Sect Leader, Madame. The two boats brushed against each other before parting and drifting farther and farther away. The XiCheng still is in the casual relationship. !” The boat drifted down the current. Why you recommend it - it was my first FF and I cried.-----Name of the fiction - and so my heart beats wildly. (Jiang Fengmian might need to put off that shopping trip he’d been planning, but that would be fine. The Tortoise of Slaughter (屠戮玄武,1 Túlù Xuánwǔ) is a giant creature that lives in a cave in Dusk Creek Mountain. He’d been at this lake for as long as Wei WuXian could remember. Join Facebook to connect with Fengqin Jiang and others you may know. Anyway, in his opinion, Jiang FengMian was an uncle, so anyone older than Jiang FengMian could be called an old man. Join Facebook to connect with Jiang Fengmian and others you may know. Light on the Door (ao3) (WWX in the Nie sect) - on tumblr: part 1, part 2-“Absolutely not,” Nie Mingjue said. And for Jiang Fengmian to openly shower Wei Wuxian with affection as well, this was a perfect recipe for Jiang Cheng's later insecurities to bloom. Appearance. Parental Substitute: To Jin Ling. When he came here to steal seed pods in the summer, he’d be beaten up if he was caught. Ship - WangXian + rest of the cast. “Perhaps I was unclear, Sect Leader Jiang,” he said. Both of his parents were killed by Wei Wuxian; it is unclear whether this happened at Qionqi Path, Koi Tower, Nightless City, or another time.As a result, Fang Menchen despised Wei Wuxian. Wei WuXian’s neck was slit at the artery.” He darted a look at the array. Support, reposts only with credits. Kind of has Hunger game vibes. Jiang Fengmian is on Facebook. Jiang FengMian turned his eyes to him, “A-Ying, A-Cheng… you must look after him.” He returned to the larger boat. After his death, his son Jin Ling inherits Suihua. It resembles the Divine Beast Xuanwu from Chinese mythology. Fang Mengchen (方梦臣, Fāng Mèngchén) is a minor character who participates in the Second Siege of the Burial Mounds.. Genre - Modern AU, with magic. They didn’t know how long had passed before Zidian loosened. [魔道祖师/江澄 | Mo Dao Zu Shi/Jiang Cheng] 澄游记 - Trừng Du Ký - Duration: 3:49. 1978 konnte er durch Intervention von General Ye Jianying, der ebenfalls aus Meixian stammt und zu dieser Zeit Vizevorsitzender des ZK der KPCh war, das Gefängnis verlassen und seinen Wohnsitz nach Hongkong verlegen. “But you must understand that –” Nie Mingjue held up a hand. ... wuxian took that and turned it into a crutch by which he survived to become the young teenager who is able to smile at jiang fengmian even when he is fighting for scraps with the dogs in the street, when he looked through trash piles for nourishment each day. Watch Queue Queue. “He lost a lot of blood, but his cultivation is high. Family Jiang Fengmian. :P . Reasonable. Lan Xichen and Jiang Fengmian have some similar 'wait and see' attitudes about things - Jiang Fengmian is way more passive, but Lan Xichen also seems very invested in the peacemaker and compromise role, post Sunshot. 1 Description 2 History 3 Death 4 Consequences 5 References The beast's coal-black head resembles both a snake and a tortoise. AO3 Account. By Chance - Jiang Fengmian x Lan Qiren fanfic HaiRyuuKi. Who AO3 Ask RSS Archive Likes. His belief that his father did not like him started in childhood, as Jiang Fengmian held him less than five times, yet held Wei Wuxian the first day he was brought to Lotus Pier. LWJ POV. Not a prompt, just curious about your thoughts. He is described as young in appearance. Tagged: mdzs, wangxian, lan wangji, wei wuxian, madame yu, yu ziyuan, jiang fengmian, my fic, my fics, the reference to the yao fic is incidental, thedeathlyscar, . The Worst Kind of Time Travel AU Part Five [Second Part ] ... and he realized that their groups were splitting up. Jiang Cheng shouted in despair, “Dad!! This happened sometime after the WangXian’s wedding. Pinterest. Its eyes are golden, with slit pupils and relatively poor eyesight. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected.
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