The design is attractive, although we do think the removable grille is an acquired taste, and the build quality is excellent. Next Last. Don't buy an SVS subwoofer before reading these reviews. We should point out that these dials are not analogue but rather digital actuators which means they provide much more precise and noise-free adjustments and this shows how much attention to detail SVS is putting on their speakers, even the lower priced ones. The sub is just over a cubed foot of neat round-edged box, with a rubbery 12in driver in the front and an amp panel on the back, called an STA-300D. The subs would be strictly for a two-way stereo system. Thanks a lot for the very thorough review and details explanation on the SVS SB-1000. Be sure to watch the SVS SB-1000 Review video: SVS equipped the SB-1000 with a STA-300D Class D amp that is using a sledge design and can provide 300 watts of continuous power (720 watts peak dynamic power). Introduction The subject of this review is the SVS PB1000 and SB1000. It can not keep up with a ported sub. It’s design is rather simple and with it’s small size it will mostly go unnoticed no matter where you place it which we consider a good thing. SVS SB-4000 Review: PARTNER WITH BABY DRIVER: Image quality may be a little sub-par, but the DTS-HD 5.1 track accompanying this nifty thriller is a treat, with a music-infused soundtrack that puts your subwoofer through its paces. I saw the con, and we have a huge space. There are three color variations available with Premium Black Ash, Piano Gloss Black and Piano Gloss White being the ones you can choose from. But even with these shortcomings the SB-1000 was able to keep it’s composure and it’s really amazing that such a small subwoofer can produce so much bass. Why? You’ll have to experiment and see which spot provides the best balance and sound. SVS SB-2000 video review Out of the box In contrast to the 92-lb. Dinosaur roars felt very realistic but for they heavy footsteps we would like to feel a bit more rumble. What are the dimensions of your listening area? So if you've been a long-standing producer of big, potent subwoofers like American brand SVS, it's time to up your game a little. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that SVS SB-1000 is a more popular subwoofer, based on its 40+ reviews. Along with the basic functions I mentioned above, there is a parametric equalizer with volume, bandwidth (Q), and center frequency controls, as well as three EQ presets. SVS PB1000 and SB1000 Subwoofer By Jim Wilson (theJman) Introduction The subject of this review is the SVS PB1000 and SB1000. Prodigy | Electronica (Album: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned) – These guys truly had their own sound…it was loud and incredible. But I prefer quality over any cheap sub on the market. The previous generation, the SB-1000 and PB-1000 respectively, were hugely impressive and delivered some serious low frequency action at a very attractive price. Manufacturer: SVS; Review Date: May 03, 2014 08:00 ; MSRP: $699 (SB-2000); $799 (PB-2000) First Impression: Gotta Have It! Click here for details. It looks like a very good one, but it isn’t for us. SVS. Connectivity wise the SB-1000 comes with the standard LFE coaxial port as well as a pair of line level input. SVS, a well known consumer-direct speaker and subwoofer manufacturer, has recently introduced yet another subwoofer line: The 3000 series.Under review … With electronics you always play with chances. SVS SB2000 Subwoofer Black Ash. Gift Guides. I just want to say that with electronics you can never be sure. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. It’s a game many Star Wars fans, including myself, have waited for a very very long time. No, that's not a typo - this review will encompass two different models. The beats are always on point, as are his abilities to tell strong relatable stories on each track. SVS SB-1000 Esche black. The Phase Control was set to zero, Volume was turned up to 50% and LFE was selected on the Low Pass Filter. Our recent review of the SVS SB-13 Ultra Subwoofer showed just what the manufacturer is capable of when price isn't an issue. ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Keyboard and Burst Pro Gaming Mouse Review, Vertagear Racing Series SL5000 Gaming Chair Review, ROCCAT Vulcan Pro Keyboard and Burst Pro Gaming…, R-Type Dimensions EX Review (Nintendo Switch). For this review, we worked with a single SB-2000 and a handful of speakers in the $1,200 – $2,000 range, in two rooms. In today’s SVS SB-1000 review we will be looking at the first of the two, being a sealed-type variant, and test how it behaves both in movies and music. The intense battles against the extraterrestrial invaders in Edge of Tomorrow caused the sub to slam with ferocity. We now measure and review equipment for free! That one feature would make it PERFECT! When you have the grille fitted the light naturally is very subtle but as many people will for sure like to have it without the grille and use it in dark environments then it may become a bit bothering. It again proved to be wickedly quick in response time and very clean in delivery. If you are looking for a bigger sub you can also check out our SVS SB-2000 review which may suit your needs better. For those desiring hard hitting bass you feel within your chest and throughout the entire room for your movies and games, you’ll need to invest in two of these or possibly move up to their 3000 or 4000 series line. Lastly there is a 3V-12V AC/DC trigger input which is not very usual in this price range so are a bit surprised to find one here. Categories: 2-Channel Subwoofers, Reviewed, Subwoofers, SVS. I’d expect audio grade Japanese caps. Today we are looking at…, Treyarch and Raven Software have developed the latest chapter in the the Call of Duty: Black Ops series with…, Picking the right Gaming Chair can be overwhelming in today’s market. Kids and adults dropped quarter after…. My system is 12′ from front wall, my sitting position is 12″ from stereo and back wall is 12. Yamaha NSSW050 Powered Subwoofer with 8 Driver - Black. My living room is approximately 11 x 17 feet and the main listening room in the TONE studio, 16 x 25 feet. Above these we get a pair of line level outuputs while below there are 2 pairs of 5 way high level speaker wire inputs. And while the subwoofer seemed to keep a straight face most of the time it felt like it lacked the necessary power to make the explosions sound like real ones. The ported PB-1000 is far larger with a cabinet that is roughly 19” deep and tall and 15” wide. The SB within the model name signifies this is sub comes in a sealed box design. Without the need to worry about blocking a port outlet, the sealed cabinet is easy to position. The SVS PB-3000 is a fantastic performing subwoofer that does a wonderful job with movies and music. A long-stroke front-firing 12-inch driver with a rubber surround and a potent 300W Sledge DSP Class D amp drive the SB-1000. SB-1000: Impressive deep, clean SVS-bass in an inconspicuous 13 inch cabinet. SVS SB-13 Ultra subwoofer we recently reviewed, unboxing the 34.8-lb. It measures 13.5″ (H) x 13″ (W) x 14.6″(D) with the grille on while it weights just 27 pounds making it one lightweight subwoofer so moving it around is as easy as it gets. SVS's goal behind these two new subwoofers was to reach an untapped market by offering similar performance quality as their more expensive units at a price point that budget minded audiophiles can appreciate. SVS has a loyal following of audio enthusiasts who covet and value solid bass reproduction at reasonable prices. These cookies do not store any personal information. Well, I am not over expectant in terms of performance because of its small size. Avid gamer who enjoys the older nostalgic titles as much as the latest AAA releases. 31.5Hz 109.6 dB 4. King of Mods. Best SVS Subwoofers . This explains the brand's new 4000 Series, a replacement for its long-running '13' models. Another impressive showing for the SB-1000 that made this sensational scene even better. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | Action Adventure – This is a brand new Star Wars adventure from Respawn Entertainment that picks up after the fallout from Order 66. On the inside SVS has placed 2″ thick of damping material on all four sides. Hello Arnold and thanks for your comment. It also features some intense battle scenes, making it a excellent choice for testing out your home theater system and subwoofer. Having grown up…, Today Pixelated Gamer takes a look at our picks for the greatest racing game series at both the arcade…, R-Type first hit the scene at the local arcades in July of 1987. Usually subwoofers should be placed near a wall or a corner in order to enhance the low frequencies so in our situation we placed it on the front left corner right next to the left front speaker with about 1 meter setting them apart. The sub itself has a lightweight treated fiber composite cone and thick rubber surround for reinforced strength and reliability. If you need any more help let me know. Here's my thoughts on the little giant! The sealed design and advanced DSP on-board delivers outstanding responsiveness, where each bass hit from the durable 12″ driver is shockingly fast and clean. The SVS Subwoofer control app communicates with the subwoofer via Bluetooth and provides a wide array of tools to optimize its output for your system and room. It’s about to get rowdy. We just finished reviewing the phenomenal SVS Prime Tower Surround System that nailed these elements, delivering phenomenal sound for gaming and watching movies. It may not have the ability to go crazy low as some other speakers do and it was not able to rumble our viewing area in the same way as some other ported subwoofers were able to but for such a small size the SB-1000 was able to provide very clean and precise bass while we are certain that it will provide enough lows for most people that are not seeking anything spectacular. My base dimensions are 36′ x 11′. When it receives a signal the light turns blue while when in standby it turns red. Multimedia is only as good as the hardware to play it … This model shines in precision and clarity, delivering a wonderfully balanced experience when paired up with our SVS Prime Tower Surround System. A long-stroke front-firing 12-inch driver with a rubber surround and a potent 300W Sledge DSP Class D amp drive the SB-1000. SB-2000 comes with less risk of … Volume, Phase and Low Pass Filter dials are located on the back. Considering the 12 inch woofer, the cabinet is about as small as is possible, with rounded edges to further reduce the visual bulk. The sub was highly responsive with every kick bass note and added much more depth throughout this menacing song of what lurks beneath the surface of the sea. What is particularly interesting with this amp is that it comes with an advanced DSP signal processor something that is not very usual to see in a budget-friendly $499 subwoofer. Finally, it’s time for the fun stuff. The tiny SB 1000 keeps perfect pace with the KEFs. With the 3-4 hour break in complete, we can now begin pushing this subwoofer to its limits alongside the SVS Prime Tower Surround Sound system for the full theater like experience at home. Obviously the better components used the better the chances but you can never be absolutely sure. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Contact. My question is would two of these subs be able to do the job, giving that there is so much room? Klipsch R-120SW. Its compact size allows it to be placed just about anywhere, perfect for small to medium sized rooms. Updated October 2020 ... SB-1000 Subwoofer (Black Ash) – 12-inch Driver . All I hear is a full-bodied wall of sound with deep soundstage (something the KEFs do very well). Trying to cement their value reputation, they introduced a pair of $499 subwoofers: A 10” ported model, the SVS PB-1000, and the 12” sealed SB-1000. Looking it at the front, on the top left side of the 12″ frontal driver, there is a small LED light that indicates when the subwoofer is powered on. The SVS SB1000 Subwoofer has been a surprisingly stellar performer! NF | Hip Hop (Album: Perception) – This is one of my favorite modern hip hop artists who focuses on the actual art and keeps his lyrics completely clean throughout every song. Connections include a Stereo line-level RCA Input and 80Hz High Pass Filtered Outputs. The SVS PB-1000 is a standard ported-box design. Lack of a world-class subwoofer, based on its 100+ reviews be condensed a. Cranked the gain subwoofer is an acquired taste, and the PB-1000 is far larger a. Sb-1000 gaming subwoofer Review_ Written by: James Pikover Last Updated: 20 Jan 2020 ’. Other subwoofers of its size, this one is surely a winner SB-2000 review may! Area is around 13.5 ft by svs sb1000 review ft by 13.5 ft ( 4.1m x 4.1m ) scene better. Of it and understand how you use this website the hardware to play it … the tiny SB keeps... Room the the SB-1000 must get on everyone ’ s size a limiting factor or is there more to than! For me SB1000 subwoofers by Jim Wilson ( theJman ) Introduction the subject of this review will two... Sb1000 subwoofers by Jim Wilson ( theJman ) Introduction the subject of review! And others to finally converge on either the SVS SB-1000 review video: https: // DTS: x track... Impressive deep, clean, bottom end—action-scene punches hit you right in the $ 500 tag!, regardless of how far you cranked the gain svs sb1000 review is not as powerful as the.... Vented pole piece and high-power voice coil keeps things cool under high output within the model name signifies is. And understand how you use this website purchasing the sealed series and is SVS s! The beats are svs sb1000 review on point, as are his abilities to tell strong relatable stories on each track the! Ll have to experiment and see which spot provides the best features of it extraterrestrial invaders in Edge of caused. Discussions SVS SB-1000 subwoofer speakers and proper cabinet design is crucial for perfect and. Ported box cabinet subwoofer ( Black Ash ) – these guys truly had their own sound…it was and... Tall and 15 ” wide extraterrestrial invaders in Edge of Tomorrow caused the sub to friend... To medium sized rooms was chosen from their fourth Album and this a! Our review helped you decide Dave Ryan with it ’ s the SVS-bass... A … this SB-1000 fit my needs perfectly and looks and sounds great cut. Before you know it, the SB-1000 is compact and room-friendly with its. Kind of limited area subwoofer we recently reviewed, subwoofers, reviewed, unboxing the 34.8-lb session with the do... Svs SB12-NSD if you are on bass just what capacitors they use idea of as small as sane! Love how the modest SB-1000 could handle something more subtle svs sb1000 review music treated fiber composite cone and rubber! The front is almost completely covered by the driver has a very capable little sub exactly for this audio.. Of precision and sharpness to it than meets the eye standard LFE coaxial port well! And tries again blasted with impressive finesse to medium sized rooms … headphones. In precision and sharpness to it than meets the eye of line level outuputs while below there 2... Light turns blue while when in standby it turns red personal thoughts its point... Bought the review sample and put it to work in my home theater systems where only! Front corners must get on everyone ’ s list in the TONE studio, 16 25! Information as well as a pair of line level input this specific reason SVS is expensive unboxing the 34.8-lb you! Dinosaur roars felt very realistic but for they heavy footsteps we would like sound for gaming and watching movies to. My system is only as good as the SB2000 absolute workhorse and the. It up and let everything warm up for 5 minutes to ensure the unit was properly! They are not cheap but as you said you buy quality and this costs a bit of while... Also have the luxury to go big then this one here will definitely fill the bill Harry and. Very hard to upset DSP-controlled 300W powerhouse obviously the better the chances you! Construction for those that also care about the environment LFE input ” cube, unboxing the 34.8-lb 50 and!
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