These shoes will be your savior during the trek. Everest Kit and Equipment Documentation [ ] Passport (must be valid for 6 months after trip) [ ] Copy of the information pages of your passport (pdf / scan / digital photo to be sent in advance) [ ] 4 x passport photographs (please bring with you) [ ] Nepalese Visa – this can be . Where a climber has reached the summit more than once, only their first summit date is listed; their total number of summits is listed after their name in brackets. My name is Marie, and I traveled to Everest Base Camp with one of my best friends, Christine. 1.) Here are some things you can do to quell any fear or trepidation you may have about embarking towards a summit. . Each item on the list below is required unless specified to be optional. There were the experts who have all the top-of-the-line gear, down to underwear that is specially-made for trekking. 1) Everest Base Camp Introduction. Trekking Shoes: A good pair of high ankle, non-skid, deep treaded trekking shoe is a must for the trek. To help you get a head start we have compiled an easy to navigate and complete list of what you will need for the typical Everest Base Camp Trek and similar treks in the region.. We’ve compiled an extensive database on all the people who have successfully summited Mount Everest. In our database below, explore the world of Everest and see the names of the mighty individuals who have managed to climb to the 8,848-meter summit. This is the ultimate Everest Base Camp Packing List for the female trekker’s you should consider. As of September 2020: 5,790 different people have reached the summit of Mount Everest. I typed this phrase into Google countless times in the weeks before embarking on my very own Everest Base Camp trek, and was met with tons of information from all types of hikers.. As a female hiker, if you are planning to hike Everest Base camp. Many Trekkers seem to be confused and have less knowledge about the Everest Base Camp packing list; it has become a tough task for them. . A lot of trekkers, when they come for the trek, tend to bring their own trekking equipment, making their Mount Everest equipment list or Mount Everest gear list quite long. The elevation of the trail starts at 9,318 feet in Lukla and goes up to 17,598 feet at Base Camp. From Kathmandu, you will fly to Lukla, a small city situated at 9,383 ft., where the real trekking begins. Because we traveled around the U.A.E., Sri Lanka and Oman before flying to Nepal, we didn’t have many warm clothes and other hiking essential with us when arriving in Kathmandu.. To get to Everest Base Camp, most people travel through Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. As you will be wearing this item for quite a few hours every day of the trek it … What is the best Everest Base Camp trek packing list? Everest Gear List × Overview. In the same way, your Everest Base Camp trek packing list must include toiletries and sanitary items. The guide is by no means definitive in that you have to pack everything listed. The following article provides information, tips and a detailed packing list to help you prepare for a trek to Everest Base Camp. Everest Base Camp Packing List: The Essentials Day Packs. But, the trek can be a worse nightmare if you fail to arrange a complete Everest Base Camp packing list for Everest Base Camp Trek. Trekking in the mystical Himalayas is once in a lifetime experience. Let’s start the Trekking Pack List with the all-important day pack! The Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek is an 11 day out and back trail beginning in the village of Lukla, heading up to Everest Base Camp over an 8 day period, and then returning to Lukla over the next 3 days.. This is an absolutely critical item for any Everest base camp packing list. My packing list for the Everest Base Camp trek Preparing for the Everest Base Camp trail in Thamel. After packing the right trekking gear, one should pack the footwear for the trek. 1. Data courtesy of The Himalayan Database ©. One of the more daunting tasks you will encounter on the Everest Base Camp Trek is packing for the trek itself! the only two footwear you need on the trek are: . If seasonal fluctuations impact the requirement for an item on your list, it will be specified. 2.)
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