Maybe later I can find new plow.Upon Pack-a-Punching a weapon. Anomaly moving. " Just when you think the whole universe is against you, it throws you a bone. I don't get that about you people sometimes your whole sense of reality is built only upon the things that are talked about. He's an evil that must be extinguished.Said to the player while searching for the code units. I'm almost a hundred percent certain that you CAN hear me. I'm beginning to see a pattern.Said upon failing the bomb defusal task. Information extraction is a... mostly... painless process.Said when the players complete the Dr. Gersh task. I suggest Richtofen!When surrounded. Provide cylinder code. Alright Dempsey, once more for old time's sake. I have many memories of shotgun. It is a live soul that holds... necessary information. You're better than that!When Takeo gets downed. I have a terrible feeling that even you don't know why you do the things you do.Richtofen: Trust me, Nikolai. Clearly you never fought bear!Upon killing a Russian Mangler. Have you ever heard the phrase - 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'? It is... enhanced.Upon picking up the Guard of Fafnir. For what, though, I know not.Upon picking up a part. A metaphorical hammer. That flying thing was really getting under skin.Upon killing a Valkyrie Drone. I think it is unwise to underestimate the German. Today has been long day, and it is not yet over.Upon receiving an Assault Rifle from the Mystery Box. You can stop now, it's all over!Upon receiving Double Points. Do not be concerned with the anomaly's fate. The point I'm making is that you lot are hardly one of a kind snowflakes. If these missing code units will help us, then find them I will.In response to S.O.P.H.I.A after entering the password. Right, uh... were where we, "Tank"? Well done. The vessel you constructed for him back in World War 1 somehow shielded him from the influence of Element 115. It's where we'll be safe forever und ever!Dempsey: Tell me something and give me a straight answer or I swear I'm gonna punch you in the gum balls! Nein. Impossible things, seen only in a fleeting moment...Said while flying around. Alright "Tank", I'm going to need you to trust me, okay? by LethalGamerz. You've activated the perimeter alarms! This soviet does not appreciate your touch!Upon getting hit by a zombie. Keep those grimy, maggot infested fingers off me!Upon getting hit by a zombie. Bleed and burn!Said while walking around. Module is being attacked.Said when a Groph Module is taking damage. Hey there monkey! Phase 1 complete. Said when interacting with a Groph Module Launch Control console without a code cylinder.Error: cylinder code required. No ammo? *Sigh* You know what I'm referring to.Richtofen: I'm going to have to ask you to trust me, Nikolai. You said you would help me!In response to S.O.P.H.I.A. Commencing incubation. Do not worry your ugly little Russian head any further. Neutralizing threat.Said when attacking a player. A reference to a similar quote in Der Eisendrache.Feed, my dragon! Rubber, sandpaper. Still, that's all ancient history now. Said when the dragon leaves a platform.Dragon departing. That would be good. The entirety of the universe is fractured and broken. Nothing's ever gonna come between us, Ray Gun.Upon receiving the Ray Gun from the mystery box. I don't even know how you're meant to carry this. Before he caught up with you guys, he spent years traveling. Whichever works for you!Upon getting hit by a zombie. Remember, don't take candy from strangers. BO3 Zombies: What is the Illuminati & Knights Templars p You are all you. We'll be there soon.Dempsey: You mention "The House" as if we have the faintest idea what you're talking about.Richtofen: The House. Gorod Krovi | Complete Map Breakdown Created by /u/chrisd848. Only difference is that you do it for yourself, not some misplaced sense of duty or honor.Said when Takeo Masaki gets downed. Call of Duty Zombies is a first-person shooter survival mode developed by … Dempsey: How's it feel to be back on your stomping ground, Nikolai? Well I'm not trying to stir things up but, does it seem to you like the two have been scheming between themselves?Said when Takeo Masaki gets downed. A weapon perfectly suited for a man that does not have time to aim. Save me from eternity, I beg you...Said while flying around. There's never just one piece. Free will and all that stuff. Now, let's be honest. This city... has seen more in its share of pain. That would make him upset.Upon picking up the Guard of Fafnir. No ammo. Why didn't this happen LAST TIME I had no ammo? And it cracks and splinters into a million other universes. This city... has seen more in its share of snipers...Upon receiving a sniper rifle from the Mystery Box. Are you demons?Upon reaching the boss fight. I mean, even when you're yelling in the heat of battle, I can't help feeling there's something....wrong.Nikolai: So many things are wrong, Dempsey. Lead a horse to water, can't make 'em drink. Unfortunate. Hey, other soldiers! Now that is one DELICIOUS BEVERAGE!Upon drinking Quick Revive. Okay, Nikolai... Dempsey... Takeo. Even though, no one, is listening! I've experienced it time und time again but, no more. 3:46. Show more care this time. Focus, Edward, you can make this work. In Gorod Krovi, the origins characters are hurled into an alternate, war-torn Stalingrad where element 115 has wreaked havoc over a battlefield litteredwith the remnants of a battle between mechanized soldiers and deadly dragons controlled by group 935. Something I've never ever, ever had to admit to anyone before, it's really quite embarrassing. As child growing up in Russia, real gum was rare... we sucked on rocks. Recent events have left me shaken, but I will follow the road ahead of me.Dempsey: The road ahead is long and dark. Okay, here's a quick cheat sheet. Richtofen, he can't hear me. A true Russian NEVER surrenders! Do you believe in the soul?Said while the players are completing the tasks. Interdimensional device retrieved. I have seen enough death to last a lifetime.Upon reviving another player. Dragon Wings are an item in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the zombies map Gorod Krovi.When equipped, the player receives the following traits: 30% explosive damage resistance; 30% fire damage resistance; After finishing a Dragon Egg, acquiring the Dragon Strike and riding a Dragon from every station, the Dragon Wings become available. This is Russian wood... best wood, Russian wood. No time for chit-chat, marrow-jaws. I...I really don't know. Always happy to see the twins!Upon getting the NX ShadowClaws from the mystery box. Gah! Definitely.While repairing a barricade. Will begin procedure to explain cause of atypical behavior.Said when the players complete the Russian Mangler task. There is so much potential for chaos behind that mischievous smile! I've been scratched before, believe me!Upon getting hit by a zombie. Two guns really takes pressure off of being accurate.Upon receiving the NX ShadowClaws from the Mystery Box. You...are not Dr. Maxis. — Upon killing a zombie that hit him. " I mean, it's not as if you owe Maxis anything...Is it?Said when Edward Richtofen gets downed. This... is a shield unlike those we have seen before. ...but then again, when is opportune time?Upon running out of ammo. Do you trust Richtofen? Existing across and beyond time and space itself. What happened to you, Tak? We must hurry, lest we squander this opportunity.Upon receiving Double Points. - times bigger than that. Dragon terminals now available.Said when inserting all of the dragon network controller parts into the console in the operations bunker. I have located a malfunctioning Valkyrie scout, previously trapped in temporal space. You know you've fucked up when inanimate objects tell ya you don't got enough.Upon having insufficient points. No change there, I suppose. I was so wrong!After traveling through the sewer system. If you crack that mirror you see multiple reflections, it doesn't mean you've actually multiplied does it? Threat non-compliant.Said when attacking a player. This may have value. I do not go down easy. This theory could explain why Gorod Krovi is so similar to Mob of the Dead: they are purgatories (and maybe, they are the SAME purgatory, the same universe, but separated in time). ...You will help me initiate Ascension Protocol. He opened the portal between the worlds and, well, that's were and when shit really went tits up. Later, some other versions of you ended up as lab rats in some crazy World War 2 experiments. That is not what I wanted. If they laughed I punched 'em for being stupid.Upon receiving an SMG from the mystery box. Is it true that this fires bullets from pistol? Specifically, what you plan to do all with all our souls rattling around in the Summoning Key?Richtofen: The House.
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