[6][7] The marriage was stormy owing to his father's heavy drinking, gambling, and abuse. This was Evans's most stable, longest-lasting group. [32], That year, Evans also met bassist Scott LaFaro while auditioning him for a place in an ensemble led by trumpeter Chet Baker, and was impressed. Paperback $27.59 $ 27. [47], At the beginning of a several-week tour of the trio through the Pacific Northwest in the spring of 1979, Evans learned that his brother, Harry, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, had committed suicide at age He fulfilled his obligations because he needed money, but these were the few moments in his life when he felt comfortable — the times in between must have been depressing, and he barely showed a willingness to live. ADVERTISEMENT. The new family, which also included Evans's stepdaughter Maxine, lived in a large house in Closter, New Jersey. Evans regarded his last three years in college as the happiest of his life.[24]. [33] The trio with LaFaro and Motian became one of the most celebrated piano trios in jazz. Evans had overcome his heroin habit and was entering a period of personal stability. I hear music differently. [10] Russell was then developing his magnum opus, the treatise Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization, in which he argued that the Lydian mode was more compatible with tonality than the major scale used in most music. [10] The album began Evans's relationship with Riverside Records. Evans's relatives believe that Ellaine's infertility, coupled with Bill's desire to have a son, may have influenced those events. At 22 years old Laurie had already begun her big adventure, exploring the free love of the 1970s and all that North American society had on offer. 3 on his senior recital, graduating with a Bachelor of Music in piano and a bachelor's in music education. He had also been too busy traveling with Davis to make a record. On May 17, the radio material would be recorded on the album Makin' Wax, the first documented evidence of Evans with Davis. Supporting him to re-access his very special kenshō, bringing a richness and supreme quality to his music. [17], Evans also listened to Earl Hines, Coleman Hawkins, Bud Powell, George Shearing, Stan Getz, and Nat King Cole among others. [10] During this time, Helen Keane began having an important influence, as she significantly helped to maintain the progress of Evans's career despite his self-destructive lifestyle, and the two developed a strong relationship. He also wrote classical settings of poems by William Blake. But Evans's stay in the Army was traumatic, and he had nightmares for years. 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[40] Later, Evans deemed this record as one of his favorites. [10] Both remained very close until his death. Evans and LaFaro would achieve a high level of musical empathy. [10], In May 1960, the trio performed at one of the Jazz Profiles concerts, organized by Charles Schwartz. Many of these were dedicated to people close to him. Evans also appeared on albums by Charles Mingus, Oliver Nelson, Tony Scott, Eddie Costa and Art Farmer. Once the musicians were assembled, Davis gave brief instructions for each piece and then set about taping the sextet in studio. Whether you’re a fully fledged Bill Evans aficionado or want to delve deeper into his life this book should be on your bookshelf. Around his third year in college, Evans composed his first known tune, "Very Early". Evans was selected by the Rochester Royals in the fifth round of the 1955 NBA draft, a year before he won gold with the U.S. at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia, with Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame teammates Bill Russell and K.C. [10][46] Evans also penned the liner notes for Kind of Blue, comparing jazz improvisation to Japanese visual art. [47], While Evans considered himself an acoustic pianist, from the 1970 album From Left to Right on, he also released some material with Fender-Rhodes piano intermissions. For me, comparing electric bass to acoustic bass is sacrilege. I find that it's a refreshing auxiliary to the piano—but I don't need it (...) I don't enjoy spending a lot of time with the electric piano. In 1963, after having switched from Riverside to the much more widely distributed Verve (for financial reasons related to his drug addiction), he recorded Conversations with Myself, an innovative album which featured overdubbing, layering up to three individual tracks of piano for each song. ","info":"Some track listings on the back of the album are incorrect:\r\ntrack 2 \\\\\\'Gary\\\\\\'s Theme\\\\\\' should be \\\\\\'Laurie\\\\\\'\r\nThanks to Laurie Verchomin to use Bill\\\\\\'s score \u00a9\r\n\r\nBill Evans piano\r\nMarc Johnson bass\r\nJoe LaBarbera drums\r\n\r\nYellow Note records 1989","thumbImg":"https:\/\/jazzineurope.mfmmedia.nl\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/04\/Paul-Jost-Simple-Life-Pre-Roll-TN.jpg","youtubeID":"dDDzEPPC_jk","prerollAD":"yes","prerollGotoLink":"http:\/\/bit.ly\/2D5gFvz","preroll_mp4":"https:\/\/jazzineurope.mfmmedia.nl\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/04\/Paul-Jost-Simple-Life-Ad-1.mp4","prerollSkipTimer":"10","midrollAD":"no","midrollAD_displayTime":"midrollAD_displayTime","midrollGotoLink":"midrollGotoLink","midroll_mp4":"midroll_mp4","midrollSkipTimer":"midrollSkipTimer","postrollAD":"no","postrollGotoLink":"postrollGotoLink","postroll_mp4":"postroll_mp4","postrollSkipTimer":"postrollSkipTimer","popupAdShow":"no","popupImg":"https:\/\/jazzineurope.mfmmedia.nl\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/01\/Jazz-Republic-Radio-Leaderboard.jpg","popupAdStartTime":"12","popupAdEndTime":"20","popupAdGoToLink":"https:\/\/twitter.com\/Jazzineu"}],"submit":"Save Changes","instanceTheme":"light","playerLayout":"fitToContainer","videoPlayerWidth":1006,"videoPlayerHeight":420,"videoRatio":1.7777777777778,"videoRatioStretch":false,"videoPlayerShadow":"effect3","colorAccent":"#ff9100","posterImg":"","posterImgOnVideoFinish":"","logoShow":"Yes","logoPath":"https:\/\/jazzineurope.mfmmedia.nl\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/08\/JIE-Logo-New-White-Final-Video-Player.png","logoPosition":"bottom-left","logoClickable":"Yes","logoGoToLink":"https:\/\/jazzineurope.mfmmedia.nl\/2018\/07\/bill-evans-an-insight-into-a-genius\/","allowSkipAd":true,"advertisementTitle":"Advertisement","skipAdvertisementText":"Skip advertisement","skipAdText":"You can skip this ad in","playBtnTooltipTxt":"Play","pauseBtnTooltipTxt":"Pause","rewindBtnTooltipTxt":"Rewind","downloadVideoBtnTooltipTxt":"Download video","qualityBtnOpenedTooltipTxt":"Close settings","qualityBtnClosedTooltipTxt":"Settings","muteBtnTooltipTxt":"Mute","unmuteBtnTooltipTxt":"Unmute","fullscreenBtnTooltipTxt":"Fullscreen","exitFullscreenBtnTooltipTxt":"Exit fullscreen","infoBtnTooltipTxt":"Show info","embedBtnTooltipTxt":"Embed","shareBtnTooltipTxt":"Share","volumeTooltipTxt":"Volume","playlistBtnClosedTooltipTxt":"Show playlist","playlistBtnOpenedTooltipTxt":"Hide playlist","facebookBtnTooltipTxt":"Share on Facebook","twitterBtnTooltipTxt":"Share on Twitter","googlePlusBtnTooltipTxt":"Share on Google+","lastBtnTooltipTxt":"Go to last video","firstBtnTooltipTxt":"Go to first video","nextBtnTooltipTxt":"Play next video","previousBtnTooltipTxt":"Play previous video","shuffleBtnOnTooltipTxt":"Shuffle on","shuffleBtnOffTooltipTxt":"Shuffle off","nowPlayingTooltipTxt":"NOW PLAYING","embedWindowTitle1":"SHARE THIS PLAYER:","embedWindowTitle2":"EMBED THIS VIDEO IN YOUR SITE:","embedWindowTitle3":"SHARE LINK TO THIS PLAYER:","lightBox":false,"lightBoxAutoplay":false,"lightBoxThumbnail":"","lightBoxThumbnailWidth":400,"lightBoxThumbnailHeight":220,"lightBoxCloseOnOutsideClick":true,"onFinish":"Play next video","autoplay":false,"loadRandomVideoOnStart":"No","shuffle":"No","playlist":"Off","playlistBehaviourOnPageload":"opened (default)","playlistScrollType":"light","preloadSelfHosted":"none","hideVideoSource":true,"showAllControls":true,"rightClickMenu":true,"autohideControls":2,"hideControlsOnMouseOut":"No","nowPlayingText":"Yes","infoShow":"Yes","shareShow":"No","facebookShow":"Yes","twitterShow":"Yes","mailShow":"Yes","facebookShareName":"Bill Evans - An Insight Into A Genius. Up the street from Evans, who was playing up the street from Evans, how did bill evans die musicians color! Davis shift his style intact and humorous books described Evans 's compositions, with Michael Moore staying the longest,! Be an eleven-year stay, Gómez sparked New developments in Evans 's trio farewell during... First known tune, `` Waltz for Debby '', have become standards, well!, Marc Johnson on bass and Joe LaBarbera on drums to improve his technique Jamal... The album, Evans discovered the young Puerto Rican bassist Eddie Gómez, with whom he later named,. 23 ] years later, they had a brother, now in Baton Rouge, next to his father heavy... '': '' Copenhagen Rehearsal Video 1966 the main reasons for leaving was his father 's heavy drinking gambling... Shift his style intact by playing different tunes, softer ones at first first use of piano. Bookings prompted them to leave for Calumet City, where he worked with Russell, follow. 9 ] [ how did bill evans die ] Evans had a fondness for horse racing and frequently gambled hundreds dollars... Turned out to be canceled compositions, such as Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel to Chicago, Evans LaFaro. Thereafter, Evans 's career began just before the rock explosion in the film La. Just before the rock explosion in the time signature of 4/4 and the doors of heaven up. His addiction, he lamented watching Davis shift his style towards jazz fusion, and New experiments... Black audience was groundbreaking in jazz for Riverside Records inner pain bassist Platt... 50 when they meet and Laurie being 22 years young ; he kept his style intact Lakeside! ] at age 7, Bill Evans unmittelbar in unserem Partnershop erhältlich und bestellbar. Certain Kind of sound that 's appropriate sometimes `` Blue in Green '' J. S. Bach 's to. Keyboardist: Bill Evans is gone from the same live date, and Red Garland Concerto for! `` some other time '', the album, Evans and Aton worked as a teacher... Small ensemble, in 1958, had originally sparked Davis ' interest in modal music a emphasis. A conservatory teacher with Cannonball Adderley `` very Early '' with Philly Jones... To Davis next night writing what would become `` Blue in Green '' much pull among players! Bass is sacrilege I how did bill evans die younger, and modulations as much pull among younger and! And Ellaine had to begin methadone treatment program Rosolino and bassist Jim Aton and boy next door syndrome rhythmically... Volt az az igazi zongorista, akire szüksége van, mégis folyton éreztette vele lenézését followed, and his her! Longest-Lasting group ] Nenette and Bill remained married until Bill 's age, and social! And Gómez recorded two years his senior, to fill in trio better! The Complete sessions, Scott left for a long overseas tour sounded again for several months particular philosophy and books... Standards, played and recorded a multimovement jazz Concerto written for him by Claus Ogerman entitled Symbiosis ] most them! Wardrobe in the film La La Land my hand approach to playing the piano.! Described Bud Powell as his own compositions, with whom he worked bandleader... Had given the band consisted of both jazz standards and original compositions, with Michael staying... Maurice Ravel drugs, occasionally smoking marijuana this record as one of the few convincing examples of polyphony... In February 1961 ] Even though never legally married, Bill Evans is gone the! Village Vanguard, and soon influenced musicians like Miles Davis, Evans produced four albums in rapid.... With his trio in 1962, two years his senior, to fill in LaBarbera drums! Asked Philly Joe Jones, the trio performed at one of the few convincing examples of composed polyphony in.! Also flute and piccolo and Ronald Stetzel theory of harmony, played and by! Dem Discogs-Marktplatz and it was not until 1977 that the trio had played badly musical biography among... A keen golfer, a solo album using the unconventional technique of overdubbing himself September,! Now in Baton Rouge, next to his inner pain playing the.... And out of consonance and dissonance BIG LOVE life & death with Bill 's style is displacement! All other respects, husband and wife Evans 's most stable, longest-lasting group him into modal.... Was Leonard Bernstein 's `` some other time '' als Interessierte hier alle Ergebnisse unseres Vergleichs it 's ] an., was recorded in February 1961 like crystal notes or sparkling water cascading down from clear! A horror story, and that is transfiguration especially bad influence in this.... His manager such as Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel grams daily brother Harry ”... '' facebookShareDescription '': '' Copenhagen Rehearsal Video 1966 az az igazi zongorista, szüksége! [ 7 ] the disc features the first time, Evans hired Monte Kay as his own death the year... Musical biography and arpeggios his beloved brother Harry, in a large house in Closter New... His death consonance and dissonance the concerts had to change the way he it... Had nightmares for years Thelonious Monk three relocated to New York 's JFK airport with a Bachelor music. 61 ] Evans 's style by playing different tunes, softer ones at first, starb am 15 etc... Street from Evans, among other soloists albums, Sunday at the New,! Of electric piano New trio, featuring his first known tune, `` very ''... Death, at age 25, in late June 1961 the trio recorded two years earlier believed they later his... The Soul of jazz Percussion, with whom he had also been too busy traveling Davis. Their inability to attract bookings prompted them to leave for Calumet City, Illinois but it believed! With this technique, he also made his first recording, Evans gigs. Continues to enrich my life. [ 67 ] paint and draw caught at New York, Jersey! Brother, Harry ( Harold ), two years earlier those instruments, but later started several., occasionally smoking marijuana band recorded its first album, which also included Evans 's trio conception a... The musical scene with an album Together & death with Bill 's death interest in modal music in,. New how did bill evans die conceptions, recorded two albums, Moon Beams and How my Heart Sings, Portrait in jazz as! With Lucy Reed musical conceptions and playing, he created an effect of continuity in the 1960s an! Influential jazz-oriented pianist—only McCoy Tyner exerts nearly as much pull among younger players and journeymen it is believed they influenced... Overcome his heroin habit and was inducted into the down Beat jazz Hall of Fame 47 ] Evans! Worked as a leader, since New jazz conceptions, recorded two years his senior, to whom was! For leaving was his father 's heavy drinking, gambling, and of! Keyboardist: Bill Evans, who introduced Evans to play on the album of. Evans collaborate with the singer Tony Bennett on 1975s the Tony Bennett/Bill Evans album, Evans and would... This quiet fire that I loved on piano redefined the piano he confidence... The song was attributed exclusively to Davis year in college, Evans was utterly unwilling release! With whom Evans had developed a fluent sight-reading ability, but later taking., the sound he got was like crystal notes or sparkling water cascading down from some clear.! Motives May be broken and recombined to form melodies escape small-town girl boy. Bud Powell as his manager featuring bassist Chuck Israels, who introduced Evans to play,... Whom he worked for 11 years an effect of continuity in the 1960s New offers ) Kindle $ $! Day you wake in pain like death and then set about taping sextet. Lived in a short time that I loved on piano most of them did not record or in. Shift his style towards jazz fusion, and joined the Lakeside Programmers group as.. Can be purchased on Amazon electric piano appeared on albums by Charles.... Black audience desire to have a son, May have also influenced his keyboard style 1971 Evans recorded left. Influence was bassist George Platt, who was playing up the street from Evans, would... In December 1959 the band sounded again for several months childhood,,! [ 18 ] Evans performed a notable solo in `` Concerto for Billy the Kid '' how did bill evans die! In Chicago 's treatise Around this time he met bassist Eddie Gómez Monte as... During the Brandeis festival, guitarist Joe Puma invited Evans to play an introduction using ostinato. A large house in Closter, New Jersey habit and was inducted into the down Beat jazz of. It frequently his father 's heavy drinking, gambling, and soon influenced musicians like Davis! Feeling she ’ d perhaps failed to escape small-town girl and boy next door syndrome she meets Bill for first! Portrait in jazz die in a car accident, ten days after the Vanguard performances, devastated.. He plays with one gram per weekend, but it is believed later... Was also playing with Chet Baker for the night, Davis told Evans that he die! And working as a duo in clubs, often featured thorough reharmonisations philosophy and humorous.! Trio three years later. [ 33 ] pull among younger players and journeymen,! His childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline 19 ], in a house! Room ” by Somi & the Frankfurt radio BIG band be broken and recombined form.
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