Margret Nickels, director of the Center for Children and Families at Erikson Institute, says parents should be mindful that their feelings are the bridge to the new situation their child is facing. “Children respond to our faces, gestures and body postures like drivers to traffic signs,” she says. That’s also a great time to ask about your child’s day. Big day, big feelings: Your child’s first day of school, State looks at strengthening early childhood system amid pandemic. Of all the "first day of school" memories, the one I remember the most is my first day of kindergarten at an elementary school in the suburbs of Long Island. Parents want their children to succeed, particularly as they begin preschool or kindergarten, and often are apprehensive or anxious about how their children will do. The decisions made and actions carried out before the D-day can help make the situation better for you and your kid. What stage are you at of back to school emotions? If you're feeling emotional on the first day, try to control your feelings so that your child can feel confident in themselves and have a positive start to school life. Children feel excited about 'big school' The reality is, parents are more likely to be upset on the first day of school than their children who are, for the most part, full of nervous excitement. Jennifer, has 1 son and admits to munching a Cadbury’s Turkish Delight now and again. Since it was my first day of school my parents had to stay with me to make me comfortable. Are They & You Ready? All Rights Reserved, The 5 Stages of Back to School Emotions for Parents & Kids. It contained an exercise book, my pencil box and my bottle, beside my tiffin. 1. Heading back to school after the long summer holidays can be an emotional rollercoaster for everyone in the house. We can help parents get excited about your brand! Tell them you're going to drop them, what they'll do when they get there, how they'll have playtime, lunchtime and recess time. Pride. As parents of children in the English public and Catholic school boards watch their kids go back-to-school, the overwhelming feeling seems to be that they're simply keeping their fingers … We All Have First-Day Jitters. “If parents value school, then so do the kids,” explains Johns. Parents at different stages feel these mixed emotions as well. Plan to spend lots of time on the first day at the preschool . It's normal for a child to exhibit many emotions on the first day. All Rights Reserved. How parents can help ease the transition. Many parents worry that their littles will be scared of their first day of school. The first day of either pre-school or formal school is a big milestone for both parents and the child. Urgh, we’re going to be late on the first day. Tell us a little bit about your brand or business now to see how we can help or call us on +353 1 254 4150. Aug. 5, 2019. “Smiles, relaxed posture and a calm voice mean ‘go’. Want to connect with parents? Parents might be worried about how their child is going to feel and do at school, and they can simply miss their child when she’s away. So your little one is Starting School? El Paso parent Jessica Ramirez made an extra effort for her children to feel like actual students on their first day of school this semester. School will be starting soon and parents can feel anxious, especially if their child is going to school for the first time. When thinking about your child’s first day of school, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed. Here’s Why It Will Only Make Things Worse, The Best New Video Games For Kids For Christmas 2019, 8 Extraordinary Science Week Events Not To Be Missed, 12 Simple Suggestions for How to Handle Meltdowns After School, Grab Your Daily Tip on Our September Back to School Calendar, Tell us a little bit about your brand or business now to see how we can help, 18 Special Christmas Eve Essentials Perfect for Waiting for Santa. “First days can be a little scary and sometimes difficult,” says Holly Bryski, early childhood educator and junior account executive at HiMama . The first days of school can be filled with anxiety for young children, but also for parents as they see one chapter end and another begin. Fun up breakfast. In years past I jumped with joy on that first day of school. Tension and distractedness mean ‘caution’. You May Also Enjoy So your little one is Starting School? The first day of preschool has arrived, and it's time for your child to begin an educational journey that will last nearly two decades.
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