Adjustable dumbbells are a single pair dumbbell that comes with different ranges of weight. While the entire range from PowerBlock is robust, I think these are going to be a bit better for long term use. I was hesitant to spend so much money on dumbbells, but I can't imagine having multiple sets of weights all over my house that would probably cost much more. "I have used multiple adjustable dumbbells including Powerblock and Bowflex and this one is by far the best," raved one customer. There are a few draw backs. They offer a 5-year warranty on all there 3 adjustable dumbbells (sports, elite, and pro). The Powerblock dumbbell comes with turgid square-shaped plates that remain fixed and stiff during workouts. Couldnt be more satisfied with purchase, Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2009. Price: Amazon Customer Reviews. The Selectechs were also more expensive. Finally, Amazon offers relevant information not only in terms of product specifications, but from a customer’s perspective. Its made of the most durable material (urethane over steel), which makes it also the most expensive option out of the bunch. If you know what you are buying, then you know that you are getting a fantastic deal. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Main Features. These dumbbells are excellent! Enjoy traditional strength training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and more with the same dumbbell used by professional athletes. The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell comes in three models: the PowerBlock Elite 50, PowerBlock Elite 70, and PowerBlock Elite 90. However, this does not mean that it is not as good. I have yet to have any issues with it and don’t foresee any issues. If I’m not training clients or working out at my home gym, I’m probably skiing, cycling or hiking with my dog Rufus. Obviously, the downside is that you are not going to have as much control over the exact weight with the PowerBlock system. When compared to traditional dumbbells, PowerBlock dumbbells are extremely inexpensive. In this PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells review, you can discover the pros and cons of this dumbbell set. . Sure, it may be difficult to adjust the weight on them eventually. They are reliable, compact and a great deal. They back it up with what may be the world's best customer service as well! Sometimes the plastic adjusters are a little futsy. Look at my tip! The equivalent number of weights than an adjustable dumbbell will provide you with. It is very much down to you when it comes to which one is the right choice. With proper maintenance (although not much is required), an adjustable dumbbell is a life-long investment for your home gym. PowerBlock Dumbbells Review: My Personal Experience My PowerBlocks on arrival Before getting started with the review it’s important to point out that the PowerBlock Dumbbells come in three different models. Powerblock Dumbbells Review Updated February 19, 2020 The creme de la creme of all home gym dumbbells would be a set of fixed weight dumbells, but if you don’t quite have the budget or the space to store a fixed dumbbell weight set, your next best option could be a pair of the Powerblock dumbbells. The only bar system that can expand to meet your strength needs, the PowerBlock dumbbells are the most versatile and efficient exercise tool ever developed for strength training. After years of researching, the founder and creator Carl Towley created the first PowerBlock product in 1993. - We review the Bowflex and PowerBlocks dumbbells! There are a lot of adjustable dumbbells on the market, but none come close to the fantastic quality that PowerBlock provides. Add the Powerblock Pro 5-85 lbs to your review. While some people will see PowerBlock is on the pricier side of things, particularly when you compare them to conventional dumbbells, you will very quickly realize that these dumbbells are worth the money. The only difference is the handle type. These Allow Me to Workout, Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2013. PowerBlock are simple to use and have a quality grip in place which makes them easy to handle. If you wanted to work out in the comfort of your own home (properly), then you would need dozens and dozens of dumbbells. While they do not quite have the marketing budget behind them that other companies have, PowerBlock have been kicking around for a long time. The weights always seem secure and I can do multiple workouts in less time with an each switch of my selected weight. It is back then, a couple of fitness equipment designers decided that the dumbbell market was far too convoluted. Each of the three top rated adjustable dumbbells offer different features and strengths. They are not actually all that difficult to use. I love these. POWERBLOCK Adjustable Dumbbells Review. This means they have had over 25 years of production and refinement to create the ultimately adjustable dumbbells set, and they truly have. Overall, a set of adjustable dumbbells has been one of the most useful home gym equipment I’ve bought. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Great value! The SPORT has a rubberized grip, whereas the PRO has a chrome handle. Each of these ranges (well, the EXP ranges of each of these products) is split down either further to three weight categories: There may be a few changes to this when it comes to the commercial standard products, but as I said; I am focusing on the home products here. It can also be shipped in 1-2 days on Amazon. The PowerBlock 24 adjustable dumbbell set seems unbeatable for the price in the lightweight adjustable dumbbell range; the PowerBlocks boast the best build quality, the desirable compact design, and the longest warranty. Obviously, PowerBlock is the original, and they are the company at the forefront of the industry. It does something completely different which, from my experience, means that it is going to last a whole lot longer. I personally own a pair since 2015 and can sincerely recommend them. I have to mention that the magnet design in my opinion is superior to the Bowflex SelecTech dumbbells for a couple of reasons. The POWERBLOCK series is the cheapest option in the range. I used the Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells and found that they are very bulky (which may limit some exercises) and rattle in your hands. They are very well put together and remain in good condition even after years of use. The nature of the handles make them a little awkward for some exercises. The PowerBlocks delivered nicely, and I'm very happy with my purchase. It is about as quick as picking up a whole new weight from the gym, which isn’t too shabby! They are pinned up to the wall in my newly created exercise room right above my PowerBlock weights. While most traditional dumbbells to cost $2 or $3 per pound, t he PowerBlock Pro 50 Set adjustable dumbbells (5-50 lbs) costs just $429. Always opt for the EXT product so you can add more weights if needed. However, if you are the type of person that really likes to fine tune the weight that they are lifting down to the absolute pound (or even smaller), then PowerBlock may not be for you. For heavy lifters that suffer from a lack of space at home, PowerBlock Dumbbells are the clear route to go down. May 29, 2018 at 8:29 pm. PowerBlock EXP Review Conclusion. The Powerblock and Ironmaster are weights that can be expanded to 130 and 120 pounds respectively. Much of the workout equipment for home is largely sold out. At an affordable price, despite a fantastic build-quality, these dumbbells will easily last you years of daily weight adjustment. It's kind of hard to explain, but the Bowflex dumbbells extend wider with added weight. I ordered the exercise posters from Power Block web site and they came very quickly. They are quite compact which makes them space-friendly, allowing you to easily store them anywhere. Most people will be using dumbbells around that weight. Dumbbell Construction It sells for $329 for the entire set. I would appreciate if someone can send a link of where I can get them. For most people, this is probably not going to be that much of an issue. Although, bear in mind that you can only add 2.5lbs onto the ‘base’ weight (either ending in a 0 or a 5). I thought the quality would be a little better than that. Unlike some of the other adjustable dumbbells on the market, they do not rely on a ‘dial’ system to set the weight that you want. Obviously, the weight is up to you. 4.4 stars, 3,442 reviews $45 “They’re solid, secure, and just about the most bang you could get for your buck,” one reviewer says about this adjustable-dumbbell set. Before you even think about buying these Powerblocks, they may or may not be for you based off of what you're looking for in adjustable dumbbells. There are several PowerBlock dumbbell sets available at the moment, so to avoid the confusion, in this review we’ll address the PowerBlock Elite 70, part number PB-EL-70. While each of them does have a ‘standard’ edition which can’t be updated, I am the type of person to prefer the EXP range, because they are upgradable, which is fantastic for those people who may need a little bit more weight in the future. It sets the weight that the dumbbell is at. Alex. This time around, I wanted to get something compact, easy to use and effective for doing dumbbell exercises with light to moderate weight. However, when you consider the value it provides you, its safe to say that adjustable dumbbells are ergonomic and cost-effective. This type of adjustable dumbbells is perfect for those that want to become “lean and mean”. It offers a durable and rapid adjustable dumbbell. While there are both home and commercial options, I am writing this assuming that you are going to be a home user, although do bear in mind that a lot of the stuff that I talk about on this page is going to have a little bit of overlap between the two. What these give me in terms of convenience and space efficiency have made them worth the somewhat stiff price tag. Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2011. This is roughly 4-7 times less expensive than the traditional dumbbells made of urethane or iron. Do bear in mind that they do not look quite as ‘stylish’, however. This is a product which gets rave reviews on just about every single site. The Powerblock dumbbells are simple, safe and easy to use. In my opinion, once you buy a Powerblock dumbbell, it’ll probably be the only dumbbell you’ll ever buy. The main differences between the various adjustable dumbbells on the market will be the weights you have access to (including the increments), and the overall feel of the weight. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review The PowerBlock Elite brand dumbbells are definitely a work of art, as far as exercise equipment goes. With over 1500 reviews on Amazon with an average score of 4.6, I’m not the only person to like these bad boys. aOther companies include Bowflex and Bayou. Actually, the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells have been some of the best-selling ones for quite a while, along with the Bowflex SelectTech. Adjustable Dumbbell Set. You can buy the Powerblock dumbbells on the official site at or you can find them at any of its authorized outlets. In comparison with regular dumbbells, the Powerblock dumbbell is cost-effective and offers more bang for your buck than the regular fixed dumbbells. As mentioned before by other reviews, the SelecTech is a little on the bulky side and creates awkward movements in your workouts because you'll constantly be trying to avoid contact with the dumbbells. I also have a weekend home in the poconos that does not have a gym readily accessible. Reply. I get a free weight workout in half an hour. I have tried some of the competing brands and they seem to slip and slide about everywhere, which is no good when you are carrying the heavier weights. I use these for my P90X workouts, and in a typical hour workout, I save myself at least 10 minutes using these dumbbells over my old custom-weight dumbbells with a fraction of the footprint. Oh and pro tip - use a basket!!! Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. It’s durable, portable, and doesn’t take up any space. As I said before; dumbbells are cumbersome. This means they have had over 25 years of production and refinement to create the ultimately adjustable dumbbells set, and they truly have. The numbers at the end of each name are the weight that model goes up to. Enjoy these as they are really excellent, Reviewed in the United States on April 10, 2013. They l ook more futuristic and unconventional . However, they are not the only company out there pumping out adjustable dumbbells. I have seen a lot of people complain about the fact that their dials on their adjustable dumbbells are breaking, but I have never heard a similar complaint about the PowerBlock system. I like to use free weights and workout on a regular basis. I got these to use with the P90X workouts, and they have given me exactly what I thought they would. As I also said, they do look a bit scarier, but this is probably down to all of the knobs and buttons you need to press. Which means that you are not going to get as much adjustment as you would on a standard dumbbell. The increments that the product goes up in, for most of their products, will be 5 to 10 pounds. You will be paying way more than the cost of a PowerBlock . They are rather expensive, just like all other high quality adjustable dumbbells. I found the cheapest price from this site. PowerBlock dumbbells are without a doubt the highest quality, best value out there. Powerblock dumbbells look different than most traditional dumbbells available on the market. These have been a really nice solution for me. The PowerBlock Elite dumbbells are one of the highest-rated and best-selling sets of all time. However, other than this one issue, they are as good or better than traditional dumbbells. Powerblock company offers great warranty and customer support services. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. This article compares the Powerblock Sport vs Elite products in more depth. An adjustable dumbbell is the perfect out-of-the-gym or home workout equipment you need to maintain your workout routine and stay in shape. This review is of the Elite Series with a Urethane coating, otherwise known as the U90’s. Although other companies offer 10lbs, you still have a functional adjustable feature to switch between the different weights. There will either be a pin or dial in place.
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