Turtle Beach sells an optional noise-cancelling mic, but it's really not necessary for gaming. My Xbox Live crew told me I sounded loud and clear while playing some Overwatch, and my personal voice recordings had no notable distortion or background noise. The Elite Pro's 50mm drivers produce a very balanced soundscape in which everything seems to get equal weight. Gaming gadget makers are rapidly embracing eSports, and Turtle Beach is the latest brand to hop aboard. There's a mute button, as well as a massive volume knob that will completely cut game sound if you press down on it. If you play shooters, the Elite Pro is made for you. The Elite Pro becomes even more impressive when you use it with Turtle Beach's Tactical Audio Controller, which features a wealth of controls for toggling surround sound and optimizing chat. Visit our corporate site. Turtle Beach's add-on allows you to toggle a variety of surround-sound presets, but as with previous Turtle Beach headsets, there are just too damn many to choose from. Overall, we were very happy with the playback performance. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, It's also a more robust and polished offering than most of Turtle Beach's offerings, setting a high-end example of what the company is capable of. Footsteps and firearm rounds ring through cleanly and clearly, and when playing, we feel fully immersed despite the lack of virtual surround sound on the platform. On PC, you can also use Turtle Beach's neat "Superhuman hearing" feature, which amplifies in-game footsteps and other subtle noises, and lets you tap into a few different audio mix presets. I had one of my bespectacled colleagues wear the Elite Pro with this feature activated, and while he found the headset a bit too snug overall, he appreciated that it managed not to squeeze too hard on his temples. Discover the key facts and see how Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament performs in the PC and gaming headset ranking. Thankfully, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset doesn't disappoint when it comes to actual audio playback, although there's some variance depending on which device you're using and how you hook up to it. Testing that stereo approach in Call of Duty: WWII for PS4 proves quite nice indeed. That makes them especially ideal for LAN events and esports tournaments, as the name rightly suggests. Turtle Beach's incredibly comfortable Elite Pro Tournament Headset is a high-end set of gaming cans worth wearing for extended gaming sessions. The speakers themselves deliver mighty bass if music calls for it, but also bring out the little sounds. MORE: The Best PC Games to Play Right Now. © The Xbox adapter provides easy access to game and chat controls while offering Superhuman Hearing and Chat Boost; the PS4 amp beefs up the overall sound and adds in-mic monitoring. Today's best Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset deals, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. The … 308. Switching over to Rocket League, we admittedly wanted more of a bass kick in the mix — especially after recently testing the excellent Beyerdynamic Custom Game headset, with its unexpectedly effective bass sliders. Visit our corporate site. Rounding out the Elite Pro ecosystem are the $60 Tactical Audio Adapter for Xbox One and the $40 AMP for PS4. ... 4.2 out of 5 stars with 308 reviews. Turtle Beach. You'll also be able to buy swappable speaker plates down the road that feature popular eSports team logos. The microphone itself was adequate, and nothing more. Last year, Turtle Beach introduced the Elite Atlas, a solid mid-range wired gaming headset for $100. The $199 Elite Pro is Turtle Beach’s first headset aimed specifically at professional gamers, with a cushy, highly tweakable design built for marathon comfort during long tournaments. The headset's thick, gel-infused Aerofit ear cushions have a soothing cool touch to them when you first put them on — like that of a frozen gel pack for a bruised knee, just with less freezer burn. Receive news and offers from our other brands? NY 10036. Unboxing and review of the Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp from Turtle Beach. $99.99. I've never found Turtle Beach's headsets to be the most comfortable versions around, but the Elite Pro feels like a dream. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? It's certainly not cheap at $199.99 (£169.99, AU$299), and spending extra for the optional Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller ($149.99, £149.99, AU$249) to enable some features might be hard to swallow. Using the company's ComfortTech fit system, the Elite Pro's headband features two separate sliders that let you loosen or tighten, located on the left and right sides. Turtle Beach takes aim at the pro gamer with its Elite Pro gaming headset, but it's still a decent pick for regular gamers as well, provided you don't have a Best PC games New PC games 2020 Black Friday Best graphics cards Best free PC games Best Minecraft shaders for 1.16.3 Best Warzone loadout for Season 6 The results sounded a little bit cleaner, but not strikingly so. To be fair, you get a ton of controls and input options for the premium. The ear pads are spongy cushions that feel like memory foam in the way they conform around your head, and the use of cooling gel in the padding – yes, really – makes them feel like a dream when you pop them on for a frenzied gaming session. Footsteps were once again easy to pick out, as were the sounds of each character's special moves. As a headset designed for competitive play, the Elite Pro's sound quality squarely hits its mark. Turtle Beach Elite Pro – Design, Build and Features The Elite Pro is a fairly chunky headset, with a black design accented by hints of orange. The cups slide up and down the plastic arms attached to the headband, offering enough variance to find a nice balance for your head size, while the soft strap beneath the top of the band can be adjusted to add or remove tension.
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