In addition, if brown patches often appear on your lawn after a mowing session, consider sharpening the blade or changing it completely to check the difference. Excessive dog urine can also cause a dead patch to occur in the lawn. Nitrogen will readily burn the grass's blades. Pests of one form or another are among the most common grass killers. Bad move. I'll mention them all briefly. It can be alarming to see your beautiful green lawn turning yellow. Why is My Grass Dying in Patches? Some herbicides may cause lawn problems. Occurs in spring and fall. Sick of brown spots in your yard? Patchy dead spots can come from all sorts of directions, including fungal diseases such as brown patch and rust, animal digging, grub damage, dog urine and plain, old heat and drought. For one, short-cut grass doesn’t establish deep roots which means it won’t be able to pull in the minerals and water it needs from the soil. Rabbits will eat grass down to its bare nubs and kill whole areas before moving on. Many conditions can cause patches of brown, dead grass on your lawn, but only one gets the official name brown patch.Brown patch disease is a condition caused by a single species of fungus, Rhizoctonia, that often occurs in mid- to late-summer when the weather is hot and humid. If your lawn is dying in brown patches during a drought, but you do not find chinch bugs, you may have an infestation of hunting billbugs or grubs. If such resources fail to help and your lawn is still dying, consider seeking the services of a lawn-care professional. Spots may also be present on grass blades. But just like those roots, the blade has work to do, too. You’re Mowing Your Grass too Short. Anthracnose can kill turfgrass if left untreated. Applying too much fertilizer to one location can burn the delicate grass. Patches of dying or dormant grass alongside an otherwise healthy lawn mean that there is a problem other than weather conditions that is restricting its growth. Looking out your window and seeing brown, dry patches in your lawn is unsightly and downright frustrating for any garden owner. Brown Patch. The introduction of a disease into a lawn yard is capable of turning the lawn grass to dying brown patches. Dead spots on a lawn. St. Augustine grass is prone to some diseases such as brown patch disease, gray leaf spot, and take-all root rot.. Brown patches of dead grass usually start appearing during fall and spring when the weather is warm and humid. It may be convenient for your time management, but your lawn certainly doesn’t like it. 5. It may happen in patches, in large swaths, or all over your lawn. Follow our process for a green, seamless lawn. That’s why you set your lawnmower to one of the lowest settings. It can also be quite confusing, and if it is your first time encountering this problem then you will definitely be wondering why the grass is only dying in patches. Circular areas of dead grass appear in a circle that may be small or large. Various diseases can be the reason why your grass is dying or appearing as though it is dead. Dead Spots. 2. Irrigate the patch of brown grass abundantly. Cutting your lawn too short is damaging to the grass. Brown patch is a fungal disease that occurs during hot, humid growing conditions. Treat accordingly. Dead spots are among the most common of grass problems and can be caused by quite a large range of factors. Keep in mind that many diseases are caused by improper lawn care, so it's important to take excellent care of your grass. By cutting the blades too short, the dirt underneath is more easily exposed to the hot sun, drying it out. A healthy lawn. Disease Infestation. In some cases, a sprinkler head could be broken which isn’t allowing the area to be properly watered. In today’s article I’ll discuss possible causes and how to fix each one. These conditions leave your yard looking the worse for wear. Wait approximately one month; if the lawn does not fill in naturally, reseed the area. Lawn diseases. Brown patch: Caused by the fungus, Rhizoctonia: Affects fescue, bluegrass, centipede, ryegrass, St. Augustine, bent grass and zoysia. Brown patch is the most common disease that plagues zoysia. If you’ve looked out at your yard and asked yourself “Why is my grass turning yellow and dying?” you’re not alone.
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