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  2. Yesterday near Denver. Are these both horned? And how do you know? I'm trying to get better at horned vs. eared. Thanks!
  3. Today near Denver. I just assume that every scaup I see is a lesser. But everyone once in a while, I figure I should confirm that.
  4. Awesome! I have seen one here before a few days ago. I assumed it had left. Thanks!
  5. Every spring for the last 5 years we have had a pair of cardinals tapping at our office window at their reflections 🙂
  6. Today near Denver. It's highly cropped. You can see a coot in there too for size comparison.
  7. Oddly, they're ones that aren't on my yard list. I can usually notch one a week or so, just too far out to justify adding one to the home patch.
  8. Or, "How would we know? If you find some, would you post their contact info for the rest of us?"
  9. Today
  10. All the plumage features suggest Herring Gull. I like Herring Gull here. I agree in the first picture it appears rather petite (long winged, small and rounded head) but it is quite large compared to the Ring-bills and in the last photo the head shape looks more typical for Herring Gull.
  11. Thanks! Yeah haven't been getting out to parks a lot, so the yard's been quite heavily birded recently. The kestrels were really unexpected, a falcon on the checklist always makes my day 😁
  12. In the open wing shots we can see a pale patch in the inner primaries so it is definitely not a Lesser Black-backed Gull
  13. I’d say by the extent of green on the back that it is very likely Allen’s, but can’t be 100% certain, especially since you are an hour west of LA (not strictly coastal) and we are near the peak of Rufous Hummer migration right now. So yeah I’d lean heavily toward Allen’s but a spread tail shot would be definitive
  14. Everyone who is interested in birds and cares enough to test their ID skills and wonder about the birds they see is a real birder, no matter if the can tell the difference between a song sparrow and a gold finch or not.
  15. Thank you. He has returned several times. I'll study pictures of the tails and try and get a better look.
  16. My first impression was Fox, but wouldn’t be the least surprised if it was a Song.
  17. Thank you! I don't have any others, but I'm sure he/she will be back tomorrow morning. Good idea - I can close the shutters in the window, but we can't on the screened porch. I'll try to capture a better pic tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback!
  18. Welcome to Whatbird! This is an adult male Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird. A small percent of male Rufous show green backs, so I would think that you would need spread tail pics to confirm which one it is.
  19. Nice checklist BTW. I love the Kestrel.
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