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  2. Yeah , haven't given it much of a try yet. It did get American Redstart without a problem but missed when I played a recording of a King Rail I have. Don't think there's anything out there yet that's going to be foolproof, the technology just isn't there yet. All for anything that helps though.
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  5. Yeah, they're far from common here in Cali.
  6. Aren’t those pretty uncommon/rare out west? Nice bird!!
  7. I totally understand it’s impossible get every bird, there’s always a few that get away
  8. Thanks I thought sapsucker but not enough red around the head and chest. Bad photo but maybe a young that doesn't have all it's color? I'm not sure how that goes.
  9. Agreed. Juvenile Purple Martin and Red-breasted Sapsucker.
  10. Selma, Oregon 1. Not sure on this first one. Looks like swallow family but can't tell. Could it be a young fledgling? 2. This Woodpecker I'm not sure of. Sorry for the poor photo. all I could get before he flew off
  11. Salma Oregon I need confirm on Purple Martin Thanks
  12. Agreed. And as an aside, the rictal bristles are pretty pronounced, which I have never noted on a HUVI (although they do have them). It's an empid.
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