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  2. Seen March 18 in central New Jersey. Is it a common goldeneye? Thanks.
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  4. I saw two of these near a small lake at the Holden Arboretum, in Kirtland, Ohio about 11 a.m. on 20 March. They were feeding in the tall grass near the lake. Thanks in advance. Robert Titus
  5. Send in your photos of birds doing funny and odd things
  6. This morning Sierra Nevada, AZ Is this a Black-chinned female? Thanks for you help.
  7. Heard in sage brush in Taos New Mexico its quite hold up to ear or trie to amplify New Mexico bird.m4a
  8. Yesterday I spotted two birds in flight while crossing a bridge over a bayou in South Louisiana. They appeared to be about crow-sized or a little larger. One appeared to be black or mostly black but the other had pure white wings and a pure white head against its black body. I believe they also had orange beaks. I've looked at several sources and cannot find a bird like this so I'm thinking it is an unusual morph or a mutation. Any ideas what it may have been?
  9. I agree with Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. Though I don't have experience with the other Gnatcatchers, looks like all the Blue-gray I've seen. I think the white outer tail feathers are a good clue.
  10. Hey, Think that is right. Did not think to look in the sparrow section. Was looking in warbler and kinglet area. Thank you. Also was thinking it looked large for sparrow. White Throated Sparrow, however is also different for my feeder!
  11. White Throated Sparrow is my guess but wait for the experts :)
  12. Hello, Have seen this bird at my feeder a few days now in Columbia SC. First day I could capture a picture. After searching I think it might be a Golden - Crowned Kinglet. Need the experts! Would be exciting as it is different! Thank you. elegant
  13. Date - April 20, 2018 in Denver. Walked around the hotel and this bird was right above me when I shot these 2 frames but it flew off when I tried to get a better angle. Need help to ID this bird, thank you .
  14. I think... 1, 6. Song Sparrow 2, 3. Lesser Yellowlegs 4. Sora 5. Swainson's Thrush
  15. I vote House Wren for the wren due to the color and beak shape. It looks dark because of the lighting and the tail looks short because of the angle.
  16. Thank you all for the help... this is a great first experience.
  17. Look at the dark tips to the outer primaries. That’s the clincher for Little Blue.
  18. I'd like to know the context of this shot. Was the bird flying over water or land, did it land anywhere, and feed or forage in any way you could see, etc.? It just has such an unusual cast to it.
  19. Well, my bushtits pig-out on the hummingbird feeder all day and look like golf balls. Seriously, thanks for your expertise IvoryBillHope, time for me to log-out zzzzz
  20. Thank you. There is so much to figure out, sexual dimorphism is one, then some birds have breeding and non-breeding plumage and others like the Sunbirds we have locally may have an eclipse plumage... All the more to learn I guess. I so appreciate this. Looking forward to another trip at the end of the year... hmmm, might not get to see many birds since they migrate south right? Going to Minneapolis
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