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  2. Hello all, I live in Toronto and just had a visitor to my yard that I have never seen before. It's small bird (a bit smaller than a sparrow) and appears to be olive/green on top with yellow tones on the breast/belly, has a white (maybe tan) eye ring and long, narrow bill. At first I thought it was a female/juvenile Goldfinch but when I zoomed in with my camera I didn't see the familiar wing markings of a Goldfinch and the bill looked different. Also the body shape of this bird looks different from a Goldfinch. This bird is roundish. I'm thinking a female Connecticut Warbler. My area is along their migration path. I have attached a picture. My apologies for the quality. This bird kept to the shadows and at the far reaches of my zoom lens. Thanks. Karen
  3. Right now, I think I’ve figured out some of them: 3/5: Semipalmated Sandpiper 7: Least Sandpiper The fest I can’t figure out. I think I’m seeing reddish-orange on 4. Could that mean Western?
  4. You’re all good. I was in Algebra when I asked, so I should’ve know. It was a placeholder.
  5. 'xxx' is intended as a placeholder. 'Duck sp', 'Shorebird sp', 'Hawk sp.', etc. I hope that clears it up, and I apologize for the confusion.
  6. What is “xxx species”? I don’t recall seeing that ever.
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  8. For eBird purposes, I wish more people would use the 'xxx species' options.
  9. I was asking because I had already seen lovebirds in June in Phoenix. Was wondering if it was the same spot.
  10. I would also probably go with Northern due to the apparent buffy/yellowish wash to the underparts and dense streaking on the throat.
  11. Thanks. Northern was my ID on this. I sent it to the state eBird reviewer and another records committee member and they were both good with Louisiana for reasons I really can't understand.
  12. Northern for me based on the dense streaking and buffy supercilium.
  13. I'm looking for opinions on this. Taken in CT. I'm going to hold off my opinion or the other opinions I got until I hear from a couple of people. Thanks! https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S58503856
  14. Thanks, it was the spots that made me think it was a Solitary.
  15. We're in Vermont and we saw a hummer visiting my cosmos yesterday. I haven't seen any at my feeder for a while, though.
  16. Looks like a Broad-tailed. Long tail projection, relatively short and straight bill, neat throat pattern.
  17. Augusta, GA--I think I saw my last bird/s about 2 days ago.
  18. That's the way it works. I have fresh nectar in the fridge but I suspect I've filled my feeders for the last time. Sept. 20th is pretty late here in central SC.
  19. Now my hummingbirds have completely vanished 😟
  20. And just like that, all my hummingbirds seem to of vanished within a matter of days 😟
  21. I’m aware of that. I was just basing it off of the endings of their common names.
  22. Hmm, what is the general practice around here for sharing birding spots? I'm sure that you're a responsible birder, but I also don't want to stress the birds by bringing too much attention to them. Opinions?
  23. Seen in Colorado in late summer. Thanks!
  24. I whole-heartedly agree with this sentiment. I don't think many birders actually do that anymore, and they certainly don't seem to read the thing. I can remember going back-and-forth through my first field guide when I started, looking at the pix, looking at the range maps, and reading the text. Absolutely critical.
  25. Adult-ish Pomarine -- center of gravity is in the middle of the body -- a real pot belly on that bird. The wings look wide-based and the head -- what we can see of it -- looks large.
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