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  2. Thanks! That’s a little too far for me to go for a vagrant that will probably show up down closer to me this fall.
  3. Hello! Took these photos of a tiny bird in a backyard in a Longmont CO neighborhood today, and have absolutely no clue what it is. Checked through a local field guide, a Sibley's guide, and a few bird ID apps, and every time I came up short. Closest thing that I've seen is a bushtit, but this definitely has a very different beak. Some details: Very small bird, probably 3 - 4 inches long. Was in the trees constantly hopping around and making a sharp, fast paced chirping sound. There were probably 10 of them, and they would occasionally fly from tree to tree in groups of 4 or 5 while doing the same call near constantly until they flew away completely. Sorry about the photo quality not being the absolute best (even though I had to keep the exposure pretty bright the color is very close to what I saw in person), the light was very low and I had to get out of there quick thanks to the mosquitoes. Appreciate any potential help, just got interested in birding in the last few weeks and have been having a blast, and this is my first real bird ID challenge I've come across! Thanks!
  4. Little Stint in Santa Barbara!! @IKLland
  5. Thanks! Man I’m crap at remembering that. Done and thanks again!
  6. Glad you found some nice species! However, I strongly suggest not using exact locations for people's houses and just put the pin in a fairly near area for privacy reasons.
  7. I had bad experiences with this. For me and my sigma contemporary 150-600mm lens it pushed the dust to the sides which I believe is the cause of dust on the internal glass pieces (I got the lens with no dust) I switched over to using a hand-held blower to remove dust and then I used the cloth to wipe smudges off if there are any. Just my thoughts on this...
  8. Heard this in Philadelphia PA today. I assumed American Robin because there were plenty of them around, but Merlin is giving me Yellow-breasted Chat for the first song/call. Sounds more like an American Robin to me, but I'm not that experienced with Yellow-breasted Chats and wanted to get a confirmation. Sounds a little like the flight call sample on eBird for a Yellow-breasted Chat and there was some good habitat for one nearby, which is what is causing some slight doubt. 2023-06-08 19_12.mp3
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  10. Ha! I didn't even notice that on the check list. The Collier County Large-billed Tern hasn't been reported today , though the Brevard County one has been. Two days ago I was looking at Southwest Airlines flights from Baltimore to Fort Myers airports, finding 2 iirc non-stop flights each day. My fantasy trip would have started today, and lasted through Saturday. I was not actually planning on going, but I thought I'd just see. I could definitely fly from Baltimore to Nassau County for the White-winged Tern (and Arctic Tern too). But, the WWTE wasn't reported after mid-morning to eBird. Of course it could come back tomorrow... But I'm not going after that bird either. (I have seen it and Arctic Tern about 3 or so times each in this country.)
  11. My knee jerk reaction to the first image was a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak because of the yellow wash to the upper breast. I wonder if the yellow is more of a tint caused by the greenery in front of the bird though.
  12. Harrier would have a much longer tail and wouldn't be able to perch on that tiny twig.
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