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  2. My apologies. I totally missed that the original poster said January. Makes the chances of it being Virginia’s warbler next to nothing.
  3. By buff I mean tan. It does not have a crest. I will try again tomorow to get a pic. Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. It definitely sounds like a Northern Cardinal. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/125644111
  5. Definitely a House Sparrow, but it's quite a weird molt/plumage- the back patterning is completely missing, and it has dark in places that neither male/female House Sparrow usually has. Perhaps some pigment disorder?
  6. @Benjamin Wow, Great! That is a lifer for me! That makes sense that they are hard when looking at their range map https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black_Rosy-Finch/maps-range. Thanks!
  7. Black Rosy-Finch is absolutely correct! And an awesome bird, I don't know about your location specifically, but in general Rosy-Finches are notoriously hard to find in the summer months.
  8. As has already been stated, it's a Yellow-rumped Warbler. Virginia's has a much different look overall- in the field it's very reminiscent of a Lucy's Warbler, i.e. silvery gray overall with little facial pattern and no streaking. Also, it's definitely not going to be found in California especially during January, and especially at low elevation. As plain as it is, Virginia's Warbler is definitely one of my favorite birds.
  9. Taken Today. Location: Lemhi County Idaho (east central) at a mountain lake called Meadow Lake , 8200 ft elevation. I have tried Merlin, and it came up with Brewer's Blackbird. I also looked around and the closest thing I can come up with is Black Rosy-Finch, but not very confident in that ID. Thanks for the Help.
  10. It's a juvenile, too. Notice the fleshy gape and the very short tail.
  11. Did some research, I think it’s a peacock flight feather. I think they’re sometimes used for quill pens. Maybe my dad was lying to me about finding it, or someone dropped it on the ground and he found it and misidentified it.
  12. I like Greater. Extensive barring and upturned, long bill.
  13. Has the proflie of a melospiza sparrow, by the Buffy throat, Lincoln’s I believe.
  14. I realize just a photo without scale puts everyone at a disadvantage but working on this lesser vs greater ID. thanks
  15. I don’t think it’s Yellow-rumped/Audubon’s as it doesn’t have any yellow on its head besides the throat. It also appears more drab and brown, while Yellow-rumped are gray or black and streaky.
  16. I’m not sure how big they are, but could it be a female northern cardinal?
  17. Could you try to describe the bird in more detail? By "buff" do you mean brown?
  18. I am thinking this too. The bill seems too dark to be a young yellowthroat. Also, if that yellow in the first picture is under the bird's tail (I think it is?) then I would say Virginia's
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