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  2. My plan exactly! Except we just left the NW to visit my inlaws in western NY so the evergreens are in short supply
  3. Looks good for a common loon. The bill is too thick to be any other loon around here.
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  5. Truth be told, I thought this was a broad-winged hawk. Red-shouldered hawks I've seen are more slender. However, given the time of the year, broad-winged hawks are rare, and hence my doubt.
  6. I would also like to know what the call at 0:06 in this recording is https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/258962811#_ga=2.10920436.1942765620.1603560437-1029774496.1575521015
  7. Hi all, Is the top left tern here with the full cap a Roseate? Or common? thx!
  8. Thanks Bird Nuts. I hope those familiar with the sparrows can provide their thoughts.
  9. Maybe 35" is a better estimate, especially since the Mallard is slightly farther away!
  10. What are you measuring to get 36". Thanks!
  11. Unsure on this one from today in Alabama
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  13. My main turnoff from Cackling is the size. The forehead and bill size look borderline to me, so I wouldn't rule it out by those alone. But now that I'm measuring more carefully this bird looks to be right around 36", which puts it at least 6" larger than the largest Cacklings (Crossley ID guide lists up to 30", most resources even less). Thanks for the replies!
  14. Hi all, This is a winter Common Loon, right? thx Morgan
  15. Point Reyes, CA. HEGUxGWGU. Pretty light back, wings not black, pale eye, dull bill. Would this be considered pure GWGU, or a 2nd or 3rd generation backcross w/ WEGU
  16. Not the best checklist of the day, but one with the best bird. https://ebird.org/checklist/S75404463 Always nice finding a code 3 bird.
  17. I’d expect Cackling to be smaller with a stubbier bill.
  18. Thanks for weighing in! You're probably right... I though the bill was too long and narrow for a sanderling but now I'm not so sure.
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