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  2. Too hard to tell? I thought the tan looking one had to be some kind of Dowitcher
  3. When navigating the “What bird” search on my iPad, I can’t navigate to additional pages in the list view. Is anyone else having that problem? When I am in “list” view, it will say, for example, “Results 1-10 of 28” but there is no apparent way to get to the 11-20 or 21-28 of them. When I choose “icons” view, it will show beneath the “Results 1-10 of 28” a second row that has clickable items “1 2 3 Next” but these do not show up on the “text” view. Also, on the “icons” view there is an “Expand” next to the “Restart” . The “Expand” option is hidden on the Text view.
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  5. Adult male Ruby-Throated. The feathers are reflective, and the color depends on the angle of the light.
  6. Looks good for Western Wood-Pewee to me.
  7. Sorry, West Coast gulls are all I have to offer ...but thanks for the comment. Apparently, gull experts are hard to come by! 🙂
  8. Correction on the male warbler that was hanging out with the others. Upon closer inspection, it is a Black-throated Green Warbler, not a Golden-cheeked Warbler.
  9. I haven't studied the hummingbirds much but I can say that the color of that throat can look different depending on lighting. All I see is dark(not necessarily green) but that might not be the color that shows in the light.
  10. Would you mind posting some East-coast gulls for a change? Not that I could help with them either but they do seem slightly less complicated.
  11. First week of May I was birding near Laguna Atascosa in South Texas. Lots of singing sparrows, both Cassins and Botteri's, but we found that distinguishing the silent birds was difficult. Two photos here, the first I believe is a Botteri's based on the plain brown chest, large dark bill, and a hint of a gray neck. The second is somewhat tricky. Based on the stripe down the side of the throat, some speckling on the neck, and less buff on the sides I was leaning Cassins. Input appreciated! - Justin Watts, MN
  12. I don't believe a juvenile would have the dark throat. I would say this is an adult male.
  13. More pictures my daughter took this afternoon. She also took a video but the file was too large. He/she had a big earthworm! Thanks for the info!!
  14. HI, I saw this hummingbird in Ontario today. Is it a Juvenile Ruby-throated hummingbird? Is it why its throat is green? thx
  15. Hi, I saw this bird today in Ontario. Any idea what it is? thx
  16. Hi, I saw this bird today in Ontario. Is it a black-billed cuckoo? thx
  17. Hahaha. I feel only partially foolish now. Thanks, though! 🙂
  18. That is actually a frog, a Spring Peeper to be exact.
  19. Can anyone help identify this bird, that I think is hiding under my hedge? My Android app is consistently suggesting Wood Thrush; Baltimore Oriole; and even Blue Jay - though looking up each of these calls specifically is NOT a match for what I've recorded. This is second night we've been hearing this [presumed] bird; my mom hopes it won't keep her up again when she's trying to sleep! 😯 Thanks! P1890210.MP4
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