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  2. OK, I thought as much. All but the RTHA would be the only one that wasn't a lifer so I guess it'll get left as a buteo
  3. Looks more Red-shouldered than Broad-winged (bulkier), in my opinion. I guess it's unidentifiable.
  4. Never assume a the identity of a bird! If you right a bird off at first sight you might miss something important. I still look at every herring gull, purely because Western gulls exist.
  5. Based on the fact that this bird appears in my opinion to be in adult plumage while also having what looks like black on the tip of a relatively small bill, I would say ringer. Also shape seems off to me for a herring. We have lots of them up here in Maine so I have seen tons and tons and this bird did not strike me as a herring when I first saw it.
  6. No, but neither is a Tricolored - Tricolored I think actually averages very slightly larger than Red-winged, or a least slightly longer-winged and longer-billed. The apparent size difference is mostly due to posture, also there is a lot of individual variation in the size of blackbirds even within the same species
  7. Red tail was my first thought too but I also now see the barring Broad-winged?
  8. Certainly a buteo. Broad-winged Hawk or Red-tailed Hawk I think. Doesn’t have much of a belly band, but may be a pale Red-tail?
  9. Would a "Bicolored" be significantly smaller than another "normal" RW?
  10. Fall River SP (KS) October 22 Flying by itself above both Fall River Lake and the huge flock of Franklin's Gulls there that day. Thought Ringer but had trouble ruling out Herring.
  11. ☝️ Beat me to catching my own mistake within 5 sec
  12. Did you post the photo? I can’t see it Now I can see it! Poor service on my end
  13. The issue is that some areas of California can have Bicolored Red-wings, nominate Red-wings, and Tricoloreds, even in the same flock sometimes. Female Bicolored and female Red-winged do not look the same. I agree with this, but would like to hear the opinions of some other California birders @DLecy @Connor Cochrane
  14. This time it's a hawk - rather poor photo but it's all I got.
  15. Seen at Marievale Bird Sanctuary, Nigel, South Africa on Oct 26 2021. Near water. Thanks for assistance
  16. Sounds good to me. That's a new one - thanks.
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  18. My wife now sighs when I pull out my binoculars. I may need to tone it down.
  19. Gorgeous adult light morph Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk or possibly Harlan's intergrade (based on the red, banded tail) earlier this week in Crockett County, Tennessee.
  20. Last night I had a dream I was birding somewhere local, and a bunch of chickadees and titmice were acting weird around some small pine trees, I looked closer, and there was a Saw whet, then another, and another. Of course kinda in the open for good photos and I remember thinking, “Wow, these aren’t that hard to find after all!” 😂😢
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