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  3. bobhowdy

    iBird Photo Sleuth Reviews

    When will iBird Sleuth be available for Android?
  4. What about iBird UK Pro? Any update planned in the near future with iBird Pro Sleuth for UK birds? Thank you for your apps with amazing source of informations. Frederic
  5. Yes, I am on Facebook. I'll see if I can send these to Ben.
  6. Creeker

    Vesper Sparrow?

    A lot of our western Savannahs lack the yellow as well.
  7. Now this is a bird I have zero personal experience with, but it sounds like a juvenile Barred Owl.
  8. blackburnian

    Denver bird for ID

    Western Wood Pewee.
  9. This is indeed a Muscovy.
  10. I haven’t been able to get a picture, but my husband recorded this video. I realize it’s hard to see, but there’s a large bird on my neighbor’s chimney. I live in the suburbs of Louisville, KY. I hear this bird almost every night, and I am dying to figure out what it is! Please help! :) E58C0D3A-9287-4C17-B7A2-538D538A28E2.mov
  11. TexasCobra

    LOL forum topic

    Kung foo to you too!
  12. this will not ID this bird exactly but I have seen all sorts of Muscovy ducks so it it does not exactly what you have found online...that in my opinion would not rule it out. For me the bill area is the best field mark...red and "wrinkled"
  13. TexasCobra

    LOL forum topic

    Photoshop image. The birds are not in the same scale. The interaction is not natural.
  14. Hello - I am a new member and need some help. I am doing an art wall and have a six birds I cannot identify. Thank you for you help.I will send them 3 at a time. This is the second set Thank you, David
  15. Hello - I am a new member and heed some help. I am doing an art wall and have a six birds I cannot identify. Thank you for you help.I will send them 3 at a time. Thank you, David
  16. Seattle

    LOL forum topic

    I know absolutely nothing about these guys! Do they eat ducks!?????
  17. Hi all, Can anyone please help me identify this bird? I saw it today in a marshy area in a park in Charlotte, NC. It is mostly black with some white in the wings and a white head, and red / orange color around the eyes. I am thinking Muscovy Duck but the photos I have found online seem to vary quite a bit. Sorry the photos aren’t the best. Thanks in advance for any help !
  18. Happy to hear that an Android update is on its way...
  19. Administrator

    Is this the future of the Field Guide?

    I was delighted by your post. I know a lot of people do birding like you, in the field they observe. Some take photos. Most sit down at home and use a combo of books, field guides and the Internet to identify the birds they saw and were not sure about. Also I think a large number of sales of field guides and for learning about birds, and may never end up being used as a reference in the field. So even a mini guide might be purchased as a way to learn about the birds in your area
  20. TexasCobra

    LOL forum topic

    Nobody told me about kuru. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2016/09/06/482952588/when-people-ate-people-a-strange-disease-emerged
  21. this photo was taken in mid-May, 2018, in Denver
  22. Administrator

    iBird Pro 12.0 – A Huge Update

    Hoping for an Android version of Photo Sleuth next year. The business model and prices has not been determined.
  23. Jerry Friedman


    This isn't a good picture, but it is my life Surf Scoter, found by other birders here in N. M. yesterday.
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