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  2. Found my first chipping sparrow of the year today. Apparently one of the first ones of the year for most of Canada (except for the southern parts like Ontario, Victoria etc.) Also the first day that NRW swallows showed up here. Hoping for more migrants tomorrow morning before I leave.
  3. I’ve only seen them in Orange, but I know they get into LA
  4. That's a fantastic bird for the lower mainland! Well found!
  5. These were taken 4/9 in Southern California. I think the first one is a Wilson's Warbler which would be a first for me. I think the black spot on the head identifies it versus yellow warbler. What is the second one? It looks like some sort of sparrow because of the beak, but is it also a warbler? I have no clue on this one. Thanks for the help!
  6. You made my day, Tony!! Never seen Redhead before!! A lifer for me! Thank you!
  7. I agree with Brown Creeper. To me they sound like a downward scoop, which your spectrogram does a great job of illustrating.
  8. Thanks! It's good to be here. I haven't been posting too much recently, but I probably will be a little more active now that the weather's getting nicer. Here are some bonus pictures for the thread.
  9. Birds are being charged tolls? 😎 On/near the immediate coast on peninsular Florida, Fish Crow is much more likely than is American Crow. In many parts of the immediate coast there, American is quite rare. Agreed.
  10. Redhead -- the head is way too big and way too round/square for Ring-necked. Also, the crown is warm brown rather than slate colored, with the rest of the head being buffy or brown rather than gray.
  11. Lifer CASJ today! P1040450.MP4
  12. The top of my dirt trail in my neighborhood. Got my lifer CASJ today here! Two of em!
  13. Thank you. Lemme see what I can find to put up. 🙂
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