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  2. I may have to duck this thread.
  3. Sunday is our yearly big day. It'll be bad if we get under 100 warblers. We got 165 species last year, hopefully we beat it. It's not likely though. the big vagrant places are closed for construction. Last year: https://www.pointblue.org/science_blog/drakes-beach-sanderlings/
  4. You KNOW?! 😮 Wow, you must see a lot of warblers.
  5. I know I'll get it on Sunday. We will have to see if anyone can beat me to it
  6. 09/25/2020 Jersey City #1 American redstart? #2 Northern parula? #3 Blackpoll warbler?
  7. I don't know if this is what it was doing since there are no photos or videos, but in a lot of birds rapidly flapping wings is begging behavior seen in females (during courtship) and juveniles. The tail twitching seems weird, though.
  8. Sept 25 2020 Baldwin co AL Hi, All. We are still without internet after Hurricane Sally, so I can't post a decent picture, but there is a what I ID'd as an Eastern Wood Peewee having out in a dead tree by our compost bins. Today he started acting strangely--rapidly flapping his wings and twitching his tail while perched. He seems distressed. I'm wondering if he got into fire ants. Or is this normal flycatcher behavior?
  9. I have never seen a bird levitate before
  10. https://songofamerica.net/song/black-is-the-color/
  11. Have you tried something like Merlin Bird ID, where it walks you through each characteristic of the bird and gives you a list of possible results? Programs like that can be helpful in cases like this.
  12. Cactus Wren? If that's not it, what was the main color of the bird and what was the color of the tail? Did you note shape and color of the bill? Any other markings on the face or wings?
  13. Hello All, I live in Henderson, NV, in the foothills of desert brush and cactus. The attached sketch (apology, I'm 75 y.o. and never an artist) represents a brown bird about the size of a small sparrow with a black eye, a clearly defined, large, yellowish-buff cheek patch and a rounded, forked tail with a soft, white line following the contours of the "a little longer that normal" tail. It was 40' away, drinking and bathing in my garden pond. I watched it through 7x35 binos w/ good optics. At first I thought it might be a sparrow until I saw it through the glasses. I remember it flitted like a verdin. I don't remember any wing bars. I have scoured Peterson's and Audubon, both US and Mexico, but no hits. Anybody have any ideas? Backyard Bird unk..pdf
  14. Today
  15. Chipping Sparrow (dark eyeline and lores, reddish cap, pink bill) in nonbreeding plumage, I believe.
  16. Hi, Saw this bird out in the yard today that I’m not recognizing as one I’ve seen before. My first thought was perhaps a female House Sparrow, but the pale stripe above the eye doesn’t seem to be a match. Also thought perhaps Chipping Sparrow, owing to the redish crown, but that doesn’t look quite right either. Can anyone help me out? Thanks! -Steve ***Wherever you are in the world, I wish my fellow birders (and EVERYONE) continued health and safety in this present time of uncertainty. Be well… ***
  17. Looks like an Acadian to me with the super long primary projection.
  18. Today, Augusta, GA. Traill's? Other? Thanks
  19. I have a feather just like that. It's a Turkey feather for sure.
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