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  2. Probably Double-crested... juveniles are pretty variable in terms of coloration on the undersides... Neotropics are noticeably smaller and smaller-billed than Double-crested
  3. Thanks, I was not looking in that direction.
  4. Wondering if the female wigeon on the right is a Eurasian Wigeon.
  5. No problem! Haha, House Sparrows can be confusing.
  6. Haha! I'm so embarrassed. "This is the most common of common birds of all time, newbie." 🙂 Thank you very much, Melierax.
  7. Hello- I'm new to birding and saw what I think is a white-breated nuthatch visit my feeder with a friend I can't identify. The friend bird (on lower perch in photos) appears brown and gray on it's back, a white belly, and a distinct horizontal white stripe on its wing. Any help is appreciated! I live in Northern Virginia. https://ibb.co/m9PVHdN https://ibb.co/fddfQ4V
  8. Today. Augusta, GA. I don't believe Neotropic has ever been reported in Georgia. But on four of these cormorants from today, I am noticing a white edge bordering the gular. I can't find examples of Double-crested showing white like this. I understand the gular is square on Double-crested and tapered on Neotropic, but I'm not actually sure which it is on these. Any thoughts?
  9. I was thinking maybe Red-tailed Hawk?
  10. Huh. I'd go with a mockingbird if forced to guess.
  11. After some reconsideration I definitely agree with Coopers.
  12. So Nat Geo and I aren't on the same page. This is what I get when the sun is shining directly into my lens and the subject is inside a dark place. I gotta wait for a cloudy day to try it again. I don't think this pair is going to be going anyplace. This is highly photoshopped!
  13. Aw, Charlie, no!!!! You’re the best!!!!
  14. Thanks all, and I'm out of likes for now.
  15. I agree with Coop for the main bird.
  16. Yesterday
  17. On that note, I did not get an accipiter vibe in the field. But then it was mostly going away. Probably tough to call with these shots.
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