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  2. Eastern Wood-Pewee, which is a species of flycatcher. Note the long primary projection (measured from the secondaries to the tips), the gray color overall, the gray vest, the peaked head, and the relatively small eye with no eyering.
  3. I'm leaning toward Bay-breasted on this one. The streaking is a bit more prominent than I would expect to see on an Orange-crowned and the color is more tan-yellow rather than greenish-yellow. It's not a Pine - they have dark cheeks, more prominent eye arcs, and blurrier streaking.
  4. I'm not good at Eastern warblers so I'm gonna give it a shot. Don't trust me. Pine Warbler?
  5. Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it! The title and description of the video will be updated soon.
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  7. Yes, Virginia Rail--small size, gray on face, white throat.
  8. Thank you so much! I was Birding in South east Michigan, oops forgot to include my location.
  9. Yellow-rumped Warbler. Note the brown color above and white throat and belly with white eye arcs and dense gray streaking on the sides of the breast and flanks. The yellow patches on the sides of the breast are hard to see in the photos, but I think they're still there.
  10. That is a young Sharp-shinned Hawk. They are a bit more compact with rounder heads and larger eyes than Cooper's Hawks and they have denser, blotchier streaking than a Cooper's at this age.
  11. If you are finding them dead fairly close to the house they may be hitting a window (or windows).
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