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  2. Yes, Ferruginous Hawk. Note the lack of dark patagial bars, the white patch on the base of the tail and the white patches showing on the upperside of the wings (the bases of the primaries). Also the broad head with the long gape. Also, its a juvenile.
  3. The last photo definitely has two Eurasian Oystercatchers, but I can not help with any of the others.😢
  4. Very RARE Texas Toucan found! I was hanging out with an Eastern Phoebe...
  5. Picture taken in McKinleyville CA, near Eureka at 10:00 AM 3/30/2020. Some slight showers.
  6. I was taking a photo of a Cattle Egret, and...
  7. Possible ferruginous hawk in Mckinleyville CA
  8. Today
  9. Saw this bird picking things from a spider web, not sure if it was something to eat or collecting the web to be used in her nest? Any thoughts on this and its ID are appreciated! Thanks Ricardo
  10. Agree with @akandula's IDs. In the last image the woodpecker seems to have a shorter bill which would make me lean Downy over Hairy, but it is very tough to see from these pictures.
  11. The first four photos are of a male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. The last two photos are either a Downy or a Hairy -- it's tough to see details from these photos.
  12. When I saw this bird in Cloudland Canyon State Park in Rising Fawn, Georgia on March 28, 2020, I thought it was finally my first Hairy Woodpecker. When I got back home and processed the pictures, I talked myself out of that identification. Now I am not even sure if it is a woodpecker. Please help me ID this bird. Sorry about the poor quality, but it was after sunset.
  13. Agree with Willet (an ugly one though). Stilt Sandpiper looks more like a long-legged Dunlin with Dowitcher-style foraging technique
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