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Please help me ID this bird in Gilbert, Arizona 1.0.0

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Hi! You can upload your photos in the "Help Me Identify a North American Bird" forum to get quick ID help.

About This File

Every morning at 9-10am this bird comes down from the tree next-door, lands on the clothes line outside my window, gives me a nod of its head, as if to say good morning, then flies down to the kiddie pool below the clothes line, and takes a quick bath. I’ve looked on several sites trying to I’d it, with no luck. It’s such a pretty bird with its deep rust colored feathers covering all of its body but its wings and tail feathers, which are a shade of brown. And it’s got a short beak, almost like a Cardinals but not so large. I’ve got a quick video and several still photos, but I don’t know how to add them. Also, I tried to use the iBird app, submitted my pics, but it came back with no matches!









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