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gif.thumb.jpg.424c45c53ea111cc94b10e684c52d5f8.jpgSAM_0055.thumb.JPG.5d0ee915983c309a779431cdf170b6b2.JPGSAM_2311.thumb.JPG.c61fdbaa526a42530bb3765560771abc.JPGA couple years agSAM_2370.thumb.JPG.61c1bdc0911dda342276116508f7297c.JPGo I observed a leucistic dark eyed junco in my yard. Next year I got a white titmouse. I call it frosty. The next year I got another white titmouse with a little gray on back and wings. I call it junior. This year I got a junco with a white tail. I call it truce. This is four birds of two species with leucism in four years. I'm curious how common this is. It is kind of cool to identify individual birds and give them names.

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