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    The heat has kept me from doing much with pictures this Summer, but I got a few Black-chinned Hummingbird pics yesterday... BCHU07222018-3 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr BCHU07222018-2 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr BCHU07222018 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr
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    My fav from yesterday... White-eyed Vireo WEVI07232018 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr
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    I wanted to suggest one more thing before you publish this. To make the post stand out more you can add a tag to the title. I believe this is done by typing in a tag (maybe PLEASE READ! or something like that) in the tags box below the title box then selecting that tag in the Item prefix drop down menu.
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    Yesterday--From Phinizy Swamp, Augusta, GA
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    @Aveschapines, it looks like we're ready. Should I start a new topic and notify you, or is there some other method of publication you'd prefer?
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    There is another way... from your main photostream page right click on the photo you want to share/link ...from the open box put your cursor over ''copy link address'' and click on it...go to Whatbird and in the message/reply box right click and then click paste..the photo will take a few second to appear...this method eliminates the need to click on a link to view the photo. Hope this helps. 🙂
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    The simplest thing to do is to upload your photo to Flickr.com(it's free and has virtually unlimited storage space, 1TB stores a LOT of photos) and then copy the BBCode and paste it into your message box. To access the BBCode you'll need to open the image and click the share button(curved arrow) to the bottom right of the image. The box that opens has many ways to share the photo so be sure to click the BBCode link in the top right and then copy the highlighted code and paste it into your message. It's recommended to choose one of the medium sized options before copying the code so that the image isn't bigger than we can view it here on Whatbird.
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    Hello, I saw this a couple of days ago in a wooded area on Long Island, NY. Thanks.
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    Did you notice that it has been banded? ... one on each leg. 🙂
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    Red-winged Blackbird.
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    Agree. It is a female.
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    Looks like a Yellow-headed Blackbird to me.
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    From a cruise ship. I managed thirteen lifers on that trip. A better birder would have found many more, I'm sure.
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    @Mark F, great bird. Where are you shooting from, a cruise ship, birding charter, something else?
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    Yellow Crowned Night Heron chicks having breakfast
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    ?Question? ...If insects, mammals, amphibians and other wildlife forums are brought back would it be possible for snakes to have their own section instead of being included with frogs/toads, lizards, turtles and crocs/gators? Having had an unfavorable experience with a snake I'm deathly afraid of them. The other cold-blooded creatures are great subjects for photography so I'd love seeing what other people post without the fear of coming face to screen with a snake. 😱 Thank you . 🙂
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    This bird's still in juvenile plumage (all of the feather edges are nice and crisp, with very little sign of wear -- adults at the start of their fall plumage should be quite worn, and I don't see any molting which would indicate that it hasn't started it's first pre-basic molt either). At this point, telling male from female requires measurements. The orange on the lesser wing coverts actually doesn't tell us anything --all their plumages show some orange there when fresh.
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    Mt Hood reflecting on Trillium Lake
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    I'm guessing the car is a Mini Cooper which is a favorite habitat for these Hawks. Welcome to Whatbird.
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    Semi-landscape: West Maui Rainbow by Drew Beamer, on Flickr
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    British Columbia, Canada
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    Approaching Thunderstorm @ Brig by Greg Miller, on Flickr
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    Oregon coast sunsets.
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