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    Northern Watersnake by Greg Miller, on Flickr Thirsty Possum by Greg Miller, on Flickr Little Brown Bat by Greg Miller, on Flickr Green Frog by Greg Miller, on Flickr
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    Them's the rules. You blinked first and I win the pot. You never want to bet against Mr. Hawk in a stare down contest!
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    I remember this thread from earlier. Sparrow Anahauc NWR 4-18 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    last nights sunset
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    Thank you. Am. Wigeon is a lifer. And below is a second lifer for today--Lark Sparrow. Discovered by Liam.
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    Green Heron Anahuc NWR 4-18' Green Heron Anahuc NWR 4-18 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    May be a common sight but that doesn't make the mallard any less beautiful.
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    Where and when did you see them? The east coast is pretty big!
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    Yes, Guillemots and then a Gannet.
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    Not 100% sure, but I would tentatively guess Blackpoll. Wing bars, light legs and feet, dark eye line with light broken eye ring.
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    Got it (just noticed the black tip on the bill also) and thanks - looks like a steep learning curve, but enjoyable.
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    Gray overall with a yellow rump, yellow in the wings, weak face pattern, and faint streaking - I'd call it a Cape May.
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    I think you got it!
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    Those are Redheads. Notice that the scaups have much more noticeable white patches in front of their eyes.
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    If you're choosing between me and @The Bird Nuts, always go with TBN! On the other hand, if you're reporting these in eBird, there's an option for 'Greater / Lesser Scaup'. Sometimes you're going to get a photo or a sighting that you just can't definitely nail down. That's part of birding.
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    And the behavior. Juncos are usually on the ground.
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    I agree with IvoryBillHope.
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    I've never seen one, but I'd go along with this ID too. They look a lot like Blue-and-White Mockingbirds, which I tried hard to make into way out-of-range Mexican Jays when I first saw one!
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    Here's one from Oregon
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    Most are Gadwalls. Third shot is two American Wigeons. Second shot behind the center Gadwall might be a teal, or could be a female Gadwall.
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    Looks like they’re pretty rare in Arkansas in general, especially rare this early in the fall.
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    1-3. Blackpoll Warblers. Pine Warblers lack the streaking on the back. 4. First winter White-crowned. Juveniles are streaked.
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    These look better for Lesser Scaup due to the peak at the back of the head. I've never seen one with a white ring around the eye, though, so I'm not sure about that one either.
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    These are Black-chinned Sparrows. Note the streaked back.
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    Help with ID. Is this a bob cat. Others have been ID'd in this location. Mississippi Gulf Coast. IMG_6281a by H W, on Flickr IMG_6279a by H W, on Flickr
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    Rainbow Falls - Western North Carolina
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    Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming
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    This mornings sunrise produced some awesome ray-like clouds at Mt Hood and White River.
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