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    Common Nighthawk Anahauc NWR Common Nighthawk Anahauc NWR 7-18 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Ring-necked Duck Ring-necked Duck by Johnny, on Flickr
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    Gadwall Duck by peter spencer, on Flickr Gadwall duck
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    I have outlined the bird and even colored it in (the branches I left white). If this doesn't convince you it's a thrush (with it's belly facing toward the viewer), I guess nothing will.
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    Just singing in the rain!
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    Spring is starting early for us too. My Okame Cherry trees are already blooming! Still have winter species hanging around. It will not be long until the rose-breasted grosbeaks and hummingbirds come back! Can't wait.
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    Yellow-rumped Warbler, actually. Notice the bluish back, head, and streaking on the flanks, the white eye arcs, throat, and belly, and the yellow patch on the side near the shoulder.
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    He seems to occupy a pulpit. That makes him a sermonizer or psalmodier rather than a basso buffo. This preacher is probably calling out for funds to repair the chapel's roof!
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    I would think maybe Moronus maximus!
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    I discovered a new species soaring above my backyard. I would classify it as Pteranodon noisyus but it might have been previously reported and classified. Conspiracy theorists and other members of the lunatic fringe would perhaps report it as an artifact of alien intelligence. What are your thoughts?
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    The dark, very dense streaking, smaller head in proportion to the body, and long, thin bill makes this a Red-winged Blackbird.
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    I am both grateful that your work has finally allowed me to make out the details in these photos , and appalled by my total ignorance of how you did it .
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    The original post says the bird has been there for months. Also, while bats may sleep hanging from one foot, owls don't.
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    I completely agree with @Jim W and @Charlie Spencer's feelings about the Facebook groups and Birdforum.net. I don't have a Facebook account either, but when I occasionally look through those birding Facebook pages I cringe. It seems Birdforum members either don't give enough details on why they think it's a certain species or they argue for days on one thread (often about an irrelevant subject)! 😒 This forum is still the best out there!
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    Hooded Mergansers Hooded Merganser (M) by Johnny, on Flickr Hooded Merganser (F) by Johnny, on Flickr
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    Black-throated Sparrow. Pretty bird!
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    Eurasian eagle owl at a controlled photo shoot
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    Yes. 1st pic you can see the tail patter with dark inner and white outer feathers. 2nd pic is good for Dark-eyed Junco, with white on bottom, and probably female with the amount of brown above.
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    "Aw, man!!! I can't believe I just stepped in that!!!" 1-Yolo Bypass NWR 03-14-2014 024 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
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    Great Blue Heron, Vancouver Island.
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