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    Long-eared Owl
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    Tricolored Heron by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Northern pintail, brants, and green-winged teal.
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    A tale of three hawks: Cold and windy morning here in San Antonio. I decided to go ahead and head out to one of the local parks near my house, probably within a 2 mile radius. So, on the way to the park, I see a hawk flying. I decided to detour and follow and he perched up on a cellphone tower. But wait, he wasn't alone. There was another hawk there also. So I snapped the pictures and watched them fly off - Red Tails from what I could see. Now, granted, I am still new to this, but with the help I have received on the forums here, I felt pretty confident in the identification. So I continued on to the park, where I had seen some Red Shouldered Hawks the previous weekend. Sure enough, there was one there today perched in top of a tree. So, I continued my walk around the park area and got some good shots of other birds also. After my walk, I decided to head home. As I was pulling into my neighborhood, I noticed a hawk perched up on top of a light pole. Snapped some photos, and pulled around to get some shots of his front side. Well, it was a Cooper's Hawk. My wife had snapped some photos of him a few months back on top of a light pole near the house, but hadn't seen him since. I felt pretty lucky today. Was lucky enough to see three different species of hawks within a 2 mile radius of my house - and all here in the city.
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    I know I used deodorant this morning
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    Buy a couple of gallons. If it runs out before your next shopping run, switch back to the water source you're currently using. The birds have been sipping that until now; a temporary relapse won't bother them. Great. Now I'm picturing two hummies talking about nectar using terms normally used by wine snobs. "Have you had the nectar at The Bird Nuts'? This June vintage has some harsh overtones." "Oh, definitely. I thought the May pressing was crisper, and had a sugary finish. Of course, it wasn't as palatable as last September's, but you know the last pressing of year is always the sweetest." "Hey, wait a minute! Are you drinking from MY feeder again?!?" <<typical hummie territorial fight breaks out>>
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    Logan Ohio Waltham, Mss. View from the Landfill, Logan Ohio
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    If we're going with easier to say, how about 'Canuk Goose' or even just 'Goose, eh?'
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    I would highly doubt any small difference would make enough of an impact on the ratio of sugar and water to worry about. Addendum-I make 4 cups (with 1 c sugar) at a time, as that is the amount my favorite measuring cup holds.
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    Is this a Rock Wren as well? https://imgur.com/6LIPEmP
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    Actually a Rock Wren, sitting on a rock! 😅
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    Turquoise-browed Motmot by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Barred Owl photographed in a local park.
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    Sometimes you just get the urge to do silly stuff with your photos. 🎬
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    I don't really see anything that points away from Horned here... Head shape as far as I can tell seems to be better for Horned, same with the bill. Plus it's Ohio in the winter, and Horned is much more common at this time of year, and Eared is rare at all times.
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    I'll try to find out how long the spring water is in the gallon jug from Walmart. I would not think that it is very long and would not have a substantial leaching chemical effect. Water has to stay in the plastic jug for months and months to get any chemical leaching. That is my understanding from the research that has been done. I think the Great Value Spring Water taste very good here in Alabama. I'm not sure that if you bought it in Missouri or Pennsylvania that the source is the same. Probably not.
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    I also boil, because sugar doesn't dissolve for me otherwise. I boil with a kettle, though, because I'm not a heathen. 😂 (Then I measure out the boiled water and add the sugar and stir. Then toss what I don't use in the fridge for the week.)
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    If you don't get a lot of hummers, why would you buy in bulk?
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    Oh man, that pintail shot ROCKS.
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    If they are still around, the females are easier to differentiate between Greater and Lesser. Female lessers have a crisp white facial mask versus a mangy ,blotchy mask on the greater.Unlees you have great light conditions, head color is tough to determine from any distance, as you already know.Head shape,round =Greater, peaked and blocky =Lesser.here in ohio, both have started showing up in numbers in the past 2 weeks. Flank whiteness can be deceiving as young drake Greaters can appear dirty also
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    The male gets that white patch from a white "hip", whereas the female's white comes from the secondaries. Other males have white hips (wigeon), and other females have white secondaries, (gadwall), so no you can't rely soley on the white spots in the rear view to id a female pintail, especially since those secondaries are not always visible. Instead, look for that smooth, warm, unmarked head with a grey bill. Scott
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    Sorry LeopARTnik, I wasn't trying to confuse you. I can't help with your ID but I thought that bumping this back up to the top might help get more experienced eyes on it.
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    Only because I looked in the field guide... I'd lean towards Audubon's. The white on the throat should wrap around the neck a ways on a myrtle. Although in the last picture it ALMOST looks like it does a bit...
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    Thank you--here is another of that same bird I believe https://flic.kr/p/2f2qs7v These were taken in August
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    Big horn sheep Yakima Canyon, WA
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    Options are pretty much horned or eared... and I'm leaning eared myself, not that I'm great with these. I remember last time I looked in the guide it showed a lighter colored tip to the bill on the horned. The first picture there seems like(I could be wrong) it's good enough that we'd see the light tip if it were there. Just another thought to add... 🙂
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    @jcarscadden... your pics in the first post are an immature bird which is why they are rufous colored. Your other pic is of an adult.
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    Looks like a leucistic Brown-headed Cowbird.
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    As far as how birding is going, I've been ULTRA busy (school, getting ready for college, all that jazz), so I haven't gotten much birding in. I got yearbird Bushtits on Friday when I went here: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S53264071
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    So back to the pics... the first one is a Hermit Thrush and the second one is a much larger bodied bird, with my best IDs based on a very poor pic(no offense intended) being Red-shouldered Hawk or Barred Owl. They are definitely not the same bird in the 2 pics.
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    Yes, great shots of a beautiful bird. Look at those powerful wings as it takes off! I agree with Jerry, Cooper's for the reasons he stated. Also, the hint of a paler nape than the dark gray crown in picture 1.
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    Great flight shots! Sorry, that's all I can bring to this conversation.
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    A couple of Ring-necked ducks at Steigerwald NWR.
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    69:Green Winged Teal. 70:Killdeer.
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    Matching pair of Avocets at the Pixley NWR yesterday
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    Lifer #639 - ABA #430 Eastern Whip-poor-will - Palm Beach County, FL 2-26-19
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    Finally...Hairy Woodpecker.
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    Lifer Redheads! I was running to the grocery and took a detour past a nearby farm pond I check on frequently. I took a couple of quick photos and recorded them in eBird as Scaup species / Incidental. Then I looked at the photos today! My first lifer of 2019. The same pond gave me Ruddy Ducks 16 months ago, Snow Goose two years ago, and Northern Rough-Winged Swallow almost three years ago.
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    This eagle was just hanging around - upside down!?
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