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    Show of hands, please: how many of you said "Northern Mockingbird" based on the post title only, before you ever opened it?
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    If Eastern Phoebes are that rare in Idaho, I'd say it's worth reporting.
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    On a somewhat unrelated note, whatever happened to Bigfoot? Loved his leadership and presence on the forums. I remember he went out of his way to help me over email with an issue I was having with the forum back when I was a relatively new member, around 2013.
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    I often wonder how I'm interpreted as I do seem to have some communication difficulties at times. But I will clarify that NOTHING I said was directed towards them... I only tagged her(I feel weird saying "her" because I have no idea who's who here -ha- but since that pronoun was already used I'll use it again unless corrected...) because I knew she was in better contact with the admin than the rest of us. In the two times I've used the contact form when the forum was down, it was DAYS before I got a response. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask... which is happening to a lot of people here already and a BIG part of why I'm commenting in the first place. Fewer and fewer people will participate if things continue as is. I honestly don't think I'm out of line sharing my opinions on this matter. Free or not, they're providing a service on the internet and in all honesty, I'm being a lot nicer in this than some people could be. Any popular FREE website out there will have BIG negative responses if they were down for days at a time. That's just reality. That's how the internet works. I probably sound more ungrateful every time I try to defend my position but I'm really struggling to see why my position was questioned so strongly in the first place. It is what it is, I stand by my opinion and my RIGHT to say so. I've already said that part of why I share my thoughts is because I care about this site and don't want to see it go... but if things stay as they are with crashes, a lack of communication, etc, things will struggle here and they'll lose more users AND more potential customers to their iBird I imagine. anyway, I'll be done. You don't have to like what I say but please don't try to tell me I've got no place saying anything. I've said enough though so, I'm out of this one now.
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    Stillit Sandpiper Estero Llano Grande State Park 2017 Stillit Sandpiper by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    @Administrator is the person who runs this site. I can't answer most of your questions; I'm just a volunteer mod. I report to him when the site is down but I can't do anything about bringing it back up.
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    Although I occasionally see Bald Eagles flying over my neighborhood, this was the first time I'd seen one in the neighborhood. And the first time I've ever gotten a decent photo of a Bald Eagle... Bald Eagle by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Very nice! I just drew this Snowy Plover
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    Yep! I draw birds! I haven't done anything since these Black-necked Stilts.
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    Yes, of course. 🙂
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    I will adjust my account, as well as my following preferences for the account. I see your point in not deleting the account.
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    ...so meanwhile back at the ranch while we are waiting for @Nighthawk01 to respond ...here's a cute little guy... Doubleday's Hummingbird. 🙂 Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Francesco Veronesi from Italy - Doubleday Hummingbird - Mexico_S4E8781
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    Wood thrush is the only one with spots that dark and extensive.
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    another bird where the females sometimes throw me but I'm thinking this is a female brown-headed cowbird. overall appearance and bill shape look right to me.
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    Agreed, Gray Catbird. Looks like it was singing, so it probably wasn't sounding like a cat at the time you photographed it.
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    Yep. See how it under the canopy of that redbud tree? (Yeah, the flowers are purple; don't ask me why it's called red.) Catbirds hang out in brush, cover, and understory, and are rarely seen in the open.
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    Thanks... Haha... I don't think I heard it's call.. I would have remembered it.. Wow.. a bird that mews like a cat huh?
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    Thanks Charlie. Yes, the second one from the left is the same bird shown in the original image and the only one I am reasonably confident about. The others don't seem to have the really stubby bill and overall head profile that is required but you could possibly make an argument for one, or maybe, two of the others. OTOH I am happy to have finally found just the one, it took a while.
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    You're definitely right about the yellow- It was really bright in person - much brighter than it appears in the photo - Thanks for the reply!
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    Here are more photos of the little yellow bird.
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    online names can be difficult to decipher... millipede isn't exactly clear... I'm a stay at home dad so, though sometimes I consider myself an alien just visiting this planet.
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    That's correct... but, we call this one "spot" because there is a spot where there would be solid red for a male or a blank space for a female. And it's not an age thing as this bird has been like this for over a year.
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    Well, maybe we could fly that idea past @Nighthawk01 and see what he thinks. Sometimes we come to a standstill for days because everyone tries to avoid those three letters. :)
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    Blue-headed Vireo is quite rare in Costa Rica. Also, the photos really don't look like a vireo for multiple reasons. Just a quick FYI - Paltry Tyrannulet is now known as Mistletoe Tyrannulet in Costa Rica. I believe both photos 1 and 3 are Yellow-olive Flycatchers. Mistletoe Tyrannulet should show a more prominent pale lore and supercilium, and the bill is stubbier. I'm not gonna hazard a guess on #2!
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    Hello all! It’s Trevor L., formerly @Nighthawk01. Switching to a new account. Does anyone know how to delete an old one?
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    Here's my dimes worth: I've been participating in this one from the start so in all due respect I suggest we ask the OP @Nighthawk01 to grant any changes since he did start this thread, however, some of us, myself included, have already broken or bent the rules I still think we should ask first. Or we could abandon this thread totally and start a new one...just sayin'! 🙂
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    I agree with Say's Phoebe for the first and Eastern Phoebe for the second bird.
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    I just want to point out, as a former moderator on a different chat forum, the mods usually have very little control/input, if any, over the construction or function of the website. Aveschapines does a GREAT job of moderating. I am not sure if she has the IT skills to change the forum setup, I am not sure if she is allowed access to the programming itself to make any changes, and I am not sure if she has anymore influence with Admin than us members do in persuading changes.. I am quite sure though that the crashes, and any faults we find in the current layout of the forums, should not be be dumped on her shoulders. Moderating is a thankless job, and as frustrated as we may be with the current function and layout of the website, Aveschapines deserves our thanks for her efforts, not our criticism.
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    In the forty years I have lived in Texas I have never seen one of these bugs before yesterday. One Flickr viewer told me it was camouflaged as bird poop. Common Name: “Ironclad” beetleScientific Name: Zopherus nodulosus haldemani HornOrder: ColeopteraDescription: The striking adult beetle is 5/8 to 1 3/16 inch long and the body is adorned by a black and creamy white blotchy color pattern. Its exoskeleton (integument) is extremely hard. Other species of the genus Zopherus, which contains 19 species, are known from western Texas.
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    No…check out the white undersides and stripe up the front of neck.
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    One of my personal favorites. Little Blue Heron.
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    With the rufous eyeline, this is an American Tree Sparrow.
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    Hummingbird nest that survived many days of crazy wind, storms, and even snow here in Vegas
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    Female wood duck Female wood duck by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Big horn sheep Yakima Canyon, WA
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    North American River Otter, Española, N.M. North American River Otter by Jerry Friedman, on Flickr
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