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    Thank you. I'm so excited to be able to get out there again. I've been sick for so long. ❤️
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    I know isnt that crazy to have so many? I started watching her several years ago. Heres a more recent one from her, and this is out her kitchen window, and sometimes they just fly right in. I'm hoping one day I can be so lucky as this 😃 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAT5syAYcIo
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    Pretty sure it's an empidonax flycatcher. Given the location, I think I will leave it at that from this photo.
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    Welcome! We understand you're excited to learn about that mystery bird you saw, and we're delighted to help. Some members can give you an answer based on a surprisingly small amount of data. Still, the more information you provide, the more likely we'll reach a correct identification. Please start a new post for your bird; your request may be overlooked if you add it to an existing discussion. At a minimum, please include these items: ⦁ What did the bird look like? If you have photos (or audio files!), you can drag the files directly into your post. You can also link to most popular photo sharing sites If not, what colors were the head, body, wings, and tail? Can you compare the mystery bird to a bird you're already familiar with? Was it smaller, fatter, longer necked, shorter tailed, etc.? ⦁ Where did you see the bird? Please tell us what state or province you were in. Other useful items are geographic region, city or county, local or national park, body of water, etc. Please avoid using zip codes; researching them slows your request. ⦁ When did you see the bird? Often the month is enough, although the day or week is better. Time of day is also useful (early morning, middle of the night, etc.) That information is usually enough, but some birds are very similar. These items can be useful in narrowing down the options: ⦁ What was the local environment? Was the bird in a forest, desert, beach, urban area, etc.? Was it raining, snowing, windy, etc.? ⦁ What was the bird doing? Was it hopping, flying, singing, sitting still, etc.? If it was eating, what was it having for lunch? ⦁ Were there other birds? Did they look like the mystery bird or were they different? Were there a few of them or many? Please limit your requests to five birds per post. When there are more than five ID requests in a single post, it becomes difficult to follow the discussion of each bird or photo. If you think you know what the bird is, please enter its name as a tag. For multiple species, it's easier to use tags than to list them all as a lengthy title. Also, tags improve search results. You can enter the location as a tag, too. To use tags in a new post, look for 'Tags' near the top and click '+Choose'. Enter your tags separated by commas, such as 'Carolina Wren, Blue Jay, Lexington, South Carolina' (without the quotes). Please be patient. We have many active members, but we aren't Facebook or Twitter. It may be a few hours before our members respond, especially if your request requires research. If you don't have a reply within 24 hours, feel free to 'Bump' your question. Sometimes a bird can't be identified. All of us here have had sightings and photos that left us scratching our heads. That's just part of birding. Thanks for joining us! We hope you come to enjoy birding as much as we do.
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    Looks like it to me. It's got that gray bill with a black tip.
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    "If we take it to dismember..." I'm hoping Merle Haggard will accept my apology for corrupting a fine old country song! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_We_Make_It_Through_December
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    Bald Eagle is correct for the first two. The last one appears to be a Yellow-throated Vireo.
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    The best way for me to learn bird songs is if I can see the bird while it's singing. This seems to lock it in my brain. But it only works on birds that sing. I see boatloads of Song Sparrows from October to April but they rarely sing in this market (GA). It was only fairly recently that I learned that Song sparrows even have a song. Migrating passerines in general have little to say. They're busy forging for fuel for the next leg of their journey. I see a few juncos in the winter but I don't hear anything out of them. Still, some birders are quite accomplished at identifying bird songs, even when a recording has multiple birds and other background noises. So here's another bump in the hope that someone can help.
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    It's more a case of there aren't as many people capable of ID'ing calls accurate.
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    I'm quite sure the first one is a Willow/Alder Flycatcher. I agree with Warbling Vireo for the second one.
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    I agree with Blackpoll Warbler.
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    Northern Rough winged Swallow
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    This looks like a chickadee to me.
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    Let me just leave it at Blackpoll. I'm not actually sure about it being a female.
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    It must be totally cool to see those birds in person!
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    Lord Baltimore checks for his chance at a free pizza pie. Baltimore Oriole - DuPage Co., IL OK, I'm done hijacking the thread. TBH, all of my BO posts were pics from the day of, so I couldn't help myself and was laughing as I took them. Plus, I'm having better luck here than trying to help ID bird posts! 🙄 But remember: kevarc started it!
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    That design has nothing to prevent predators from invading the box at anytime. So I would guess you have a predator that is disrupting your bluebird box and the eggs inside it. I will send you a picture of my design that works pretty well. It was invaded once last year and I still to this day do not know how it happened. Other than the one episode, the box has successfully raised many bluebirds. The design is very easy and cheap. More to come.
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    Great work, especially in yesterday's heat!
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    I watch this lady on Youtube, and she has a lot of hummingbirds. I want a lot of them like she has 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNEmja72Ixs
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