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    Sorry, I wasn't sure, did you answer your own question? For anyone with the same question, the Prothonotary looks similar in the face, but the underside turns white halfway down the belly. Additionally the Prothonotary does not show yellow in the wings but rather a blue/gray. On the Yellow warbler, the underside is completely yellow, and the yellow tail and yellow undertail coverts is unique to U.S. Warblers.
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    Horned Lark. Wasco County, Oregon
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    Agree with Brown Jay
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    Painted Bunting Painted Bunting Ft Worth Nature Center 5-18 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    I think this is a Downy Woodpecker feather. Edit sniped by The Bird Nuts.
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    I believe it's from a Downy Woodpecker. https://www.fws.gov/lab/featheratlas/feather.php?Bird=DOWO_wing_adult Just so you know, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits the possession of native bird feathers without a permit. https://www.fws.gov/lab/featheratlas/featherlaw.html
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    I took these photos this morning at Oceanside NY. Another birder identified it by sound as an Alder Flycatcher. It does seem to match the photos on allaboutbirds.org. Correct species?
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    It's a Lesson's Motmot
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    Greater Kiskadee. Lesser doesn't occur in Belize.
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    Thank you! Yeah, I kinda answered my own question when comparing two pictures in my guide. But your description is actually WAY better and much more helpful, so thank you so much!
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    SW PA, Last Sunday.
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    I believe this is a young Song Sparrow.
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    Looks good for a Red-tailed Hawk.
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    That is a Killdeer, a type of plover. It is common for them to nest in places like this (like gravel driveways). That was so nice of them to put up signs!
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    These birds were so amazing. There were about 10 of them soaring around the port. Female and Immature.
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    I think this is an Immature (stage 2) Magnificent Frigatebird. Taken yesterday in port Belize City
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    Cool story. Welcome to Whatbird.
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    Of course, being a brood parasite, the family was not blood related.🤔😉
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    Violet green swallow in the mountains
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    Thank you, everyone!!
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