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    Horned Lark. Wasco County, Oregon
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    I agree with blackburnian's IDs. No, look at the tail length. The beak on the grackle is thicker as well. EDIT: blackburnian beat me!
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    Different birds. For starters, look at tail length.
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    1. European Starling 2. Common Grackle
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    Moss covered Rhododendron...Jedediah Smith State Park.
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    Yellow Bellied Sapsucker raiding the Oriole's oranges
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    That is so cool. I looked at Rich Media files on eBird and almost all the House Finches are yellow/orange in Hawaii. Hopefully my feeders will "redden" him back up for the next molt. Thanks.
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    Looks okay for Herring.
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    Oh, and they're both juveniles.
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    Yes,,, and a Racing Homer to be exact.. If you can blow it up enough to read the band on its leg, you can contact the AU (American Racing Pigeon Union). If they do not have any info, then perhaps the NPA (National Pigeon Assn). Records are kept of band sales. AND, its a normal blue barred in color (pied with the few white feathers in the wing).
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    It's a House Sparrow with the tan color overall, large beak, and subtle facial pattern. They are "Old World Sparrows" also known as "True Sparrows", so they look a bit different than our "New World Sparrows".
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    Correct, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.
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    Looks better for a light Swainson's with the mostly white underneath the wings and amount of white on its head. Notice that the patigal is white, not dark as it would be in a Red-tailed.
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    Washington state, June 2019. Can’t identify it.
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    No just that one. It wasn’t happy so I let it go quickly.
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    Del Norte Redwoods State Park
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    1-2. Blackpoll Warblers (orange toes) 3-4. Philadelphia Vireo 5. Cape May Warbler 6. Prairie Warbler, I think
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    Painted Bunting Painted Bunting Ft Worth Nature Center 5-18 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    I think this is a Downy Woodpecker feather. Edit sniped by The Bird Nuts.
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    I believe it's from a Downy Woodpecker. https://www.fws.gov/lab/featheratlas/feather.php?Bird=DOWO_wing_adult Just so you know, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits the possession of native bird feathers without a permit. https://www.fws.gov/lab/featheratlas/featherlaw.html
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    Yesterday I was walking outside at lunch at work in south central Wisconsin when I had the bird in the close up start acting aggressively towards me, screeching and running at me with her tail wide spread (she is so pretty!). At first I didn't get what was up but then I realized camouflaged in the wood chips behind her were 4 brown speckled eggs. They were doing tree planting not too far from her so she was way agitated. Today I cycled back to see if she was still there and work nicely put nesting bird signs up for her to allow her space to not be stirred up since as you can see she laid her eggs right next to the sidewalk! You can see her sitting on her ground eggs in the second picture. She's a really beautiful bird and so I am interested in knowing what she is. She looks a little like a quail maybe but has no head protrusion. Thanks! Jodi Jones
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    I think this is an Immature (stage 2) Magnificent Frigatebird. Taken yesterday in port Belize City
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