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    Ornate Hawk-Eagle from Costa Rica, where I'm spending the summer. Needless to say it's been pretty great.
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    Recently-hatched Eastern Phoebe nestlings.
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    MN. Many of the Mallard chicks in our area about the size of their moms, then these guys show up,. Just such beautiful little beginners, a bit later in the season for some reason, but keeping real close to mom this young.
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    Domestic pigeons usually mix with any and all colors, however occasionally will prefer one of a close similar color. Why this group is banding together is unknown, UNLESS, these are captive birds that are being let out for training flights. They then know their own kind and will generally stick together.
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    It's a crow, probably a Fish Crow based on shape (more raven-like), but voice is the safest way to distinguish them from American Crows.
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    Brown-crested Flycatcher by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Just to clarify, the first is a male House Finch with pigment issues/picture artifact issues, the second is a female Red-winged Blackbird, and the third is probably a juvenile House Sparrow. 🙂
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    House Finch, Red-winged Blackbird, and House Sparrow.
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    I've been seeing Grey Catbirds around my property for years, but never got the chance to take decent pictures of them. This year I set myself the challenge to do just that. I know there is a tree in my back yard that they like to nest in and I also noticed that they like to feed on those red berries, not sure what they're called. So I set up a little twig from that bush fairly close to the tree in my back yard and waited with my camera. While being out observing and waiting for the birds, I also noticed more catbirds in the bushes right behind my "trap". There must be a lot more catbirds around than I first anticipated. Well, after a couple evenings, I finally got the shot: Please feel free to comment!
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    I've had House Wrens in my Bluebird boxes before, but they're very hard to watch closely there due to how they stuff the box with sticks. This year I have House Wrens nesting in a cavity (I think that a Downy actually made the cavity, but we haven't seen it back since the Wrens claimed it) in a mostly dead tree on our property. And to top it off, the hole is barely 4ft off the ground! Today I spotted one of the parents bringing a bug into the hole, so I waited till the parent had left and was able to snap this photo with my cell phone. Not sure if I'll be able to get a photo with my good camera or not, its a weird angle, but I'm hoping to catch them fledging at least!
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    Inspired by the Osprey thread and it seemed fairly quiet here. This is a Great Egret two seconds after a Red-winged flew in and took a fish directly out of its bill - happened too quickly but it would have been my photo of the year. I checked their diet and they are pretty flexible. The Egret had been ignoring the constant harassment up to that point but this was a step too far.
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    Yeah... not a hedge but a ground... hog.
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    Sounds like a Thrush to me but I'm no expert. Swainson's maybe or a Townsend's Solitaire?
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    Oh! The differences between male/female/youth are so interesting! I agree that the Merlin app can be challenging in recognizing those differences. I continue to learn. Thanks so much!
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    Merlin and its like are the scourge of accurate bird identification. it may point you in the general direction, but further due diligence is required to have a 99.9% ID.
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    They could be racing racists. Or racist racers. Or not.
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    It sounds like a female Eastern Towhee but you're way, WAY the heck out of their range.
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    Charlie, still fairly quiet here so I will respond - I think even RWBLs have standards - soy burger ? (although I have to be honest and say I am one of the few people who actually like sprouts). More than likely the Red-wings just wanted the Egret away from their nests. Speaking of harassment I noticed this Turkey Vulture today being mobbed by a Grackle and three RWBLs. This particular Red-wing actually landed on the back of the Vulture several times (I think I have seen this before). Talk about insult to injury.
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    I tell myself that anything I can't identify is either a House Sparrow or a European Starling.
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    If this helps, the peafowl are very common in many theme parks across the middle of the state, especially throughout Orlando. I've also seen them as far north as St. Augustine. These were also in a "theme park" at the Fountain of Youth. So, captivity would probably be most likely. Miami has experienced a growing population throughout several neighborhoods though. They seem to be quite comfortable around people. 😀
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    Cooper's Hawk cooling off in the birdbath today "Come on in! The water's fine!!!" IMG_2113-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr "I've had enough!" IMG_2114-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
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    Why so serious?!? Immature Cooper's Hawk - DuPage Co., IL Quick story on the title as he/she WAS quite serious. I was wrapping up a walk through a local forest preserve walking down a path lined by mostly maples; it's almost like a tunnel (trees 20 feet apart and leaves full, so 12 - 20 feet above). Being a typical bird-watcher, I was looking up. I glanced in front of me and freaked when I see this bird swooping up the path straight in front of me and directly at eye-level. It veered off and up less than 10 feet away! As I checked that my feet were still in my shoes, I noticed this young one in a tree, so I got this shot. As I was trying to get other angles, I was swooped at two more times. I'm assuming my encounter was the parent(s) of this one and left them in peace (and me with clean shorts!)
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    Blue Heron Fort Worth botanical gardens
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    The two chicks that hatched are growing fast. They have doubled in size since June 5. Never saw a trace of the two eggs the female removed last week.
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