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    That is an Archangel, known also as a Gimpel. The colors are intense. Not an uncommon variety of domestic show pigeon. They come with copper or gold bodies, and various colored wings, including white as pictured here. But, pigeons with white wings occur in a number of breeds. It is usually called magpie, or saddle, or white wing or pied. And thanks for the vote of confidence. At least I am knowledgeable on something, I think. 🥴
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    Chinook Pass in WA. Mt Rainier is behind me lost in the clouds! Do this was plan B
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    No, that's not right. All of these pictures (make sure to expand the picture) are of either pure Mountain Chickadees or Mountain Chickadee X Black-capped Chickadee hybrids. I am sorry but I can't help because this individual is not very distinctive in intermediate features. Maybe another person can help. This link can maybe help: http://birdhybrids.blogspot.com/2014/06/black-capped-chickadee-x-mountain.html
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    Ah! Seems kinda of redundant. Is there a non-Pacific northwest?
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    MN, 7-16-19 Common Yellowthroat : Here is the whole shot, I thought it was cool he got into a bit of a yellow patch....
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    Yesterday, Newport Or early evening, coast. Ugh I should know what this little bird is by now. But I don’t. Thanks for the positive ID.
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    I'm awfully late to the picture, but this fella has been around for the past week or so. Maine is killing it on the rarities again this year, I don't know if that's something to be afraid of.
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    In the second photo you can see the chestnut colored "shoulder" patch.
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    I would agree with Cordilleran Flycatcher due to the olive color, the teardrop-shaped eyering, and the two wingbars. Spearfish Canyon is in the northeast range limit of the species. Pacific-slope Flycatchers are not found there.
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    Went to a heron rookery. Got Little Blue Heron, Cattle Egret, and Great Egret. The Little Blue Heron was a lifer for me.
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    Thanks, excellent link and reference to goto to research before just posting pictures. Especially as I can now learn what may be features to go one way or the other. And I always have to accept that even after the efforts to get a clean shot, do the research, you are left with pure or hybrid, but sometimes it's just a bird and that's ok.
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    5 day 4 night Trip to Big Sur yielded 4 lifers! black swift, 2 CALIFORNIA CONDORS, rufous-crowned sparrows, and pacific wren.
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    Maybe "Pacific Northwest" (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia)? The OP was in Seattle, after all.
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    Look into cormorants, species would depend on your location. I regularly see double crested cormorants flying in the way you describe
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    Well folks we are officially empty nesters.. #2 took flight this morning.. Good luck to my babies!! Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I did watching them grow... Sure hope I see them again during the rest of the summer.
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    Lappet-faced Vulture in Kruger National Park, South Africa 🙂 More photos of it here: https://chirpbirding.com/?feed=6123
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    Agreed. In this photo you can see the orange crown that gives it its name.
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    Orange-crowned Warbler
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    I think both are Eastern Towhees. The "drink your tea" can vary a good bit.
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    This is a domestic Rock Pigeon. Maybe an Archangel breed? @Pigeon, the expert at pigeon breeds at Whatbird, might tell you more.
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    Got nine lifers on a two day trip to Oklahoma last week! Barred Owl, Eastern Kingbird, Pine Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler, Northern Parula, Pileated Woodpecker. and Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Fish Crow no photos.
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    Is this a Savannah Sparrow or a Meadow Pipit? Lake Almanor a few weeks ago mid morning. Thank you
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    I did a quick search on the feather atlas and it came back as a Red-Crowned Parrot. https://www.fws.gov/lab/featheratlas/feather.php?Bird=RCPA_secondary_adult Maybe an escapee?
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