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    Finally got a Sora to make itself seen in the County. First one for our eBird Illustrated Checklist.
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    Well, Einstein said that time is relative, and I'm beginning to believe that. The older I get the faster time seems to go, so I must be getting older and older faster and faster. My oldest son will be 50 in Oct, so what does that make me??!!!??? He should still be in his teens!
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    MN, It seems the younger crowd is wearing spiked hair again. :
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    Looking at range maps, it appears COGOs aren't supposed to be there in the summertime (assuming this is in California). I'm thinking it is in such bad shape it can't move far.
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    Thirded. While adult male Purple Martins have an iridescent dark purple overall with brown-black wings, females and immature males have variable amounts of gray in the front of their face, chest, and belly. To tell a Chimney Swift from a Purple Martin, notice how the swallow has less curved and more triangle shaped wings and has a longer, hooked tail. Also, look at their behavior. Like Charlie pointed out, Swifts cannot perch. Furthermore, Chimney Swifts usually flutter their wings high in the air, while Martins glide, swoop, and have less shallow wing beats as well as fly lower to the ground.
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    It's not a swift. They can't perch; they can only cling to vertical surfaces. It looks like a Purple Martin to me, either a female or a young male.
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    Birding has been very light around here lately, but the moths haven't. Nearly 4.5" wide Imperial Moth Dark Marathyssa Moth Tufted Bird-dropping Moth I think this is my first Angle Shade - Olive Angle Shade Four-toothed Mason Wasp More here - https://www.balancethechaos.com/birding
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    Yellow-throated Warbler (Setophaga dominica) by hbvol50, on Flickr
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    I don't think I like your math theory, @Bird Brain. According to your formula, you start aging 1 year for every 2 days at your age. I always thought it just felt like that, I didn't want to see a math formula that supports that theory.
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    Brown Thrasher by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Very sorry for the long delay. Been busy. Day 5, Pt.1 Having been so successful at Madera on Day 4, we only had a few targets remaining in that area on day 5. We arrived back at Santa Rita Lodge mid-morning for a brief scan of the feeders. Nothing was really happening aside from a brief visit from a male Varied Bunting and a lazy squirrel relaxing in the parking area. IMG_1370 by Ryan Justice, on Flickr We then moved on to the amphitheater to look for our main target of the day, Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher. It took less than five minutes to locate the bird by its unique, squeaky call, and even less time to get eyes on it. It was unbelievably obliging. An Arizona Woodpecker was also in the area. IMG_1433 by Ryan Justice, on Flickr IMG_1439 by Ryan Justice, on Flickr IMG_1507 by Ryan Justice, on Flickr IMG_1522 by Ryan Justice, on Flickr At this point in the trip, I was getting very worried about missing one of my most wanted targets. We had checked hundreds of Turkey Vultures, as one does in SE AZ, yet we were disappointed every time. But just as I was getting in the car in the amphitheater parking lot, I saw vulture-like bird and immediately thought it looked off. Zone-tailed Hawk! Finally! I sprinted across the parking lot in order to get a few confirmation photos. IMG_1626 by Ryan Justice, on Flickr These two lifers were our two remaining targets at Madera, so it was nice to get them within minutes of each other. Happy, we headed to Box Canyon.
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    I recommend iNaturalist. https://www.inaturalist.org/
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    If I gotta get old I'm taking as many people with me as possible!!
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    Yeah, when they get of age they go quick! (Unlike human kids, sometimes!)
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    Yeah, I'm ten years younger than @Bird Brain but somehow his formula makes me only six months younger 😞 😭
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    Vermilion Flycatcher
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    Looks like an injured adult Common Goldeneye.
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    This is a Solitary Sandpiper. It differs from Lesser Yellowlegs by its duller green (not yellow) legs, a rich brown (not grayish-brown) back, small white spots on its back (not a mottled pattern), and its prominent white eyering.
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    The blocky head shape and the stubby bill with a slight 'tooth' at the tip are good field marks regardless of gender and plumage
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    Both Red-winged Blackbirds
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    Bump. Not a black bird. That is as far as I will go.
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    Maybe a juvenile? Central Mississippi 7/20/19
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    This is giving me more of a Red-Tailed Hawk vibe.
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    first time ever....the female has started building the nest in the blue bird box for the third time. I was concerned about the last brood but like tclarkwood - have seen no sign of a problem with the last brood but did not see them leave the box. I waited two or three days..then went to look and the nest was empty. I cleaned it out and three days later they are back for the third time
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    View from my front porch
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    Went to a heron rookery. Got Little Blue Heron, Cattle Egret, and Great Egret. The Little Blue Heron was a lifer for me.
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